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Aerator on a water faucet or how to save water just

Modern water faucets equipped with a small-sized element called an aerator, which is attached in the wrong place, which expires on tap water. If you touch the question of linguistics, it is possible to some extent to understand, that represents said device, since there is the Greek word "aeration", indicating "air". Based on this aerator device is to be considered, installed on a water faucet to water saturation purpose air.

Why do I need an aerator?

An important aspect of attachment is considered to be the, it saves water.

First of all, water flow, passing through the aerator, It becomes like soft, that is, there is a normalization of its power, which is always constant. This provides savings in terms of water consumption. It is believed, that taken separately through one tap extends at least 15-liters of water per minute. In the case of installing an aerator, this situation has changed, as there is a global reduction of water consumption (on average 2 fold).

Secondly, aerator allows more comfortably enjoy the water by changing the water jet quality, which ceases to beat in one place, thereby causing the appearance of a large amount of spatter. Feed water, passed through the aerator, becomes to some extent a foam, acquiring a gentle influence on everything, where he gets. Therefore acquired additional convenience, eg, when washing dishes, as in this case, almost no spatter, but a kind of enveloping water flow effectively flushes the detergent both dishes, and human hands.

Thirdly, Aerator construction leads to the purification of water from large compounds in the form of various Fat, which has a positive effect on water quality. Also an important factor is the reduction of chlorine compounds in the water stream due to its oxygen saturation, since it creates the conditions for the weathering of such compounds.

What are the pros and cons of the aerator?

The advantages of using the aerator can include the following points:

  • a significant reduction in water consumption, when it reached, as mentioned, Half board reduction of consumption;
  • less noise due to the softening of water flow pressure;
  • improvement of water quality (less chlorine and preventing passage of particles larger Fat);
  • easy installation, which can be carried out without the involvement of specialists;
  • low cost, rarely exceeding price tag 600 rub.

As for the cons, It's a little, but they are still there:

  • Water volume reduction, passing through the aerator, which complicates the process of filling large containers, eg, bath;
  • Overhauling the aerators or complete replacement - due to poor water quality, when such a need may arise quite regularly, eg, semiannually.

What types of aerators?

  1. vacuum, saves water no longer 2 fold, and 4, which it is made possible thanks to the special design of the vacuum valve, which provides a strong grip for ejecting water jet powerful.
  2. adjustable, also called rotary, capable of providing a dissection water flow, causing it to change power. As a result, two modes are available such operation of the aerator to form a stream or a spray.
  3. unregulated, as a result of which no means affect the flow capacity of the outgoing water.
  4. backlit, used not only for aesthetic process water consumption, but in order to obtain certain information. So, depending on the water temperature, the color gradation: green (to 31 ° C), blue (to 43 ° C) and red (to 45 WITH). This kind of aerators are able to work in conditions, when the water temperature is in the range 60 °C. Their operation does not provide for a source of energy, since a part of such a special aerator present microturbine, supplemented by an electric generator.
  5. decorative, eg, as bright figures of animals, that might interest children, or forming a curled into a spiral water flow, but this is a design decision.

How does an aerator?

The main components of the aerator housing of the device is considered; plastic module, comprising a given number of filters,; on the basis of rubber or silicone gasket.

The main types of thread


In one of the three major variants may be employed as a housing material:

  • non-ferrous metals as brass and bronze, as well as ceramics, guaranteeing durability reporting device;
  • base metals, by which create low cost structure, corrosion, which significantly reduces their life;
  • plastic, affordable models, but lower quality in comparison with the manufactured from metal.


plastic module

module of design, performing direct saturation of water with air, It presupposes the existence of a so-called cartridge slot, having slots, or reflector disc with holes, due to which said process is. As for the filter, it consists of a grid with a fine mesh, stacked in a cylindrical body, wherein two layers of nets are responsible for cleaning, stopping large pieces of fat, and reaching further - provide redundancy in the air stream of water. In this case, aerators, produced by different manufacturers, in terms of the device may differ somewhat from each other.


Rubber or silicone ring for a tight seal with the faucet aerator, whose density depends on the degree of fixation, carried out via the threaded joint. There are nozzles for aeration of water, having an internal or external thread, that must take into account consumers in the purchase of this product.

