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Check valve for venting: device, types, installation

Room ventilation system is designed, to ensure the supply of fresh air, while removing waste, odor and dust. It often happens, what installed in a building ventilation can not cope with their tasks, and instead of fresh air into the apartment fall odors from neighbors. To prevent this from happening, It is recommended to install a check valve for ventilating.

Why the need for a check valve

The check valve is a structure, at which the valve itself blade located on the axis, They will move in such a way, that air, entering the valve, It will not enter the apartment. Air masses move in the check valve only in one direction, and if it changes dramatically, then the device is closed, which prevents air from entering the room.

The main reasons, the presence of which should return valve, are:

  • The lack of fresh air - it can be broken or clogged, due, what the fresh air just does not enter the ventilation.
  • Improper positioning of the exhaust pipe, as a consequence of entering the ventilation air blows.
  • The house has stove heating, and during operation of the furnace, a combustion tube reinforced Rod, thereby reverse the air current in the ventilation pipe.
  • In an apartment high-rise building has a powerful extractor, and its work with the flow of air streams in the other apartments.
  • The presence of a few extracts in the same apartment will enhance traction in one of them, which will lead to the outflow of air violation.

To check the availability of the thrust ventilation, You can use a candle. Hold a lighted candle in the air and open the window. If air flow is correct, the candle dies out.

Types of check valves for ventilation

Valves for ventilation can be classified by material of manufacture, most of them are made from:

  • plasty.
  • galvanized steel thin.
  • Composite materials - steel and plastic.

option, made of plastic, often installed in apartments, offices, cottages. These check valves have an attractive appearance and are suitable for any style of interior design. Besides, plastic valves can easily cope with the problems of natural ventilation. Another undoubted advantage is its accessibility - plastic check valves cheapest devices among other analogues.

model, made of galvanized steel is used in industrial plants or in office buildings domestic articles. Such valves have a sturdy construction, that allows them to function in the supply and exhaust ventilation systems. Besides, enterprises always put forward high requirements for fire safety, and the steel valves cope well with this task.

The buildings, where there is natural ventilation, well proven devices of composite materials. Housing Products made of galvanized steel, and the blades are made of plastic. In this way, valve reacts at the smallest breath of wind, and provides natural ventilation.

Depending on the design of, check valves for ventilation are:

  1. flap. They are made in the form of stiff flaps, attached to the axle, and contain the principle of the rotating mechanism. If the air mass flow, this flap pivots, in this way, closing or opening the air inlet.
  2. With gravitational bars. Resemble shutters, positioned vertically or horizontally. When the hood, doors open and start their work. This type is installed in the walls for the protection of communications.
  3. membrane. Perform work on the principle of flap valves, but the flap in such devices are much thinner, and when the wind blows the membrane covers the grille, thereby preventing air from entering.
  4. Babochka.Shozhy in the structure of a petal type valve, but, It has two lobes on the axis, and this resembles the well-known insect. When the ventilation, petals open and, respectively, when you turn off - close.

Besides, valves are horizontal and vertical type, heating and without it, as well as rectangular or round.

How to choose a non-return valve

Choosing a non-return valve for your apartment, should be guided by such criteria:

  • The device must be sensitive to even a small movement of air, so it is best to install an exhaust fan with a lattice. This will contribute to increase the normal air and thrust.
  • Technical indicators valve must comply with the acquired fan: power of the latter is to ensure the full opening of the valve petals. Pick valve diameter is exactly the right size to fan parameters.
  • Pay attention to the operating temperature of the valve - Some devices can only operate at moderate temperatures.
  • Depending on the shape of the duct is selected suitable non-return valve, having the same shape. This is done for ease of installation of the device.

Do not forget about, that the wrong selection valve, air exchange in the apartment can be broken and completely change its direction.

Guidelines for setting the device

When self-installation of the valve in the ventilation direction is important to remember air masses. If the issue is solved, it is possible to switch to the direct mounting device.

To do this, insert the valve body in the course of the ventilation and mark the holes for fixing future. Then, point on the planned drill holes using a power screwdriver or a drill. Also, do the holes for ventilation.

Next, insert the dowels and secure the check valve in the air with a screwdriver. It is important to draw attention to the gaps between the valve and the ventilation: if they are too wide, you need to cover them with silicone, to provide a seal. If you do not, the device will not be able to perform its intended function.



How to make a non-return valve with his own hands

Having dealt with the principle of operation of the check valve, it can easily make yourself at home. The simplest is the valve membrane action. For it required a ready grill, the average thickness of the polymer film, adhesive sealant, fasteners.

The manufacturing process consists of the sequential execution of action algorithm:

  1. Measure the size of the vent hole and cut the bars in such a way, to its values ​​were 2 See larger than the vent.
  2. If there is a piece of plastic under the workpiece, something to do with a file, use the grill.
  3. The surface should be smooth lattice, to the membrane tightly adjoined to it.
  4. Attach two square film thickness 0,5 mm on each side of the lattice. Make it better with a sealant.
  5. Drill holes in the lattice for wall mounting.
  6. Set in an outlet grille and secure.

Homemade device can work as a natural ventilation system, and a forced air.

If you have problems with ventilation, it is advisable to install a check valve, thus providing comfort and no odors in the apartment.


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