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What is the counter for water is better to choose an apartment

Water meters are needed to account for communal flow. They help avoid any dispute with the management company, save on payment of its services, since you will not pay an average calculation, which is much too high, but only on the real costs of water. Meters, safe if you choose the right type of device, which does not require additional maintenance over 5 years old. We will help you decide, which model is better water meter and what is suitable.

How to select the counter to water?

There counters hot and cold water, Different models are also distinguished not only by brand and price, but the device, they can issue a mute testimony to separate, to be more precise, what really cheap model. Different metering devices and temperature sensitivity. And the possibility of stop neodymium magnet, although modern models are no longer afraid of the impact of such water meters VALTEC all depends on the task that you are pursuing :-)

When choosing a device, you must pay attention to its specifications.

From the installation of the counter is the following benefits:

  • Will have to pay for the real costs, and not overly excessive consumption rate.
  • You will not be able to distribute the debt of residents of other apartments, who do not pay utility bills on time.
  • If you live in a private home, You do not have to pay extra for watering, which include the consumption rate.
  • You do not have to pay for water loss.
  • Besides, cut down expenses, leaving for sanitation services, since they are linked to water consumption volume of subscriber.
  • More often, when there are water meters, tenants are beginning to refer to its use more sparingly, do not open the tap in vain, therefore have to pay less.

As practice shows, all costs for installation of the counter compensated after only 6 months, then start saving.

Select counter for apartments

There are several types of water meters, the selection of which should be implemented, taking into account the parameters of your premises.
tachometer counters. Within such apparatus are blades, They are attached to the wheel. Turnover of the wheel corresponds to a specific volume of fluid. Such a device is compact, It requires no difficulties when installing or servicing. it is used, if the domestic pipe of small diameter, inside the impeller is counter. The more powerful flow of water, the more accurate readings, but with a minimum error.

If to you more precision instrument, instead it will be equipped with an impeller turbine. Such a counter is used for pipes 25 mm, It can also be used for thicker. In this case, the testimony will be most powerful when the correct flow.
Highlights the combined model: they are made in the form of a monoblock, which makes them more practical, but neobsluzhivaemыmi. These devices are usually put on the highway, as they cope well with different pressure.
Meters for water can be roughly divided into dry and wet. they differ structurally.

Water counter device

wet or equipped with an impeller or turbine, which is directly contacted with water, by passing the water flow meter turn rotates the impeller, wherein each turn corresponds to a certain volume of water. It's pretty simple counter, equipped with a mechanical elements, which make it the most reliable and durable. However, there are negative - may cause corrosion in its inner parts. Devices are not afraid of an external magnetic field, are inexpensive, so are very popular with customers. However, this requires the meter, so that the water was clean, otherwise it may be damaged as a result of being hit by the large particles, which would interfere with the right to operate.

dry option not afraid of pollution, as its elements do not have direct contact with the liquid. The torque is created by the magnets, so the electronic device itself, The disadvantages are dependence on the external magnetic field, which is able to exert a direct influence on him. The display of the digital device, it shows a more detailed flow, It lasts longer, but it costs several times more expensive than a mechanical analogue. Installation of the device is quite simple, often models are protected by a special coupling, which eliminates the influence of the external magnetic field.

How to understand the scales?

In order to properly take readings from the meter, You need to know the scale division. To do this, pay attention to the number of digits on the device: They can be black and red. Dividing the same in the spinning of the match 100 ml, respectively, one turn corresponds to 1 liter.

water meter readings
Proper decoding of the water meter readings

Indicated by black numbers - a cubic meter, and the red marked values ​​thousandths. Some instruments have a different layout of the scales, However, they are always accompanied by instructions, therefore understand the value of not very difficult. Scoreboard may be either mechanical, and electronic, but the value is usually the same.

