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Calculator circuit, calculation of voltage power

Each person enjoys the daily household appliances, which have an electrical circuit. On-line calculation of load in amperes and vatah. It is determined "road" for the electric current, generated energy is transferred to the unit and starts its action. All devices are conventionally separated into three groups as a source of electric power (primary and secondary), converting units (Lighting and heating devices), as well as auxiliary elements - switches, wire, metering equipment, providing circuit work under real conditions.

All these devices are included in the total electromagnetic process and have their class electrical circuit, is created to ensure efficient functionality of the device, required operating mode. Quickly see how much Wat ampere service helps calculate the power.

Power calculator online

Voltage (AT)
current (BUT)

Resistance (ohm)
Power (W)

This reliable assistant in the calculation of the power circuit, allowing a few seconds to get ready 99,9% result. The user can in a few minutes to consider a lot of options and choose the best. The probability of error is reduced to a minimum.
J = U/R; U = R × S; R = U/J; P=U²/R
To carry out the calculation of electric circuits should be done in line ready to table two values, voltage (AT) and electricity (BUT). And then click on "Calculate" and get immediate results resistivity data (ohm) and power (W) when the user set parameters.

This online calculator to calculate the power of electric circuits is automatic, you have to be careful with the introduction of all indicators. If the number is made up of whole and fractional parts, the need to share their point, not a comma.

When taking into account all the possible errors in a few seconds, you can get ready the best option. Translation calculator Wat Amps Online - a real helper for calculation of electrical circuits on user settings. read wire thickness depending on the power calculator.

Methods of calculating impedance of mathematical formulas

To make the calculation of the resistance of electrical circuits can be applied to all the well-known formula of Ohm's Law

For complex chain, which comprises several branches formula for Ohm's suit: .

And in order, who do not want to delve into the physics textbooks and make their own calculations based on possible errors, which can spoil the final result, You can use the calculator online electrical circuits.

Ohm's law

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