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How to detect hidden wiring in the wall

Household electrical appliances used by all and even those, who is far from electricity. And when the house suddenly extinguished light, It begins to feel, that life has stopped, depriving the usual conditions of existence. That is why in these situations, each of us, good to know, how to find the power cord in the wall, especially, that this does not necessarily use the services of an electrician. Even if the house is not a special device for determining the wiring in the wall, there are methods, allowing to do it without any devices.

Most often, to self-determination of wiring is necessary to resort to the following cases:

  1. When installing a light switch or outlet, to drill or hammer a nail wall, no fear of electric shock.
  2. In the event of a short circuit, representing a risk, as it may cause a fire, but, Consequently, we must quickly find, where wire breakage occurred.
  3. During the repair or redevelopment apartment. During the demolition or construction of walls, and changing the location of the doorway. In this case, it is desirable to know, how to find the wiring in the wall of the device without, This will prevent damage to the electric cable.
  4. When you check in the purchased apartment. To determine the location of existing electrical communications, if there are no documents with plans for their placement.

for posting search appliance

The simplest such device is a screwdriver indicator. Many have it at home, and if not - you can borrow from the neighbors. While the indicator is quite inexpensive, but he is very weak. Determine the exact location of the wires, even when successful, they can not be detected, the indicator points to the danger zone in 30 cm. Not be able to use the display to find a screwdriver wire, who is not under stress.Search flush in the apartment

Annunciator E-121 nicknamed "woodpecker" popularly used by many electricians. It is so easy to handle, that it can handle even the absolute layman. However, this device can determine not only the location of the wires, but also where there was a rush. The depth of his action comes to 7 cm. This is sufficient for detection of impulse conductor for gypsum sheathing. In terms of price and quality "woodpecker" can be called the best domestic appliance to search for hidden wiring.

The indicator MS, China produced in many modifications, but the most popular models MS-18. The peculiarity of the Chinese wire detector is a high sensitivity to all metal, so it is equally responsive on the electrical conductor, and nails, and even rebar in slabs of prefabricated houses. But prilovchilis can find the difference in signal strength. Choosing any model alarm MS, worth considering, that they foil cable will not respond. Among these electrical testers not popular, and for the house is a perfectly acceptable option, especially considering their low prices.

Search and rescue equipment elektorprovodki professional

The sale can be found GVD-504A tester, BOSCH DMF 10 zoom, GVT-92, GVD-503, VP-440, manufactured by European producers. They are usually used to detect , hidden under finishing an analysis of its states and professional electricians. From Chinese counterparts, they differ in build quality, compact and beautiful execution. The principle of operation of approximately the same, but the cost is quite high, especially if you buy single-use.

Water pricing table addressed devices

Search prices and wiring devices

Ancient antiquated ways of finding the wires in the wall

The high price of special devices - is one of the reasons, why handyman, interested, how to find a wire in the wall without the device and often prefer the old-fashioned repeatedly proven practices to solve this problem. Indeed, in the old days, when detecting the wiring in the wall do without instruments, finding power under the plaster and wallpaper safe methods.

such methods, allows you to find hidden wiring in the wall without special hardware, There are a few, and each of them can provide varying degrees of accuracy.

  1. Visual determination of the routing space. This method is suitable for brick and concrete walls, wallpapered, who shoot at repair, This makes it easy to find Stroebe, which are usually laid wires. Since shtroblenie violated the integrity of the surface, and even after termination site, where it was conducted, It remains visible. If the wall is plastered or covered with putty under the wallpaper, then visually locate the power cord in the wall is not possible.
  2. With the radio receiver, or. This method masters advise amateurs, interested, how to determine where the wiring in the wall. And it will fit the most common for this purpose, configured for medium-frequency receiver. Under pleasant music it is necessary to drive along a wall, let me know when crackle.
  3. Microphone, connected to the radio, can be an alternative to the receiver. It should be handled, both radio, appearance and noise detection means cod flush.

It must be remembered, that by means of radio or microphone, you can determine the wiring being in the wall with an accuracy of 15-20 cm. Therefore, when using these devices is better to make a small indentation, to avoid electric shock and such a safety net is not superfluous.

Let's try to do the logic

If the wiring carried out by a qualified electrician, all the conductors in the cavity walling them run parallel to the ceiling and perpendicular to the floor, and all the turns have been made at a right angle.

scheme Search flush in the apartment
Driving Search flush in the apartment

Based on this, We can assume the following:

  1. From the outlet or switch wire strictly rises further under the ceiling turns toward the junction box, Consequently, at this point it is not necessary to drive a nail.
  2. line, usually, pull departing 10-15 cm from the ceiling and 10 cm from the baseboards.
  3. It can be represented visually by the previously established electro-point cabling diagram and sketch it out on paper.

It should be borne in mind, that secure such a visual representation can not be named. Cabling scheme must be checked at least by means of radio, but the best special devices.

Reasons for postings cliff

Interruption in the wiring may occur anytime, in the more often it happens, when the electrical conductors, are energized. Cause damage to the cable may be substandard product, Improper wiring and more. In the place, where there is injury, continuously heated wire and with an increase in voltage can end. Besides cable break can occur due to external mechanical action on it, nailing or drilling holes. For cable breakage leads and network congestion.

How to find a broken wire in the wall

If before the device allows only detected wires or metal objects, the modern electronic devices help in identifying the buried wire breakage. for example, contactless indicator flush can find a place of discontinuity of the phase conductor. The indicator must be moved along the conductor, and at the point of the cliff, he will signal. Generally, in determining the wiring breakage buzzer stops.

If you have an idea, how do you know where the wiring is located in a wall, you can select the appropriate search option based on their capabilities.

Video of detectors and methods of search hidden wiring

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