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A calculator for calculating the amount of laminate

Laminate flooring is one of the most popular floor coverings. It is used both in the office and residential premises. Variation in prices in the laminate allows you to purchase it for people with different incomes. different ways laying board is quite simple and it can perform almost any person, has the time and desire. To accurately calculate the amount of the laminate helps online calculator to help determine how many packages need the direct or oblique way of stacking boards.

Laminate flooring in the room is laid in two ways: ordinary, along the walls and a herringbone pattern (from corner to corner). Laying of laminate from corner to corner it requires more time, but it looks original.

The length of the room, m.
The width of the room, m.
m. packaged
laying instructions
necessary packages

When calculating the amount of the required laminate recorded area of ​​the room, and a method of laying. The area which will bear the laminate can be calculated by multiplying the length of the room by its width. Then it is necessary for the area ratio method styling,

  • Direct way of laying laminate - 1,05;
  • From corner to corner - 1,1

this ratio, It helps to calculate the amount of laminate considering docking.

Obtained are divided by the volume of the packaging laminate, finally we obtain the required number of packs of laminate.

Online calculator laminate with the scheme of laying quickly will calculate the required number of packs of laminate will quickly and precisely calculate the amount in units.

You will read a number of the necessary districtapolnoe cover laying calculator.

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