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How to fix a suspended ceiling plasterboard

Very often there is a problem with the installation of a stretch ceiling, that at least one partition in KVAR built of GCR. This raises the question how to perform mounting tension ceiling to the wall of plasterboard. There are both special fastening and simple solutions to fix baguette, in any case, there are solutions.

Determine the kind of attachment

Before you start fixing webs, You need to determine the level of location of its surface. Adopted a minimum distance from the ceiling slab is 35 millimeters, but really take into account the height of the room (possibly, should be dipped below the blade) and that, What kind of lighting will be installed. If they are mounted spotlights, the minimum distance is complemented by the height of the lamp plus 15 technical millimeters.

Mortgage under the SHG
Options fixing baguette

Mounting tension ceiling in plasterboard walls can be made in three ways:

  • Fasteners harpoon method.
  • Bezgarpunnoe consolidation.
  • The cam assembly.

For mounting the tissue web requires much greater pulling force, therefore, all ways, in this section, it is recommended to install vinyl for suspended ceilings. I also want to draw your attention, that for normal fastening the carrier profile, the thickness of the drywall sheets on all the walls must be at least 12,5 mm.

Prepared using the embedded wall

Standard mount type dowels and screws, then not be able to apply, they are not held in plaster and simply pull out. It is necessary to strengthen the place, which will be attached mounting plate mortgages profiles. They provide secure attachment. If the mortgage is not set, then pulling the carrier web may tear fasteners.

Usually, Bonds are made of the same profile, on which is mounted a plaster sheet. But, if there are none, or the need to greatly strengthen the place of installation, You can use the right size block of wood.

mortgage under hl
Preformed wall with mortgages profile under plasterboard

For the installation of suspended ceilings in the small living room, Bonds may be formed from a metal profile galvanized plasterboard. In areas with a large area, for these purposes it is better to use wooden blocks section of at least 60x60 mm. Mounting height of laying the lumber should be calculated in such a way, to its lower edge was located flush with the front plane of the web tensioning future.
If you are using as a base constructions horizontal jumper metal profile, then each such jumper must be fixed at two locations to each display mounted vertical profile.
When installing laying wooden beams, I advise further strengthen each bridge to the main wall, in at least two places, using a nylon expander plugs and plumbing screws with large washers.
When mortgages for suspended ceiling will be installed around the perimeter walls, you can start with a face frame plasterboard, and performing finishing facilities;
After completion of finishing works, at a given level will need to mount the carrier profiles (baguette), and fix them stretch ceiling panel. For fastening profile is best to choose screws for wood or metal the size 6h60 mm.

Using a mortgage is very helpful when installing curtain rods for curtains, chandeliers and lamps.

Sometimes it is more widely used for mounting, than the standard profile, even when installed under the plaster batten assembly sheet.

Mounting tension ceiling to the wall of the drywall without mortgages

First of all, need to check, how reliably and efficiently mounted on drywall main wall, particularly in its upper portion, along the entire perimeter of the room.
Thus it is necessary to pay attention not only to fixing plasterboard sheets, but also the quality of the supporting frame assembly. When the surface inspection, It should not be identified no sagging, drebezzhaniya, backlash, cracking or delamination Drywall.

For mounting the tissue web requires much greater pulling force, therefore, all ways, in this section, it is recommended to install vinyl for suspended ceilings. I also want to draw your attention, that for normal fastening the carrier profile, the thickness of the drywall sheets on all the walls must be at least 12,5 mm. Of course it is very important to find the profile of the carrier in the wall and it consolidates.

To determine the exact location of the uprights for gypsum panels, You can use a portable metal detector or a powerful neodimovыy magnet.

tensioning with screws
Fastened with screws in gypsum board at different angles

Simple mounting options baguette stretch ceiling to drywall angle. Pre-drilled hole for screws.

If the ordinary baguette PVC 41 Screws for wood working, I twist them through starting a baguette at an angle 45% crosswise with a pitch 5 cm . 1-45 to the left ... 5 cm … 1 – 45 Keeps even right ... 25% shrinkage without dowels, drilling, holes and straight into drywall.

