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Crane with adjustable water temperature – useful for the whole family

It is not always easy thing to adjust the water pressure in the bathroom. This occurs due to uneven supply of cold and hot water. With such a problem faced by almost every day residents of apartment buildings. To solve this problem was invented valve with thermostat, which allows in minutes required to get the water temperature. Crane with a thermostat is very useful for families who have small children, it allows to insure against scalding hot water.

Mixer unit with a thermostat

Thermostat was invented in Europe, when society has come to the conclusion, that consume heat, water and electricity costs with the mind. Therefore, in use of European countries emerged temperature sensors, regulators and Thermostat. All these devices allow reasonable savings above the blessings of life.


In the device of the crane with a temperature controller are:

  • temperature gradation, with which the desired component is selected
  • sensor, which limits the temperature. It does not give a temperature rise above a predetermined degree
  • heat control, which changes the hot and cold water to balance, to obtain the desired temperature
  • water flow regulator. This sensor toggles water pressure, him to get the best output

Before, how to start mixer, selected preheat temperature, after which the pressure is set. If everything is working properly, the consumer receives a stable water flow and comfortable temperature. With the risk of scalding crane arm kept to a minimum, Therefore, the mixer can use even small children.

The basic principle of a thermostat tap operation

Work with thermostat mixer comprises mixing hot and cold water and bringing it to a certain temperature, which is set on the sensor. Thanks to, that controls the faucet cartridge is made of a bimetal, while adding wax, it is sensitive to any changes in temperature.

The principle of operation is, that the predetermined temperature of the component-fastening adjusting screw enters the cartridge, which in turn narrows or expands. Practically in all samples with a thermostat mixers are special fuses, that prevent over heat the water sensor 80 degrees. If the tap ended abruptly cold water, the supply of hot and stops automatically. Upon subsequent resumption of water flow, water is again mixed and heated to the indicated temperature, thereby fed via valve. Also, crane operation, the device will not allow him to make the water too cold, and it is important for families, where there are children, who have not yet know how to adjust the water temperature at the tap.

The principle of operation of the mixer with thermostat
The principle of operation of the mixer with thermostat

Types of water temperature control devices

A variety of sanitary ware manufacturers, allows us to consider a variety of options taps with thermostat, however, it is important to be determined, exactly what type of instrument fits best. Lineup mixers presented as foreign, and domestic brands, which vary in functionality and cost.

At present, there are taps with thermostat:

  • Bathroom Faucets.
  • Shower Faucets.
  • Sink Faucets.
  • Kitchen Faucets.
  • Mixers for bidet.
  • Universal thermostat valve inlet.

Each of these options has its purpose. Thermostat for bath and shower are small of the crane, as well as handy thermostat, to the left or right from the tap. This is to ensure, adjustment to occur quickly and comfortably.

Sink Faucets have a similar appearance, but may vary in length of crane. Such as miniature, but with a bend produce Thermostat Bidet. This design of the crane makes it convenient to use.

The kitchen faucets are usually installed with a high nose, for easy washing dishes. Thermostatic mixer for the kitchen will look as, Only the side of the thermostat will be added, allowing water mixed to the desired temperature.

In addition to the classification of mixers for the intended purpose, they are also separated by type of management on:

  • mechanical;
  • electronic.

Mechanical control samples based on a special head with temperature scale, they are more common. Electronic devices equipped with display, which signals the supply temperature. It feeds a tap from the network or from a battery. In the list of functions may also be included in the analysis of water quality. Some models of these mixers can have touch control, however, such a pleasure will cost much more.smesitelya-s-termostatom-elektronnye

By way of fastening mixer, they are divided into:

  • open;
  • closed.

The first type of device involves the crane assembling directly with the selected equipment. Closed-type device when installed in the wall hiding, and the outside can only control panel.

Pros and cons of mixers with thermostat

thermostatic mixers, undoubtedly, They have their advantages, the main of which is necessary to highlight the:

  1. Even with a difficult device, Crane is very easy to operate.
  2. The device delivers water, stably preheated to a high temperature.
  3. The mixer is easy to self-assembly.
  4. The water pressure will always be the, which has been set by the consumer.
  5. The device is safe to use, even breakages during emergency shutdowns or water.
  6. Crane significantly reduces water consumption, which would have been spent on the adjustment of the desired temperature in the absence of a thermostat.
  7. If the apartment is installed autonomous water heater, the mixer with temperature control, reduce the energy loss during heating of water.


This device is not without drawbacks, and. K it, Firstly, It is the high cost of the device. Although, the families, who are setting up a water problem manually because of a bad head, think the price justified.

Because of, that the water quality of tap water Central every year worsens, there is the risk of a thermostatic valve problems. The device may become clogged, and its characteristics will change in the bad side, whereby the noise may occur in the operation of the crane. Eliminate this problem by installing a water filtration system.

Low pressure and pressure drops in high-rise buildings is also a problem in the operation of the thermostat tap. For each device there its manufacturers recommended pressure. If such indicators are no water pressure, and then install the faucet does not make sense.

Another drawback concerns the electronic faucet with thermostatic control. Due to its complex structure, such specimens are rarely amenable to repair in case of damage. At home, it is not possible to fix them, and find a good after-sales service in the city will be difficult.

If these problems are eliminated: stable water pressure and the water in the pipes has acceptable quality, you can safely go for purchase of a crane with a thermostat.

How to choose a device with a thermostat

Before setting off for the device purchase, it is important to determine: where the crane will be installed; whether it will be built into the wall, or to remain in the public domain; he will be a mechanical or electronic control.

Among the proposed models, pay attention to the European brands. They are of high quality and appropriate price. Also, These devices are distinguished by reliability and durability. Before the purchase, check all relevant certificates for device manufacturing standards. Do not forget the existence of the guarantee, as in the case of failure it will be given the opportunity to free repair.

Nuances of operation with thermostat tap

Mounted thermostatic valve as, as a conventional mixer. It is necessary to turn the old faucet and simply connect the acquired new clothes. During installation, do not rush. Connect the tube with cold and hot water. All inputs and outputs of water are marked on the mixer.cmesiteli-dlya-vannyx-komnat3-500x500_0

Before use, carefully read the specifications of the device, its permissible pressure, inlet and outlet water temperature. Do not neglect the installation of a filtration system for the water softener: so a new faucet will last much longer.

After installing faucet, calibrate it. The temperature of water supplied from the pipe will not correspond to the temperature scale on the mixer, for this it is necessary to adjust. Remove the thermostat cover, and by an adjusting screw, set the neutral position, and turn on the water. Using a thermometer for water, TEN track, as the screw rotates when the temperature changes. Reach the neutral indicator and close the lid. Now mixer is ready for use and will last for many years with proper care and maintenance of.

A simple and cheap way


crane operation is based on a thermostat so you can buy a separate thermostatic valve and the cost of it will be many times cheaper. It suffices to set it under the sink and the problem is solved with a water temperature. A particular advantage is that it allows you to connect to an existing crane. On average, it costs about 1000 rub. The crane with adjustable specific temperature is simple and allows you to set it to the junction box.

Faucet with temperature control





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  1. After reading the article, I understood, I just need a thermostat. The fact, that the hot water is supplied to the tap through a heating column. opening the tap, first begins to flow the water is warmed up strongly in the column, so I constantly burn the hands or have to wait until the hot water is drained and the normal temperature. When bathing the child has for a long time to adjust temperature mode, thereby consumes a lot of water is wasted.

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