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Professional installation of roller shutters from "Cardinal-Alliance"

What shutters choose? This question confronts every purchaser, which plans to put blinds. Turning to the company "Cardinal-Alliance", consumer forget about such minor issues, because here produces and installs turnkey shutters.

Shutters per day

The company "Cardinal Alliance" it's only a day to get ready-made blinds. of course, it is a relatively simple structures. Products produced on the European equipment, with which you can in a short time manufacture shutters without loss of quality.

metal shutters
Louvered shutters

The entire installation turnkey process is as follows:

  1. First, the client leaves zamerschik, which makes all the necessary measurements. The work of the specialist is part of a range of services and does not require payment.
  2. After receiving the measurement client can express their wishes to gotovymrolstavnyam. At this stage, he offered several options. The issue with the choice of roller blinds model is solved fairly quickly.
  3. When a customer chose shutters, measurement data received on the production site, where the size of manufactured blinds. Some models are available per day.
  4. With time, the customer need to be discussed, when the installers come. "Cardinal-Alliance" is working even on weekends, so the customer has the opportunity to invite the installers on Saturday or Sunday, if other days are inconvenient for him.
  5. After mounting shutters and work given year warranty. The customer can contact the organization during this period, if he has any problems.

All terms and conditions of service in the company is on the organization's website

other products

"Cardinal Alliance" produces and installs not only the shutters. The company can be ordered:

Cart awnings

- awnings;
- blinds;
- mosquito net;
- curtains;
- barriers;
- gate.

The manufacturer offers vertical and horizontal blinds, and pleated models. The company can order tape and classic roller blinds. It produces lowerable, basket and retractable awnings. The entire range of products can not only buy, but also to order the installation of. This has its advantages.

Advantages of turnkey installation

White shutters png
Shutters on the drive

When ordering in the company installation of turnkey, you can be sure of a competent installation designs. If you order the installation to another organization, the:

- the price of the installation will be higher;
- there is a probability of an illiterate installation;
- there is a difficulty with a guarantee.

The manufacturer guarantees the quality of products and the quality of work. If a customer has trouble, he simply contact the manufacturer and solve them. Experts "Cardinal Alliance" work professionally with the production of the company's own production. mounting errors excluded.

prices, discounts and warranty

"Cardinal Alliance" gives a discount 20% customers, if a:

- the buyer refuses delivery roller blinds;
- the client does not need installation.

However, unprofitable customers abandon the installation work even if, they will receive a discount. After installation work will have to pay, and in other companies it is much more expensive. The "Cardinal Alliance" customer saves the expense of turnkey works. This type of service is more economical. Besides, refusing to mount, the customer can no longer count on the guarantee of the quality of work. Therefore, many consumers, referring to the organization, choose turnkey works.

the company provides a guarantee not only for themselves blinds and other products. "Cardinal Alliance" guarantees, that the work will be done qualitatively. During the year, the customer has the right to file a claim and receive a free repair. If a problem occurs, and the warranty period has expired, it is possible to make an order for post-warranty service.

types of roller shutters

Shutters for bathrooms
Shutters for bathrooms

"Cardinal Alliance" can produce and install three types of shutters:

- latticed;
- penozapolnennye;
- extruded.

We are talking about the type of profiles, which is used for the manufacture of roller blinds. The customer should look at the color options when buying roller blinds. The manufacturer produces not only the white model.

We should also mention the metal roller shutters, which are increasingly in demand not only among companies and trade organizations. Private buyers choose such models Shutters for home protection. The main function of steel structures - namely the protection of, rather than decor. Although the products look aesthetically pleasing and can make the facade more attractive.

Metal shutters are equipped with electric motors and control panels - customers often bought automatic models, that open and close remotely. Mechanical products are becoming more common in small shops. Shutters in such rooms usually cover a doorway and a window.

Advantages of cooperation with the "Cardinal-Alliance"

To cooperate with the "Cardinal Alliance" beneficial to all buyers, both private, and corporate. The client company receives a guarantee of the quality of the organization. The level of product quality, manufactured at the enterprise, It proved not only reviews, but certificates. View them on our website. Quality certificates prove, that the shutters fully comply with GOST.

"Cardinal-Alliance" is working with roller shutters and awnings already 20 years old. The company serves clients in Moscow and Moscow region. During a 1997 the organization was able to serve thousands of customers. The company was one of the first in the niche of roller blinds European level. Today the organization has expanded the product range.

To order the company can directly from the site. The manufacturer not only produces and installs blinds, but also gives advice on the selection of such products. When you register the organization under the mounting roller shutter key for the customer choose the professionals.

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