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Calculator for duct performance

Online drawing calculation calculator for certain facilities depending on destination, will pick up the correct fan on the performance parameters and air. calculation m3/h fan efficiency depending on the ventilation rate of the apartment in an office or other domestic premises of different directions. Proper ventilation calculation, based on choosing the right fan, suitable for such parameters, as the performance of the pumped air volume and measured in cubic meters per hour. The main indicator is the calculation of performance and air ventilation rate cycles. Number of air shows, How many times there is a complete replacement of the air in the room for an hour. In the table below examples and transferred air noma.

Calculator ventilation performance in the room

area, m2:
room height, m:
Number of air:
required capacity (m3/no):
Method of calculation by the multiplicity of ventilation:

L = n * S * n, Where:

L - m required performance3/no;
n - number of air;
S - area of ​​the room;
H - height of the room, m.

From what ventilation rate depends

For certain values ​​of ventilation calculated by the multiplicity of regulatory. No matter what type of premises formula for calculating air by the multiplicity will be the same:

L = Vpom ⋅ Kp (m3/no),

where Vpom - the amount of space, m3;
Kp - normative air exchange, 1/no.

Room volume must be known, while the number of multiplicity is governed by the rules. These include building code SNIP 2.08.01-89, hygiene regulations and other.

Number of air exchanges
Number of air exchanges

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