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Plaster wall without the use of special galvanized lighthouses

Plaster beacons of metal, plastic and wire (or strings) used to reduce the time to perform stucco work. but, in some cases, eg, When buying a ready-made guides for some reason can not, plastering and you want to right now, You can use one and another. It is called the plaster walls without beacons, although, actually, It represents create guides from solution.

Features techniques

Among the advantages of the use of mortar (gypsum) without plaster beacons - an opportunity to reduce the cost of work at the same level of savings, as in the conventional beacons. But the disadvantages include the need to use specialist services. And, sufficiently experienced to work with plaster solution. Amateur or master, used to be plastered on the metal guide, spend a similar amount of work much longer, and hardly will achieve the same quality results.

It is because of this decision to use the technology without plaster beacons accepted only after checking the slope walling using leveling and level. If distortions on one wall is relatively small, and do not exceed 10-15 mm in any direction, you can select this option. The same applies to non-residential premises, in which there is no need to make perfectly smooth wall - enough to achieve their smoothness.

Apparatus guides from solution

The principle of alignment of the walls without plaster beacons, but using a solution of, It is to install rails, which do not require the use of:

  • metal, plastic and wooden profiles;
  • special string, plane on which the plaster layer is leveled;
  • mount type plastic clips, «Cremmer" or "Ushastik».

Start plastering the walls with gypsum plaster without beacons can immediately after, dry out the guide - as a rule, The very next day. One side, This is a minus, increasing the turnaround time. With another, correctly calculating the installation guide graduation mortar, You can leave plastering the next day.

Plaster wall without the use of beacons

Guiding tile adhesive of

Another not very common way, how to make plaster for walls beacons, It is their production of tile adhesive. Technique owes its unpopularity too long period of hardening of such a solution. Sometimes it makes him a guide can not dry up in 1-3 days. And the glue adheres to the rule, preventing process plastering.

In the same time, if after the tile adhesive mixture remains, With it still possible to make the guide, saving on plaster. For this 1 part of the adhesive is required to add to the 1 parts of cement and 2,5 sand fractions. The result is a solution of, properties which are similar mixture ST29 (polymer-filler). A thin layer of plaster without beacons performed by the same procedure, as with mortar guide.

Device guide beacons

Fitting gypsum beacons technology includes:

  • preparatory work;
  • preparing a solution for guide;
  • apparatus main mortar beacons.

If necessary,, this list is added to the intermediate mounting rails. The decision to install them accepted, if the surface variations of one wall (ceiling or floor) big enough. Or in cases, when the length of the structure is too large plastered. Lower podobrano video, how to install guide beacons on the wall.


Preparing to Install

Before, How to align the wall without plaster beacons Rotband or other mixture (Video plastering process for each option is easy to find on the net), should be trained to perform. It is not much different from the work with the use of lighthouses and includes the following stages:

  1. Preparation of suitable materials and tools;
  2. Purification was exfoliated from the surface finish and dirt;
  3. Primer, allowing to improve the adhesion of plaster to it.

Now it is possible to prepare a solution and start plastering. It is recommended to use one of the two most popular ways, How to align the wall without plaster beacons, video which makes it easier to imagine the process. The first option is suitable for conventional wall, second - for concrete structures (foam, aerated).

The first method

Using the first method,, how to plaster the walls with gypsum plaster without beacons, suggests the following works:

  1. Screwing in the screws on one side of the wall (the distance to the corner and the ceiling or the floor - on 100 mm). The distance from the wall to the cap is chosen so, that it is 0.5-1.0 cm below the surface of the plaster layer;
  2. The alignment surface of the holder and the repetition of the same work on the other side of the wall;
  3. Apparatus guides of the same solution, which is used for major works, or gypsum. The second option does beacons stronger;

Now, to rule did not pass on the nails, arrange over them from the solution around the grounds - "brand". The diameter of each - up 70 mm, height above the hats - to 5 mm. After spraying plaster on the nails are cut circles - as a result have to get square with the side to 4 x 4 cm and resembling a cone in section.

After the installation of fasteners can begin installation of mortar or plaster guiding beacons for plaster with your hands. For this purpose, usually, whose length should be slightly smaller height space. It is applied to the surface of stamps and throw underneath solution (gypsum). The excess material is cut, and voids in the guide (appearing, basically, after drying). After finishing the installation guide, and make sure they dry, possible to start plastering structure. Usually, this way, How to align the wall without plaster beacons, It leads to a rapid transition to the decoration of the walls.

The second way

Another method of making plaster beacons with their own hands is suitable for use on concrete surfaces. Thus it is not permitted to use gypsum slurry - just mortar. The method comprises the following steps:

  1. Making mortar brands (by the same procedure, that of the first embodiment);
  2. Create a guide by the application of a rule of the solution. Thus the instrument applied light blows with a hammer;
  3. Typically left on the solution and use it as a scaffold for the guide.

Completed plastering the walls without plaster beacons plaster.

stucco without beacons

Cost and reviews

sum, spent on plastering Rotband without beacons, will be minimal. Price per bag of plaster mixture is about 300-380 rubles. The cost of the guides of the tile adhesive is more expensive - 25 kg of material to cost 800 rub. Generally, when repairing the device beacons plaster or gypsum from solution can save up 70% savings compared to metal profiles, but the costs will be in the user's profile. However, the time will be spent over.

Detailed video as a plaster wall without beacons

We offer watch a selection of videos on the topic, to help you choose the correct way to install rails on the wall without the use of galvanized steel beacon.

Video: = 4HznyxysafA





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