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Purpose ties

To arrange the floor screed in the apartment to be finished before the finishing parquet floors, tiles or any other material requiring a flat surface. Abandoning her, almost impossible to get the same robust and relatively inexpensive base, are positioned in the horizontal plane. And most of the options, how to make the floor of the apartment without ties - lags, chipboard or dry filling - absolutely not suitable for laying ceramic or linoleum.

In addition to floor leveling, a layer subtending problem include increasing the strength and rigidity of the base. If other materials are laid under the screed, there is more and increase the heat- and sound-insulating properties of the overlap. Although she herself is also able to improve the gender characteristics, and increase its service life.

materials ties

Modern methods of creating ties in a flat with their hands are divided into three groups - dry, polusuhie and cement. And before the builders used only the last option, involving the creation of a liquid solution and its pouring over the base. However, disadvantages of this method, consisting in the need for additional floor leveling and prolonged drying time, led to the invention of more sophisticated semi-dry screeds. According to the materials used, they are divided on the concrete and sand-cement.

The peculiarity of ties, in which the base material is cement, It consists in the addition of a solution fiberglass and special plasticizers. They can be used to obtain the following advantages:

  • to increase the elasticity layer subtending;
  • reduce the water content;
  • eliminate the main disadvantages of "wet" techniques, including prolonged seizure.

Drying Period cement-sand layer subtending, made semi-dry method, less than 12 hours. But after 20 days on top of it can be laid parquet or laminate flooring. Ties thickness averaging about 3 cm, and with the strong curvature of the sexes - to 5 cm.

Another method for manufacturing a floor screed correct in an apartment "medium-dry"Procedure is the use of building mixtures based on concrete mixtures. One of the most popular is the "peskobeton M-300". The advantage of such an alignment as compared with cement is to reduce the weight, caused by using in the composition a material lighter fillers. A most concrete mixes used in the alignment protrusions and significant levels of sex differences. The feature of this method, How to tie the floor in the apartment - a large thickness, which is compensated by additional measures to prevent the occurrence of cracks on the surface. These include the creation of a reinforced screed - concrete or expanded clay-concrete mixtures, which increase the adhesion of the solution with the base surface and improves drying. Although the average curing time is still approximately 12 hours, and the final finishing begin no earlier, than 3 day.

Types of lock layers

knowing, as do screed in the apartment, and, defined with pictures, you can go to the selection of a particular technique. There are four ways to create a layer subtending:

  • knitted, which is the easiest and most popular option - on top of the plate just filled with solution, and its surface is leveled;
  • with the presence of waterproofing layer. Most often used for areas with high humidity - eg, kitchens and bathrooms. In this case, before, how to make a screed in the apartment, first laid Foil or other waterproofing, over which the solution is poured;
  • a thermally insulating layer, which is required for the protection of living rooms from unheated rooms;
  • to the filling of the coating liquid and a self-leveling solution.

Selection of heat and sound insulation depends on the type of premises for bathrooms, which runs screed. This may be a residential apartment, and basement, and even to the foundation, if the property is on the first floor of a private house. In the latter case it is enough to install and most coupler.

The room under the slab floors Type of material under the screed
residential Acoustic
nonresidential warm It requires waterproofing
basement The heat-insulating, a moisture barrier

Decide, how to make a screed in the apartment, should not choose as a lining material with low moisture resistance - such as fiberboard, plywood or thick cardboard. Absorbing moisture, They quickly deform and lead to the appearance of cracks in the layer is contracted by. The optimal option would be the use of multilayer substrates based on polymer binders, combining and sound-, and insulating properties.

Preparatory work

Before, how to make a screed in the apartment, should be carried out preparatory work. Firstly, remove the remnants of the old coating or the preceding layer subtending. Make a decision about removing the screed should be in her state - smooth and whole floors without cracks worth keeping. However, if the layer is too old cracked, should use for its dismantling hammer or hammer.

After dismantling the old layer should remove remaining debris and then proceed to install beacons. The curvature of the surface at the junction of rooms, where alignment is difficult even with a tie, can be closed aluminum doorsteps. AND, although in this case the floors in adjacent rooms will be at different levels, but this device will save time and material to perform under the floor screed

Before you make the right screed in the apartment, it is important to make the floor layout and find the lowest point.

Selection and installation guide for the screed

Responding to a question, need for floor screed in the apartment, except the solution and tools, pay attention to the beacons - guides, which will move the alignment layer rule. They can make almost any scrap materials - including of metal sheets, which fastens drywall.

Profiles screed n
exhibiting on guides shaped profile P


Although in most cases, before properly make screed establish special beacons with a T-shaped profile. They are placed up leg, to give the minimum thickness of the alignment layer is not less than 6 mm. Allowed to do rails and wooden bars, but it requires to find a perfectly flat and equally sized materials.

screed on beacons
Installation beacons at beacon plaster solution

Method, how to make the concrete floor in the apartment, suggests mount beacons at a distance of 250-300 mm using stucco or basic solution. Increasing this distance can lead to bending the rules and pits appear on the floor. A reduction increases the cost to build ties.


After setting and hardening bonding beacons solution thereof can start the fill layer subtending. Before, how to make a screed floor apartment, wet a substrate with water or primed, degreasing the surface and improving adhesion. After that, the performer of work required to do the following:

  1. Buy ready-mix or make it yourself from Portland cement M400 (or higher) and sand, taken in the ratio 1:3. In order to make the screed in the apartment with his hands, should only be selected building sand;
  2. Absorb the mixture into a container (bucket) and mix thoroughly, achieving the maximum homogeneity of composition;
  3. Take a second container, pour it into water (2 l 10 kg of mixture), and then pour the mixture from the first to the bucket;
  4. To give solution to stand at least 2 minutes and re-stir.

On stage, it is desirable to grout the participation of two people - the first kneading, second for uploading material. This will make the process easier and reduce the time. Fill should start from the far corner opposite the door, moving to the exit and use the rule to align (or, if the floor area is small, spiked roller). The procedure is repeated until complete flooring solution.floor screed on beacons

Features screed

In the process of the floor screed in the apartment, be sure to follow the following rules:

  1. Ingredients have to be taken in such a proportion, to the solution turned out not too runny or, conversely, thick. In the first case the puddle may appear on the surface of the screed, removing that, Works performers lose too much time. Thick screed would be bad to lie on the base;
  2. After setting the solution guides accurately extracted, and the remaining holes are sealed from them with the same solution;
  3. Even, If after the completion of pouring on the floor it was found some defects, to get to where it is not possible, without spoiling the whole screed, they eliminate the layer after drying.

Method, how to make a screed in the apartment with his hands relatively simple. And can be performed not only by experienced professionals, but people, have minimal skills such works. At the same time it can be spent a little more time, However, to obtain a definite and cost savings - an important factor for the majority of owners of apartments repaired.