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Why a weak pressure at the tap and how to increase the water pressure in the water

Inadequate water pressure is quite common household problem, faced by the residents of both apartments, and country houses. As regards the latter case, here water can settle from an independent source or connected to the central line. Regardless of this,, a problem with the pressure familiar to many. therefore, pressing issue is considered, as well as than the increase of water pressure in the apartment or a country house you can. Can solve this problem with their own hands, without any high material costs. so, how to increase the pressure of the cold water in the apartment?

Causes of low pressure

Before deciding, how to increase the water pressure in the apartment, you need to determine the cause of this problem. This will select the optimum solution. In most cases, the pressure drop associated with such factors:

  • leak or an accident on the highway;
  • diameter pipe slopes decrease, caused by deposits in the course of its operation;
  • filter clogging, Installed at the entrance to the part of the house;
  • clogged pressure reducer and an adjustment is required;
  • manufacturing defects or malfunctioning of valves, caused as a result of long-term operation.

It is also common cause is poor quality work supplier. This problem can affect both residents of apartments, and country houses, which are connected to a central water supply. So, pressure drop in the pipeline can be caused by a disconnection of the pumps, which are located in the substation. In this way, supplier wants to save on electricity. Also, the pressure may drop sharply as a result of the accident at the substation or line.

Before taking any decision, you need to analyze the situation. To interview residents of neighboring houses and apartments on the existence of such problems. If we are talking about the general problem, in the first place is to seek explanations to the public utilities. The pressure in the pipe of water must comply with parameter set. Otherwise, it will be a violation of the rules.

To save time on finding the cause of low water pressure, experts recommend to install pressure gauges on the length of pipe between the well and the house. This will help you understand, where it is necessary to search for the cause.

Check what

Resolving this issue is carried out according to the established algorithm. This list of actions, to be executed as a result of pressure drop in the water. so, for this you need to check:

  • The efficiency of the pumping station. In particular this applies to residents of country houses. If the pipeline are measuring instruments, then they can be used to determine, where to look for the problem. If the gauge readings below the nominal, then it will be a fault on the pumping stations. In the city of this problem should be dealt with the appropriate utilities. In the case of a country house pressure drop may be caused by clogging of downhole pump.
  • The state of the fine filter. Often the equipment is installed at the entrance to a building or just before the point of water consumption. Such devices must be periodically inspected and carry out their purification. This is especially true of country houses with independent water supply.
  • Pressure at all points of water consumption. If all the pressure taps will be small, the problem is hidden in the central tube. In that case, when pressure is low in only one crane, you should check the status of branches, which connects the point of consumption to the central tube. If no leaks, then you need to disassemble the valve and check for blockage.

Often in the pipeline pressure drop occurs as a result of violation of integrity of the loop. This results in a puddle or wet spot on the plot, which indicates the presence of water leakage. In the case of a flat solution to this problem involved the relevant services. The owner simply put them in fame.

How to increase the water pressure in the apartment

To increase the water pressure in the water in several ways. Among the principal methods can be distinguished:

  • installation of an additional pump for the water pressure in the apartment;
  • modernization of water supply system;
  • installation of accumulator.

Each of the methods used depending on the situation, and has its own characteristics. therefore, You should carefully consider each of them. so, how to increase the water pressure in the apartment?


Installation of additional pump

Pumps for raising water pressure in the apartment picked individually to one or another system. While taking into account certain parameters. These include the length of the line, tube diameter, storey building and other. Concerning, when choosing the power unit is worth considering:

  • performance;
  • power;
  • pressure.

As for the cost of the pump, here everyone chooses a model as possible. So, the cost of such units is in the range 7000 – 8500 rubles. It should be taken into account, that the price depends on the characteristics of the step-up water pump pressure in the apartment. Therefore, the savings here is misplaced. So, if you buy a cheaper model, which will not meet the requirements, it does not give the desired result. This means, the water pressure in the water will remain the same.


Upgrading the system

Particularly, this method is often used in suburban areas. The fact, that many owners of private houses prefer to independently engage in the installation of engineering systems. As a result, during their operation may have some problems. In this case it is a low pressure water. That is why these works must be dealt with by professionals.

In the process of laying water supply is necessary to perform a series of engineering calculations. This will set the particular line. Here it is necessary to take into account, that turns on the track, valves and pipe diameter reduces the water pressure in the conduit. Such nuances are quite a few, and only an expert will be able to make accurate and error-free calculations.

As for apartments, the water pressure drop may be caused by improper replacement pipe. Today the most popular are plastic tubes. They are widely used for the restoration of water supply system in the old construction apartments. If properly choose the size of the pipe, it will negatively affect the water pressure. But, increase in cross-section of the pipeline will allow some increase this parameter. If necessary, you can set the pump increases the water pressure in the apartment.

Installing accumulator

The modern apartments and houses this device is an integral element of the system. It can be used to raise the water pressure to the required level. Of course, even in the presence of such a device may have some problems. First of all, This applies to cases, When the accumulator is not set correctly. The only way - to replace him.

Also solve the problem of insufficient water pressure in the water, you can use the storage tank and pumping station. To begin, the system connects the plastic storage tank, which amounts to an average 550 l. In further connected thereto a pumping station. Boosting the water pressure in the flat consists of a pump and accumulator.


The water pressure in the water: that it is worth considering

Low pressure in the water system brings some discomfort. In addition, the pressure drop may lead to malfunction of household appliances. Therefore, households are forced to monitor this parameter. First of all, you need to perform such work:

  • Compile a list of devices, who are consumers. This applies not only to plumbing, but also household appliances, such as washing machine and dishwasher, boiler and other.
  • Examine each technique datasheet. In particular, pay attention to the value of the nominal pressure, which ensures normal operation of the device.
  • Compare the nominal value and the actual pressure. This will provide an opportunity to assess the situation. If gauges show, the pressure is low, than is necessary, it is necessary to take care of his increase.

Many do not pay enough attention to this problem. But, everything is changing, when technology fails, then everything changes radically. The fact, that the manufacturer's warranty is automatically terminated in violation of conditions of operation techniques. One of such disorders is to use a technique in low water pressure. Therefore, this parameter must be controlled and do all, so that it is at the proper level.

The reason for the weak pressure in the high-rise building can be blockage in the pressure reducer

If the water pressure in the circuit is at a normal level, it is worth pondering, as a parameter change, while the inclusion of several consumers. This applies particularly to the winter period, when the system includes additional user - the boiler. As a result of intensive consumption of pressure may drop sharply, it will create new problems.

Low pressure in the water in an apartment or private home is a very common problem, for which solutions are used by a variety of methods. But, you should not overdo it, since a significant increase in this parameter can lead to some problems. So, it can be a line break or failure of household appliances. therefore, raise the water pressure in the apartment need not above the permissible level helps to solve the problem of a strong pressure reducer.


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  1. I live on the top floor and the problem of pressure I face on a daily basis. On weekends or in the evening rush unnecessarily weakens. lower floors consume more water, but the problem also and as was water, we have it very chlorinated and, respectively, It leaves a very strong deposits in pipes. Previously, the problem was at the level of disaster, tk. due to the lack of a good head is not activated geyser. First, the problem was solved weekly cleaning filters and the tap at the outlet of the column, a little help, but not for long. One day, her husband decided to disassemble and clean the tube column. He did this with the help of vinegar, poured into the pipe, which typically passes water, heated through the column, He warmed or left a couple of hours (pouring vinegar procedure was repeated). Thereafter, using the hose water pressure was eluted from the tube vinegar, scale and deposits. After this cleaning head of the column excellent, Now no evening and weekend is not a hindrance.

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