Yeshe fasten a Christmas tree, or drill 5mm then chop Sormat to 6mm,and screw 32-35, between them an angle 45-55mm,never pulls out. And if you break the water soak the plaster and nothing there to help, except anchor window in the wall(It is practiced).


Screw the screws on wood "crosswise". ie. One thread the screw angle 45 degrees, and the second screw adjacent thereto, also 45 degrees, only in the opposite direction. And it is necessary to twist in the imperforate baguette. kept firmly. Drilled front wall drill. Through this hole is screwed into two self-tapping screws crosswise.

small screw, curled just exactly gypsum plasterboard, will not keep. More than once have seen and remodel ceilings, which seems to be at first everything is fine, and after a while between the wall and the masking tape appear slit, through which one can get between two ceilings and use a second, like a hammock. The ideal option - it is a mortgage from a bar, holding dead, but in 98% cases there. Then there is the plug-butterfly, too tightly, but expensive. And pay for it no one wants. Then just drill holes in the pen hectoliters and scoring regular anchor, but not until the end of the 35th and screw in wood, step 4-5 cm. It turns out even the most durable .

Twisting the screws "herringbone" every 5-7 cm. angle. I see no problems, are troubled, seats, but like a brick -postavil strut and happy.

In general the main chip screw at an angle and not win!

The use of dowels

there are different The fastenings for plasterboard, Consider the most popular are popolzuyutsya. The only cost that bite with a large volume, but eslihozyain willing to pay there is no problem.

If a fixing strap is mounted on drywall, and you can not determine, exactly where the metal profiles, to tighten the screws in them - use a moth to a wall or ceiling drywall.

Mounting type butterfly

Less use fixing plasterboard type "butterfly". Such fasteners will not provide a snug fit mounting plate and cause the appearance of cracks subsequently. But as an option, fastened to the plasterboard using fixing plug type butterfly, as in the photo. If the profile through 40 cm, then inserted between these two dowels (one, In my opinion, It is not enough). It seems to be easier, than anchors in concrete, but too long.

We are doing so: We are putting a first profile and mark places under otverstvija. drills 4 mm. Then puts profile, fasten to 2-3 places to profile, pass drill 4 mm all otverstvija, which will dowels. remove profile, hole in the plasterboard to pass drill 10 mm, insert the dowels into them again and was finally fasten profile.

Threaded screw anchors

Dowel-gvozdi, as it is accepted to call them, It consists of the expansible fixing plug and nail directly with screwthreaded. They are often used for ceiling Hollowcore.

Dowel-nail for plasterboard must be well screwed, but not scrolled, so Correlate size and complexity of the work and mounting tension ceiling in plasterboard are incidents.

screw anchors into the drywall
Screw anchors for drywall
Screw on Stretch Ceilings
ceiling views with screw anchors

Metal anchor fasteners MOLA

As an example I can offer metal Expansion anchors MOLA 5h13 with fastening screws M5 Profile, or expansion plastic anchors OLA 8h13 with the profile fastening with screws 3,5h60 mm. Such fasteners for thick one-layer gypsum board 12,5 mm;

fasteners MOLA
Metal anchor fasteners MOLA

When mounting bracket profile, I advise you to install Expansion anchors in drywall, as often as possible, at least 100 mm from one another. To increase the reliability of fastening, you should try to do so, to be hooked anchor for each vertical rack profile supporting frame.

Other options

Alternatively, the installation of suspended ceilings in the rooms with plasterboard walls, I can offer, instead of wall profiles, use ceiling view of the carrier profile. They have the same construction of the clamping mechanism, but differ in, that is not mounted to the walls around the room, but directly to the major overlap.

Bracket profile tensioning potogka
Ceiling start carrying a baguette

Using the bars to reinforce. It allows you to add rigidity, and to strengthen the ceiling.

Secondary reinforcement bar
View profile with ceiling connection

In conclusion, that in each case it is necessary to assess the state of the wall, perhaps even set anchor, corners, Bonds. This enables you to secure fit baguette suspended ceilings in plasterboard.



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