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Calculator number of tile adhesive for a specific area

During the construction work it is very important to pre-calculate the amount of material, in order to draw up an estimate and not overpay for unnecessary items. How to make the calculation of tile adhesive consumption? Very simple, Use our online calculator and learn how much tile adhesive will need, depending on the layer of the solution. The calculator will calculate the consumption tile adhesive Eunice, Osnovyt, Liktol, Volma. Calculator materials, will learn how to purchase bags of glue and a total weight of cargo will.

How long does it tile adhesive?

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to the approximate amount of material, Filling in which said bag. Of course, it is only approximate figures, because the residual outcome will depend on many factors:

  • irregularities of the walls;
  • selection comb;
  • tilt grebёnki;
  • porosity tiles;
  • the size and type of tile;
  • Agility master and his skills;
  • temperature indicators.

Due to the rapid online calculator you can find out how much you need tile adhesive and reduce the likelihood of errors to the minimum rates and make more accurate consumption tile adhesive per square meter. To do this, you need to specify in the proposed table surface area, the intended thickness and type of adhesive layer. If there is a size tiles 20 on 30 cm, then it should be applied a thickness of not more than 1 cm. The final figure wizard helps determine the amount of tile adhesive purchases, floor to the walls in the bathroom the entire surface.

Surface Area m2
Thickness, mm.

Just use the rate calculator grouting tile.

find out as you need ceramic tiles on the floor.

Find out as you need bathroom tiles.

Tips and expert advice

Before proceeding with the application of glue on the base, you need to remember some points:

  1. If the surface is flat, and a height difference of less 3 mm, then the adhesive consumption will be minimal. It can be applied to layer 5 mm exclusively for coupling with the base tile.
  2. If the surface is uneven, the adhesive will serve also to equalize, but because in the calculation of tile adhesive flow is important to consider the amount of material used for rough work.
  3. For economy of adhesive it is desirable to pre-equalization, plaster and carry out a thorough primer bases.
  4. Online calculator tile adhesive, showed accurate results you must carefully choose the type of glue, depending on the type of composition, optimized for application to various surfaces, metal, tree, Concrete, old tiles, etc..
  5. In addition to the main components of the tile adhesive contains additional components, which are used for its better adhesion, elasticise, resistance to temperature extremes. Such an indicator is influenced by both the material properties, and its consumption.

    Flow tile adhesive, depending on the choice and tilt combs.
    Flow Table tile adhesive on 1 meter depending on the choice and inclination of the comb.

Flow tile adhesive, depending on the structure and parameters of the tile

Attention: the larger the tile size, the greater the adhesive layer must be applied. Using tile adhesive calculator, necessary to accurately specify these parameters, in order to minimize possible errors. For larger components from the adhesive layer applied 5 mm.

Applying tile adhesive
Applying tile adhesive

Highly porous articles require a half to two times more adhesive, than materials with a low degree of absorption. For normal maintenance work will fit a universal remedy - based adhesive cement-sand mixture.

Other factors, which may affect the incidental expenses tile adhesives - is the manner of the wizard, a strictly time allowed for tile adjustment.

It is important to comply with the manufacturer's instructions and to mix only the amount which is adjacent to develop for 1-2 hours, this is due to hardening of the solution. It will not allow you to throw the fuck up solution and save the budget.

Using flow calculator tile adhesive, you can pre-determine the amount of adhesive bags, and in order to achieve more accurate results, you can buy a bit of the mixture and spend a small amount of stacking tiles, while knowing the exact coverage area.

obtained, in this way, the result will be more truthful, and online assistant will be to help each master.

Good luck to you repair and a minimum flow of building materials!

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