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How to choose garden furniture, what to look for

Garden furniture is an integral part of any summer cottage or country house. It not only provides comfort, but also gives an aesthetic appearance. There are many materials for making such furniture. It can be as natural, and artificial materials.

Garden furniture is an indispensable attribute of any site. She should not only be beautiful and stylish, but also practical, functional and comfortable.

Choose the right one Garden furniture it is important to be guided by many factors, including plot size, design style, climatic conditions and personal preferences of the owner.

Wooden furniture

One of the most popular and traditional materials is wood.. It has high strength, durability and resistance to various weather conditions. Wooden furniture looks very stylish and fits harmoniously into any landscape. It goes well with various decorative elements and creates a cozy atmosphere..

However, wooden furniture also has its disadvantages.. She requires special care. It must be treated regularly with special products, which protect against moisture, fungus and insects. Also, the tree may lose its original appearance over time due to exposure to sunlight and precipitation.. However, the tree also requires special care.: it must be regularly treated with protective compounds, paint and varnish.

Wooden furniture is a classic option for the garden. She is environmentally friendly, durable and attractive in appearance, especially when it comes to solid wood furniture. But it is worth considering, that such furniture requires special care, including regular coating with varnish or paint to protect against moisture, insects and other external influences. Besides, wooden furniture can be quite heavy and bulky, which makes it difficult for her to move around the territory.

There are many types of wooden garden furniture, including tables, chairs, benches, sun loungers and even sofas. Each of them can be made in different styles and have different shapes and sizes.

It is important to choose wooden furniture, that will suit the style of your garden and your needs. for example, if you have a small garden, it is better to choose compact furniture, which won't take up much space. If you have a large garden, then you can choose more massive furniture, which will look more solid.

It is also worth considering the climatic conditions of your region. If you have a rainy climate, then it is better to choose furniture from more moisture-resistant wood species, such as oak or larch. If the climate is dry and hot, then you can choose furniture from softer woods, such as pine or spruce.

Anyway, wooden garden furniture is an excellent choice for those, who wants to create a cozy and stylish corner on their site.

Furniture with aluminum frame

Garden furniture with an aluminum frame is becoming increasingly popular among owners of country houses and cottages. This material has a number of advantages over other types of furniture.

Aluminum is another popular material for making garden furniture. It has high strength and durability, Corrosion resistant and does not require special care. Aluminum furniture is light and easy to use. It is perfect for open areas and terraces.

Lund, lounge furniture set anthracite

First of all, aluminum frame is very light and durable. It does not rust or rot, making it ideal for outdoor use. Besides, aluminum does not require special care and retains its appearance for many years.

Secondly, garden furniture with an aluminum frame looks very stylish and modern. It fits perfectly into any interior and adds lightness and airiness to it..

Thirdly, this type of furniture is very convenient to use. The aluminum frame provides good back support and allows you to relax after a long day at the dacha.

Finally, garden furniture on an aluminum frame is affordable. It's much cheaper, than furniture made of wood or metal, but at the same time not inferior to them in quality and functionality.

Generally, garden furniture with an aluminum frame is an excellent choice for those, who values ​​comfort, style and durability.

Plastic garden furniture

Plastic garden furniture has become very popular in recent years.. She's light, durable and inexpensive. Plastic chairs and tables are ideal for outdoor use, easy to clean, not afraid of moisture and temperature changes. However, plastic furniture is not very durable and can be easily damaged.. Besides, it may eventually lose its original appearance and fade in the sun.

Plastic furniture is a lightweight and inexpensive option, which is perfect for temporary use in the country or for arranging a veranda.

Besides, plastic furniture is easy to clean and store. It does not require special care and can last for many years. Another advantage of plastic furniture is its diversity.. You can find chairs and tables in different colors and shapes, which allows you to choose furniture to suit any garden design.

However, it is worth remembering, that plastic chairs and tables do not always look very aesthetically pleasing. They may look cheap and not fit into a classic interior.. Plastic can also heat up in the sun., which can be unpleasant when using furniture. However, for those, who is looking for inexpensive and lightweight garden furniture, plastic chairs and tables are an excellent choice.

  • Ease: Plastic chairs and tables are very light, making them easier to move and store.
  • Weather resistance: Plastic is not afraid of rain, no snow, no heat, no cold.
  • Variety of designs: Plastic chairs and tables can come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.
  • low cost: Plastic chairs and tables are usually cheaper, than wood or metal.
  • Easy to care for: Plastic chairs and tables are easy to clean and do not require special care.

Plastic chairs and tables are also often used in summer cottages. they are light, durable and affordable. Plastic is not afraid of water, sunlight and temperature changes.

Metal furniture

Metal garden furniture can be very beautiful and stylish. It is durable, durable and corrosion resistant. Metal furniture is ideal for those, who loves minimalism and functionality. It can be made in various styles and shapes, from classic to modern. Besides, metal furniture is easy to clean and store.

Metal is also widely used to create garden furniture. Metal tables, chairs and sofas can be very stylish and elegant, but they are not always easy to use, as they can get very hot in the sun and be cold in the shade.

Metal furniture is strong and durable. It tolerates exposure to sunlight well, humidity and other atmospheric phenomena. However, it can be quite cold to the touch, and in hot weather, sitting on such furniture may not be comfortable. Besides, metal furniture can be susceptible to corrosion and needs to be periodically coated with special products to protect against rust.

Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is an environmentally friendly and stylish option for arranging a garden.. Rattan is a natural material, made from the stems of a tropical vine. Rattan furniture is durable, weatherproof and attractive in appearance. It can be used both indoors, as well as outdoors, and also goes well with other materials.

  • Environmental friendliness – Rattan is a natural material, which is made from plant stems. It does not contain harmful chemicals and is safe for health.
  • Durability – Rattan is a very durable material., which can withstand heavy loads. It does not break or crack over time.
  • Lightness – Rattan furniture is very light, making it easy to move and store.
  • Aesthetic appearance – Rattan has a beautiful appearance, which suits any interior style.
  • Resistance to external influences – Rattan is not afraid of moisture, sun and temperature changes. It retains its appearance for many years.

Rattan is a natural material, which is used to make furniture. he is a solid, durable and easily withstands any weather conditions.

When choosing garden furniture, it is important to consider several points. First of all, it should be comfortable and functional, fit your needs and preferences. Secondly, furniture must be resistant to external influences, to maintain its appearance and functionality over time. Thirdly, It is worth paying attention to the quality of materials and workmanship, to avoid unpleasant surprises during operation. Generally, garden furniture allows you to create a cozy and comfortable space in your garden, which will delight you and your guests for many years.


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