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How to choose a pump station for questioning

The choice of the pumping station for questioning - a task quite difficult and important, as many suburban areas are not connected to the city network, so gardeners use wells and boreholes, from which water is fed by means of pumps. It has certain nuances, advantages and disadvantages, which we consider in detail.

The main objective, which is carried out for the well pump stations in the country, It is to provide sufficient pressure in the system, so that the water will come good pressure, regardless of, how are far or high cranes. That's why you want to choose the right pump station, calculating its capacity and the volume of fluid, which will need to submit.

In order to understand, how the pumping station for questioning, you need to know first, that it includes. This particular pump power, expansion tank, control unit, to design could work automatically and do not require constant switching on and off of the power supply.

Vybror pump station to give

There are different types of pumps: one suitable for irrigation, and have low power, others are used in plants and help deliver the water to the house, sometimes it is the second and even the third floor, so the pressure needs to be much more, than at the pump for irrigation.

The water supply can be performed as follows::

  • The pump is switched only when needed, it does not have automation and delivers the water directly after the. This option is suitable for irrigation, or if you live in the house is not constant and rarely need water.
  • The pump pumps water into the collecting tank, at the top of the house. In this way, there is always a certain margin, reducing the dependence of the hosts on the stability of power supply. It can be used free-flow storage tank, eg, as a summer shower. You can set the switch on the pump itself. This method does not allow the use of household appliances, eg, washing machine, since it requires good water pressure.
  • Use of the membrane pressure accumulator and a submersible pump. This method is more convenient, but also not without drawbacks.
  • Installation of automatic stations. This pumping station into the well to give the water system can work autonomously, while using a membrane tank, you can create a supply of water, which will be given under pressure. Besides, the system does not require constant switching on and off of the pump, Automation will make it very, the main thing, that the equipment is connected to the power supply. In fact it will work the same way, in a city apartment. It should open the tap, water comes, close - does not go; more to do do not need anything. This system is equipped with a special relay, pressure control, that it is not clicked, used membrane tank, which maintains the necessary pressure inside the system. This helps reduce the load on the pump, improve his life, reduce energy consumption. automatic pumping stations to give They are the best option, since they are not only more convenient to use, but they can save electricity consumption.

When laying pipeline to house, you must take into account the depth of soil freezing. For the Moscow region is 1.7 m.

Wiring diagram for the pump in the well

In order to be able to lift water from the well or wells, provided, she no longer has a major impurities, using a surface pump. Especially at great distance from the house, it is recommended to install the pump type water jet ( with float protection) directly in the well. Pumps for the well must be protected against dry running, This float switch. Be sure to watch that, so that the pump is not dropped to the bottom of the well and sucking sand blades. in the house to install additional filters.

Scheme sump pump
Connection diagram when the pump is located in the well

Besides, the system includes a check valve, its task is not to give water to descend, If the pump stops working. At the outlet valve is usually also put, before getting into the valves, water can pass through the removable filter; he, usually, It is installed in the house. After the filter splitter give. To the membrane tank system is connected, relay barometer, then the system is switched to the grid.

design Features

Different manufacturers can assemble the elements in its own, relay, for example, It can be equipped with a flexible wiring or do not have such, can vary its landing place, but in general, the system includes the same elements. Differences can be caused by the type of pump, in the different stations may differ. This is connected with the operating features of the device.

Work pressure switch to activate the pump
  • Most often used surface pumps, they have plenty of power, are inexpensive, easy to use. The downside of such a device is its noise and the ability to raise the water only 6 m, but it is usually high enough for a small private house.
  • Self-priming pump can have a built-in ejector: this device, which allows to take water from a depth of 15 m, it is suitable for shallow wells and deep wells. The device is noisy.
  • If the well is deep, We have to use more expensive equipment with external ejector.

If we force water to circulate through the external ejector, the absorption depth can be increased to 45 m, which would be enough to serve the standard wells. Ships could also be water on solid distance. The equipment operates quietly, but it consumes a lot of energy.

If the source is not deeper 10 m, You can use the multi-stage equipment, It will create a powerful pressure, while it is working quietly. Differences between such a pump in that, it is equipped with multiple cameras and impellers. There pumping stations with vortex pumps, the device has a relatively small capacity, capable of generating high pressure in the system, supplying water under good pressure. Such a pump may pump water from a well is not deeper 7 m, so often used for water wells. The advantages include efficiency and minimal noise at work. Such a pump may be used for central water, If the line pressure is weak, it will help him improve.

