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Online calculation of brickwork on the walls of the square

Before you build a brick house will be to draw up a calculation of the number of bricks in the masonry, and in this case will be a wonderful assistant online calculator, which carry out calculation of the amount of bricks and mortar for future construction or lining structures, as well as other related materials.

Thanks to the calculator for calculating masonry is possible to calculate the amount of masonry mortar, flexible couplings, and the result will be as accurate as possible, depending on individual parameters, entered by the user in the table.

How to make a calculation of masonry calculator?

Methods for brickwork
Methods for brickwork

Brick is the most popular and common building materials, It is a long time and pleases neat appearance. To date, there are several types of bricks for the construction of buildings:

  • bricks from clay and other excipients, It called adobe;
  • ceramic, most used, of baked clay;
  • silicate, made of sand and lime;
  • with the addition of cement - hyperpressed;
  • Klinker, of special composition;
  • ogneupornыy.

Such materials are used for a laying house, and for the construction of additional decoration in the future, creation facade, interior designs. Fireclay brick can endure the high temperatures, as well as various heating and cooling cycles without loss of strength.

Bricks can be hollow, porous, the most widespread standard size of timber - 250 × 120 × 65 mm, while preliminary calculations Flow brick masonry brick sizes are increased by 10 mm each parameter.

What data do you get when filling out the form online - calculator the number of bricks in the masonry?

  1. The total length of all the walls of buildings on the perimeter of the structure.
  2. Total area of ​​the outer side walls of masonry.
  3. Wall thickness will be considered based on the thickness of finished wall and the mortar joint size.
  4. Total bricks and overall weight of the material.
  5. The amount of solution on the entire clutch will depend on the ratio of components and the additives introduced.
  6. A length of flexible connections will be determined by the total thickness of the wall, taking into account the amount of thermal insulating bases.
  7. Number masonry grid improve the overall strength of the structure.
  8. Approximate weight of the finished wall will be calculated without taking into account the weight of insulating materials and coatings.

To make the calculation of brick masonry calculator - online, you need to enter into the prepared table the required parameters and click on "calculate". After a few seconds, the program will give the most accurate result. The percentage of errors can range from 3 to 7 %.

Calculator brickwork

kind of masonry:
brick size:
wall area: m2
calculation of produce:
consumption brick:
consumption of the solution:

How to make a calculation of the amount of masonry solution?

To make the solution to the brickwork to mix sand and cement to create the plastic mixture, usually the ratio is equal to the third material portion of sand and a cement.

But the final rate will be determined according to the specific requirements of the laying of the material and the brand of raw materials used. Often, the finished mixture is added additional additives (clinker, marble, crushed stone, synthetic substances), in order to increase the rate of setting and increase the strength of masonry material.

Calculating the number of solution to the brickwork can be made using the online calculator, in seconds which most accurately defines the amount of the solution on the brickwork.

Types of brick joints

Consumption of the solution depends on the selected type of joints.

This program will make calculations regarding the total amount of cement mixture. The accuracy of the data will be determined accurately indicate the size of the wall and joints.

In the presence of zones of concrete walls provide the calculation of the height of the general measurements. Building solution flow calculator 1 m2 masonry makes it possible to quickly and easily make a calculation of the desired parameters.

the size
Types and sizes of bricks for masonry

Such data will be guided in the cost of laying, as well as to calculate the required amount to the construction of buildings. The stiffness will depend depending on additional additives, strength, mobility and adhesive behavior of concrete

Cost calculator solution to the brickwork will help to avoid unnecessary material costs, if properly calculate the flow rate and other works, eg, fill foundation, tie wall, etc.

Calculating the number of bricks and mortar for masonry yourself

There are other, Bole troublesome variations in calculating the number of bricks 1 m2 masonry and necessary solution. How to make a calculation of the material 1 m3?

To build one cubic meter of the wall need to take about 400 PC. bricks stock 10 PC., the rate of application - 0, 23 m3 on 1 m. cube, if you use hollow brick, the solution flow rate will increase by several times, to fill all the voids and cavities.

Without online calculator masonry need to manually generate a lot of calculated data, you must know the geometrical dimensions of the proposed brick, considering the type of brick and its thickness.

Such work is best left to professionals, so as not to go on false data and not lose material investments. If you want to build long walls 5 m and height 3 m, then the area of ​​the wall will 15 m2, need for a masonry 51 bricks thing.

There are many tables and prepared materials, where you can get acquainted with the data cells carrying brick size, type of work and the amount of the solution employed. Based on these figures it is possible to obtain the desired result.

Table consumption brick masonry
Table consumption brick masonry

And by using a calculator masonry work according to the calculations it is much faster and more accurately, the maximum number of variations to 7 %. Build and read quickly, correctly and enjoy the result!

Table calculation masonry mortar for walls of different thickness (on 1 m3)

View of brick

The wall thickness in the bricks


(12 cm)


(25 cm)


(38 cm)


(51 cm)


(64 cm)



Brick, PC.






Solution, m3








Brick, PC.






Solution, m3






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