How to carry out the dismantling / installation of aerators and cleaning?

aerator-dlya-smesitelya-7 Usually aerators come with faucets, so initially there is a need dismantling for cleaning, and not vice versa. Tap water contains various impurities, which are the cause of the residue on the filter screen, which leads to a reduction in water pressure, until the complete cessation of its efflux from the tap. On this basis, it is necessary to dismantle the aerator with a view to cleaning or complete replacement, if it does not recover the device. To do this, follow this procedure:

  1. Use a special key to plumbing work or conventional pliers for removing the aerator. You can also try to unscrew the nozzle by hand, but it usually does not work, because over time the precipitate accumulates Screwed, which prevents loosening. On the aerator body has two notches, providing capture tool. In this case the nozzle must unscrew clockwise, starting from the top view. To avoid scratching the body, should wrap the pliers, eg, tape or other suitable material.
  2. After that, as the nozzle is dismantled, remove the gasket and check the degree of wear and tear. If the condition of the rubber (silicone) ring is unsatisfactory, then take care of its replacement.
  3. In the next step should be to go directly to the dismantling of aerator. To do this, remove all the filters in the form of a grid of cells and to produce clean with a needle, sewing and (or) toothbrush under the water jets. This operation is not always successful, as not all types of deposits can not remove mechanically. What makes contact to a chemical process for the purification by means of apple vinegar, which can be replaced by any detergent, used in everyday life. In particular, Filters should be placed in your chosen means to completely dissolve the deposits. To remove rust can turn to a special chemical composition, which are designed to care for sanitary equipment.


If the cleaning of all the elements of the aerator was successful, it is possible to proceed to the installation device, trying to repeat its previous actions, of dismantling, in reverse order. It is required to comply with one important condition with regard to the filter mesh, which are to be installed so, faces to cells of each layer form an angle of 45 ° to the other layer.

Before, you start to install the nozzle, do not forget to make sure, that the spacer in the form of a rubber ring is in place. Otherwise not be able to achieve sealing, and it will serve the cause of leakage. Spinning aerator during installation should be counterclockwise without fanaticism, respecting the principle of focus only in due measure, and no more. If you do not follow this advice, then you can easily ruin the nozzle or tap water supply mixer.

Since aerators are different, in particular, to some extent high-tech, as for devices with illuminated, may ask: how to carry out the installation of such models? The answer here may be one, implying, that installing aerators with illumination made in the same way, as the traditional devices of this type.

What manufacturers are aerators on the market by the authorities?

As known, any device is guaranteed to work for a long time without problems, if it is of high quality construction, not least due to the manufacturer's reputation. In today's market there are a sufficient number of aerators manufacturers, at not all of them can offer users a really high quality device. Although pleasant exceptions still exist, eg:

  • Grohe - German manufacturer, It takes a little less 10 percent of the world market, wherein, that produces high-quality products with a long service life, reaching up 10 years old (350-1000 rubles.);
  • Oras - the company from Finland, offering a selection of nozzles in the form of separate articles (250-500 rubles.), and complete with mixers;
  • Timo - again the Finnish manufacturer, using modern technology to create its products, which gives her 5-year warranty (180-500 rubles.);
  • Jacob Delafon - French manufacturer, which was recognized in the category "Bathroom Design", but offering a more expensive segment of the nozzle with a maximum price tag 600 rub.

How to Choose the aerator?

Going to the store for purchase aerator, you must pay attention to the quality of the nozzle, that has a direct relationship with its price. As a result, the cheapest models are plastic devices, whose service is minimal. Slightly higher quality nozzles are recognized from a conventional metal and, finally, It is considered the most durable product made of brass.bez-nazvaniya

If your home is equipped with a relatively large amount of water mixers, and each of them individually is not used too often, it is quite possible to equip them with inexpensive aerators. Quite different is the situation in those families, where one tap is used by all family members on a daily basis. In this case, it is desirable to purchase a more expensive model of the same brass, as this will lead to greater cost savings through a longer period of its operation.

Also, when buying do not forget that there are two types of nozzle attachment, thread which may be internal or external, depending on the type of mixer. If you're a supporter of modern design in all, including plumbing, then pay attention to the aerators with multicolored lights, and children can be interested in the orifices in the form of figures of animals.





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