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that first: to lay tile or install doors

Quite an urgent issue today becomes the, that the first tile or door, and responses to it differ and contradict each other. Here everything depends on the circumstances, and on the one hand may be needed first, tiled, and then install the door, and in another case, you need to do everything exactly the opposite. And let us consider in more detail each of the options, and identify, that the first door or the tiles in the bathroom.

type of repair

supposing, that you have decided to make repairs in your bathroom, and just that, how massive it will, It will also contribute to the selection of the algorithm and say to set the door to the bathroom before or after the tiles. And here it is necessary to consider at least three options for more:

  1. When the bathroom was renovated earlier, but you just want to change the tiles, the door frame, respectively, to dismantle one will not, and in this case, laid tile already installed at the door and subsequently adjusted under it.
  2. In the second case, when a large-scale renovation is planned, taking into account the replacement of the door frame and the door. There needs to be carefully thought through installation, and only in this case, first put the tiles, and then put the door.
  3. The third situation, is a complete overhaul from the ground up. It is also applicable condition, as in the second case,, but note, that when you install the door frame laid tiles may fall and cause damage, That is why the first installed door frame, try on the door, and then to the very fabric removed, a stacking box is held at the set. Subsequently, tiles or fitted to the door or hide flaws architraves.

That the first tile, or the door to the bathroom

Place tiling

It is also important, where the tiles fit. Here, as known, options can be only two:

And from them will also depend on the sequence of work. Discussed in more detail both the situation and decide, that at first do: tiles or doors?

  1. When the tile is laid at the door in the bathroom, accordingly it comes to decision, it should first equip ceramics, and then install the door. But at the same time, when an already installed door tile can be put under the door frame, that will be a little harder.
  2. But when laying on the wall in the bathroom, prerequisite is first conducted the installation box, then tiling, and only after the installation of casings and installing the door.
the door to the bathroom before or after the tiles
Optional mounting box

From this we can learn a lesson, that the first tile is laid on the floor, and the doors were then, but the door frame itself is set before all. And now, should pay attention to factors other than those, on the pros and cons of installing doors before and after the tiles, that actually will help determine the choice of the correct sequence.

Why is better to install the door after the tiles

To begin, consider factors, who say that, you need to install the door after tiling:

  1. When installing a door to tile there is a risk to spoil it during finish.
  2. In some cases, the design will interfere with the work.
Docking tiles or doors
Connector with laminate tiles through the nut

Other reasons to put the door after the tiles, Hardly ever, on the other hand, In this case, there is a great risk of damaging the very tiles during installation of doors.

For the installation of the door after the installation of the tiles is important to clearly set all levels across the floor and up the wall, Note installation clearances. Most professionals Master Reply, it is best to install the door after finishing work. This saves expensive door damage during repair.

better to install the door after
The variant sawing doors installed under laminate

Installing the door-to-tile

And now look at the factors, indicating, to first install the door, and then already laid tile.

tiles or doors
Equalize the difference between the floor
  1. First of all doors are installed into the opening of the previous, but, Yet there is a risk to damage the surface of the floor and walls. In cases, when it laid tile there is a great risk of damaging it by bringing jobs.
  2. In some cases, it may even happen so, that the size of the door is a little fit and aperture will need to expand its. Even on some few millimeters to increase, vibration when installing tile may break or simply fall off.
  3. Besides, as a result of the load on the walls of the doorway is a little EQS, respectively, to establish the door plumb perfectly straight will not succeed, and it will be filled up. Most of the walls are not smooth, and just the same installation box perfectly plumb in the future will serve as a beacon for their alignment.

In this way, it becomes clear, forward to tile laying is not necessary to do, as a consequence it can be destroyed and spoiled.

Therefore, everything depends on the selected mounting method of the box.

And as a result of multiple statements, that the first tile is laid, but only after it held the door assembly, erroneous. Least, carrying out work, so you risk to spend the extra finance, because the need to re-remake of the wall cladding. Best case scenario, of course, everything will be okay, but at the same time, the risk of injury is too high.

In an extreme case,, in finishing can be removed very fabric doors, also remove trim, If this is not possible, then seal them with foil, that will help prevent contamination and damage.

It is important to take into account the, doors draw moisture, and installation will be carried out only after the plaster and other wet work.

Factor high humidity indicates condensation on windows.

Otherwise, the small gaps in the door box will strike sharply, and after the repair may appear large gaps or even wagged his door leaf.

In this way, in question, what used to tile or door, for the most part we choose option is based on the situation. And in addition, we offer you a few videos, in which experts expressed their opinions.


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