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How to choose a vent pipe for exhaust

Extractor hood has become almost a mandatory element of the home or professional kitchen equipment. A favorable microclimate in the cooking area and the neighboring areas, created during its operation, long appreciated housewives and chefs. The correct choice of equipment, tube for ventilating the kitchen, material for its manufacture depends on the quality of the entire vent system.

functions, kinds, hood choice

The importance of drawing in place of cooking is obvious, because its main tasks:

  • the air outlet from the working zone, contaminated combustion, smoke, exhalations, scents;
  • reduction of air humidity and temperature at a plate to work more comfortably;
  • terms of security, preventing the appearance and proliferation of undesirable microorganisms;
  • an increase in the durability of kitchen furniture, household appliances and interior items, which will not settle soot, grease and dirt;
  • clean air supply software instead retracted pollution;
  • creation of favorable conditions for work in professional kitchens and friendly accommodation in private rooms near the kitchen.

Aspirator tubes connecting the duct with the ventilation shaft, It helps to remove contaminated air to the outside.

Table vent pipe for drawing

The kitchens set hoods the following types: flat, inclined, recessed, T-, island, corner, dome, telescopic.

For the removal of all contaminated exhaust air volume size must match or be greater than, than that of the cooking surface. minimum capacity (m3 / hour) exhaust equipment should be at least 10 times the amount of kitchen space.

Recommended hood installation height:

  • over a gas stove - 0,75-0,85 m;
  • over induction or electric hob - 0,65-0,75 m.

Selection for exhaust pipe systems

For efficiency and reliability of the entire structure of great importance removal of contaminated air has the option pipes under ventilation. Consider the basic criteria.

Material used pipes

Corrugated pipes made of aluminum - the cheapest and easiest to install option for organizing discharge of polluted air from the hood. The basis tubes are metal rings. It fits them in several layers of laminated foil. Initially, the rings are in the clamped position to each other, The upper shell is folded in "accordion". When installing corrugated able to lengthen several times, bend at the desired angle. Therefore, it is easily laid in confined spaces and difficult places.

Not fully stretched corrugated pipe becomes a source of noise characteristic of the exhaust system due to the increased resistance of the inner surface irregularities airflow. The noise level also increases extra tube kinks.

Corrugated pipes for ventilation withstand considerable heating (to + 250 ° C), possess considerable strength, resistant to aggressive media, when the need to build (metal compounds used for the cling film), mogut to serve 50 years old. corrugated pipe

Exhaust systems have a number of advantages of plastic, that make them leaders in consumer demand:

  • Low weight allows you to mount the entire system of one person, It requires no additional fasteners or support elements, It eliminates the additional load of suspension modules of kitchen furniture.
  • High resistance to many chemicals and moisture.
  • Perfect tightness of the duct with a high strength structure mounted.
  • Resistance to UV.
  • Simplicity and ease of care, availability and cheapness of necessary detergents.
  • The ability of the system at a wide range of temperatures,.
  • Creating a good acoustic insulation, does not disrupt a comfortable stay in the room with exhaust system.
  • Durability.
  • Impressive range of plastic exhaust pipe elements of different shapes and sizes, of different material: polypropylene, polyurethane, polyvinylchloride.
  • Aesthetic strict view of the assembled system.
  • Easy installation allows you to collect from standard fittings robust exhaust design.
  • Plastic piping components do not corrode, their material is environmentally safe.
  • The smooth inner surface of the pipe does not allow to accumulate dirt and fat.
  • Exhaust systems with plastic pipes (especially circular cross section) almost noiseless, in comparison with air from other materials.

Corrugated plastic pipes more. Their installation more complicated, It requires extra transition and connecting elements. After assembling the pipe remain unused pruning. These are the main disadvantages of plastic pipes.

The shape and dimensions of the pipe section

Corrugated pipes have a circular cross section, plastic - round or rectangular. Have less resistance pipes from round tubes, for what are popular. Rectangular tubes look aesthetically, they are easier to collect and can be placed against the wall.

section ventilation ducts for exhaust

The most frequently used pipe:

  1. round, diameter (mm): 100, 120 - generally indicates a manual vent diameter for exhaust; 125 and 150 - is also often used by users.
  2. Ventilation rectangular tube for drawing have the following dimensions, height x width (mm): 55h110, 60h122, 60h204.

Important! For effective vent size ventilation pipe section must match the outlet area of ​​the hood or greater (then require connection through the adapter element).

Calculator adequate ventilation performance for exhaust in the kitchen

type of lodging
area m2
Height cm.

If you need to calculate the ventilation for residential use Online calculators performance air.

Important features of the installation

in the installation error exhaust supply pipe can undo previous efforts on the correct selection of hoods, Calculation of the required pipe section used, the choice of the necessary transition and connecting elements. To exhaust system to work properly, We should pay attention to such moments it is installed:

  • The assembled pipeline design should have deflections. If installed corrugated pipe - it must be a maximum stretching.
  • The entire exhaust system must be grounded to remove static electricity.
  • To avoid damaging the Breather as it passes through the wall, use special adapters and sleeves.
  • Places of all connections (between the pipes, and drawing pipe, pipes and ventilation shaft adapter) They must be treated with a sealant.
  • Folds of the corrugated pipe to radii, which are smaller in diameter than the corrugations applied, reduce pressure and, Consequently, the efficiency of air extraction.
  • Optimum pipe exhaust system has a minimum of twists and turns, to - length 3 m, angle bends - stupid.
  • When a large length of the corrugations of the duct, through 1-1,5 m it is necessary to fix the straps to prevent possible rocking while running hood.
  • For compounds of the pipeline with the ventilation shaft cavity using a special frame with a grating for ventilation, a flange for fastening the tube and the check valve. When the hood is closed and valve prevents ingress of contaminated air back into the room. When the cooker hood is not working, valve open - there is free air circulation.

Rotating tube at an acute angle or 90 ° consistently lower performance of the entire system 10%. Several of these fractures do its work ineffective, Although evacuation system will work with congestion. If you can not change the line pipe proleganiya, desirable to increase its cross section and drawing power.

Masking elements of the exhaust system

Even neatly mounted vent pipe for exhaust can not fit in a design room concept or too attract attention. If the pipeline is assembled from components or galvanized corrugated aluminum - it will be combined perfectly with the overall style of "high tech". In all other cases, the design to be masked or decorate. Often serve as a way of disguising:

  • ceilings (Slack, false). They can also hide items other utilities.
  • Special box made of plastic or drywall.
  • Pipeline installation in suspended kitchen furniture.
  • Special bezel, covering the passing communication. They are mounted or mounted on a hanging locker and a kitchen decorated façade or under the finish of adjacent walls.

Properly mounted exhaust system of well-chosen accessories is the key to a comfortable and safe cooking.




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