Wiring pumping station to the well at the cottage

Pumping station can be placed inside the well, if there is provided for this place, Besides, for it often turn utility room in the house or in the room. Pay attention to the depth, which will be in line. The pipe is required not only to insulate, but also a place below the depth of soil freezing, that during the cold season the water in it does not freeze.

Pumping station JEELEX Jumbo
Pumping station JEELEX Jumbo with the location of the house

For the system to work properly, you need to choose not only the type of pump, but also the depth of, on which he will work. The deeper the water source, and more is on the structure of, the stronger must be the pump itself. At the end of filter tube must be, it is located between the pipe and the pump, protect the latter from entering the garbage mechanism.

In devices normally write, at what depth they are calculated, however it is necessary to take a more powerful, since the calculation is carried out only on the bottom of the well to the surface, not taking into account the distance to the building. easy to calculate: 1 m vertical pipe arrangement - is 10 meters of its horizontal position, since the supply water in this plane easier.

Depending on the type and capacity of the pump head can be a strong or weak. It is also possible to calculate. On average, the pump offers 1,5 of the atmosphere, but it is insufficient pressure for the normal operation of the same washing machine or whirlpool, heater may require temperature above.

In order to control the pressure, apparatus equipped with a barometer. Depending on the pressure parameter is calculated and the size of the storage tank. It plays an important role and performance of the station. This parameter tells, how many cubic meters per minute pump capable of delivering. need to rely, based on the peak water consumption, that is, when all the taps in the house are open or running multiple electrical consumers. To calculate, which pump station to give a well fit, necessary to know the performance of. For this it is necessary to fold the amount of water supply points.

In terms of power it is more convenient to use the system, which are fed from the network 22 Volt. Some stations are operated phase 380 V, However, such engines are not always convenient, because the three-phase connection is not available in every home. Power home station may vary, on average 500-2000 W. Based on this parameter selected OUZO and other instruments, that will work in conjunction with the station. In order to structure is not overheated, many manufacturers install automatic, which will switch off the pump in the event of an emergency load. The protection is activated in the case, if there is no water source, when surges occur.

How to calculate the volume of the accumulator?

From the size of the tank depends on the, how will often include a pump motor. The more he, the less installation work, that allows you to save on electricity, improve system resource. Too much pressure accumulator takes up space, therefore typically use the average size of. It accommodates 24 l. That's enough for a small house, in which a family of three lives.

Trailer work expansion tank accumulator

If the house is home to 5 person, it is better to install on the tank 50 liters, respectively, if more 6, it should not be less than 100 liters. It is worth noting, that the standard tanks of many plants contain 2 l, a hydraulic reservoir can deal only with hydraulic shocks and maintain the desired pressure, better not save and immediately replace it with a large. That amount of water users in the home will determine, how to choose a pumping station for questioning.

calculation of accumulator

Water purification

Do not forget about, that water from the well, even if it is safe to drink, can have impurities, eg, sand, it may enter the small stones, various trash, from which you can get rid, applying a special system for water treatment. The most frequently used filters. They are put outside to, to make it convenient to change. They may have different fraction and purified water to varying degrees. At the output of the filters used deep Hepa.

Water purification
Water purification Complex


On the market today are many models of pump stations. they differ not only by the properties and the quality of, but also the price. We recommended to buy products known firms, which guarantee the quality of its products. On them you can read the reviews, choose a suitable model with the help of specialist companies, which will help to calculate all the necessary. These brands include the following:

  • Vortex.
  • Ergu.
  • Zubr.
  • Gardena.
  • Wilo SE.
  • Karcher.
  • Pedrollo.
  • Grundfos.
  • wilo.
  • Poplar.
  • Unipump.
  • Aquarium.
  • Aquarius.
  • Biral.
  • SFA.
  • Vortex.
  • Waterstry.
  • lords.
  • Belamos.
  • Pedrollo.

Before choosing a pump station to give the well, It will not be superfluous to know, what about the selected service products manufacturer, whether there is a dealer near you, who can provide parts.

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