More complex models

There are quite sophisticated modern water meters, eg, equipped with a pulse output signal cable. Such a device is equipped with a reed sensor. It reacts to shaft speed and provides certain impulses, are transmitted to the accounting unit through a dedicated cable. metering devices can be in any convenient place, optionally placing it on the pipe, in most cases. This makes it convenient to use, since you can always come and see data, It is not required to get to the Communications.

counters ITELMA
water meters ITELMA

To connect the cable usually has a special connector, but some models have built-in cable. Remote electronic unit it has its own power and memory, so for a long time can go without food. It is convenient and the, that can be programmed amount, which will have to pay, and the unit will show not only the number of cubic meters, but also, how much you will have to pay for it.

Counters hot water slightly different constructive, since they are designed for high temperature exposure. They can not only take into account the flow rate, but also to show its temperature, which is quite convenient, especially if you need to control this process, eg, Bath set or washing. Another advantage of such a counter is that, that if the water temperature is not high enough, the charging will be reduced, or the cold water, if the water is not hot enough.

House-connection system
House-connection system

there are water meters, which are installed directly on the two pipes, Sensors have different accounting and one electronic scoreboard. there are designs, when cold water meter cable connects to the power of hot. No fundamental difference, as the readings will be shown in any case, quite accurately.

Meters for apartments

There are a large number of water meters, Therefore, the most popular models, which are used in the house and apartment, should be considered separately and in more detail, to be able to examine all the pros and cons of the device and choose the most suitable for your option.

Interesting enough may be ultrasonic water meters. They are able to determine the fluid flow rate using ultrasonic pulses sent. To do this, the device is equipped with piezoelectric sensors, which not only emit vibrations, but also take them, when they are reflected from the water passing through the pipes. All data is processed by a microprocessor, the results are displayed on the electronic display. This counter has a highly accurate readings, no details, which come into contact with water, electromagnetic waves is not afraid.watchv=umN

Ultrasonic meter - it is quite expensive and sophisticated equipment, which is used to power water wiring. Most often it is the enterprise, but there are also small appliances, which are used in the home Member. Size of the device is about the same, like electronic tachometer counter, Ultrasound, however embodiment is designated on the housing Ultrasonic, rarely ultrasound, indicating its feature. Characterized a maximum opportunity counter accurate accounting. It is suitable measures such as hot, and cold water. counter design has a special coil, which is able to generate a magnetic field. When the flow of water moves through this field, it creates a certain electromotive force, which picks up counter. This allows you to get the most accurate readings.

Typically, such a metering device is put one on a block of flats, its task is to monitor the water consumption of the entire facility. Such a counter may be a vortex or superstatichnym, but this option is rarely used in city apartments, since it is not appropriate for the cost of. The device reads the data as accurately as possible, electronic unit has, which sends information to the management company.

Advantages and disadvantages
Kinds pros Minuses
Mechanical + high reliability, reasonable extremely simple construction

+ density

+ Very low measurement error

+ Easy installation

+ The average duration of life is 10-12 years old

+ low, in comparison with other types of meter, price

+ Availability of models with pulse output

Inevitable wear a small gear, the rotating impeller and the counting mechanism

High sensitivity to induced magnetic fields

Ultrasonic + High measuring accuracy

+ Lack of friction parts in the structure and, Consequently, low amount

+ There is no hydraulic resistance

+ Large measurement range

+ Readout (to prevent inadvertent discharge when deenergized) arhiviruyutsya

volatility: operates only when the active power source

Accuracy can greatly affect the air bubbles, in the water

Electromagnetic + By configuring the hydraulic losses occur minimization

+ current fluid quality does not affect the reading of the counter

+ Are used not only in the domestic environment, but also on the chemical and food enterprises

magnets, set in the counter, can cause clogging of the feed pipe

High sensitivity to air bubbles in the liquid, the presence of turbulent flows and ground currents, flowing through the pipeline

How to choose a water meter for the house?

Before purchasing a metering device from the local management company need to ask, What are the requirements to it. In many localities have introduced a mandatory requirement for the installation of meters. To counter such places more suitable, equipped with a pulse output. The device must be certified, another management company did not approve. Buy only be a new counter. The fact, that is not certified or not the new device controller will not be sealed. therefore, buying a device, Heed to the choice of the organization, which it sells, Besides, it must have the product passport, which put a mark on, that it has passed the factory inspection, marked mezhproverochnye terms and warranty period.

When buying a water meter it is important to pay attention to the year of manufacture, it is desirable that was the date of production of this model year.

Such a device to seal and make its data is required as the water utility, and your management company, in the event of a dispute, you can safely go to court. detail, an independent water meter installation in the apartment.

TOP overview of popular counters
Better mechanical water meters: budget to 900 rubles Better mechanical water meters with pulse output
1 ITELMA WFW20 D080 Best Quality, vindicated users 1 Zenner ETWI-N DN 15 The best combination of price and quality
2 METER SVU-15 Best Price 2 Itelma WFW24 D080 High quality devices
3 Betar UCR-15 Top operational capabilities 3 Valtec 1/2 Best price

What is important to know about the characteristics?

Before buying pay attention not only on the price and place of sale, but also on the quality of the instrument. There are enough cheap, but unreliable water meters, that will have to change pretty soon. These include, eg, they, whose body silouminovy. This material is non-corrosive, is short-lived. If you want to, that the device has served at least ten years, housing must be made of brass or bronze, if the counter is directly contacted with water, it may be made of stainless steel. Bad shows a polymeric housing. durable material, absolutely not afraid of moisture.

By law, the period of verification of the water meter is: hot water 4 of the year; cold 6 years old. It is important to pay attention to the year of manufacture and service life, it may be up 12 years old.

Note, contact with a water temperature calculated counter: Some models are designed solely for cold water and can not withstand temperatures greater than +40 degrees. model, issued for the calculation of hot water, stand up +90 WITH , Some are perfect for use in cold running water and should last longer. According to statistics, hot water counters often break.

counter selection
marking water meters. Blue cold red hot

Look on display: it's desirable, that it has a color-coded. Usually it is made in two colors - blue and red. Such counters are universal and are put on hot and cold pipe. Universal device will have a gray display. Although some manufacturers claim as a water meter technology is no difference, it's just marking.

Pay attention to the parameters of the device installation. The pipes can be of different diameters. Respectively, and the counter is necessary to select the right or to use an American, but this would complicate the incision, create unnecessary joints, which may begin to flow. Another important parameter - it is the length of the meter assembly: it can be from 110 mm 260 mm, It depends on it, enough space for the device there, where you are going to install it, or not.

Besides, It needs to take into account the effect of water pressure. Water meter should have a sufficiently large safety margin, otherwise its housing may crack. Standard meter water can withstand about 1 MPa - is 10 Pascal, and a more advanced stand 16 atmospheres: this value is 1.6 Mpa. In reality, these pressures in the water is not seen.

Many counters allow a certain error, it is less than, all the better. The device must have a valid indicator of water consumption. It is a specific volume of fluid, that can pass through the device without loss of accuracy of his testimony. View the data can be in the data sheet, They have alpha values, which should be understood as follows::

  • Qmax - the volume, which let to pass through the device for one hour.
  • Qn - denotes the nominal flow. This figure is to ensure the most accurate readings, while the counter itself will not suffer from increased stress.
  • Qmin - this, conversely, minimum value, wherein the error is also at a low level.
  • Qt - denotes the transition rate, from him the error rate may vary slightly.

If you buy a computer for control of the pipe 15, the maximum possible flow is usually standard, he is 3 m³ / h, wherein the nominal value is less than 1,5 m³ / h, but it is worth remembering, that exceed the maximum flow rate is not worth. The device may be damaged. Accuracy rating unit may differ from the A to D, the higher it is, the less error. For apartments and private houses often buy inexpensive devices in class, as they have sufficient accuracy, while their price is available.

Before buying you need to check the completeness of the meter for water, delivery room, warranty card, hull integrity. If you can choose a model with cap nuts, take it, such a device easier to mount.

Learn about why it is important to install in multi-storey buildings Water pressure reducer.

Conclusion: counter to water - a good thing, which will allow a good save, its purchase and installation will pay for itself in six months, and if you use water rarely, eg, often leaving, the savings will start much faster. The main thing - to choose the right quality and price model.





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