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Features internal plaster foam block

Finish the foam block inside - a necessary phase of construction of a residential building. Finished blocks have increased durability and longer life. And in order to do the right thing, It required not only to choose a suitable plaster, but also to strictly observe all the stages of work.

Material for finishing the house of foam blocks inside is quite different from the standard options plaster, and its finish can seem rather complicated for not too experienced artist. However, to do without finishing stage in the regeneration Foam concrete buildings can not be, since the benefits of the blocks in the form of low thermal conductivity and a small weight decrease them in contact with moisture. Protection walls with plaster prevents occurrence of cracks on the surface thereof and various defects. So the answer to the question, whether it is necessary to plaster the foam block, can affect seriously and decorative, and heat-shielding characteristics of the walls, and for a period of time, remaining until the next maintenance.

Features internal protection foam block

Plaster coating is not only the fastest, but also the easiest option finishes in the foam block. Although due to a too smooth surface blocks hold this material will be a relatively bad. If a, of course, do not use a special coating technology, allowing the coating does not peel off even a few years after the end of the repair work. Besides, the performer is required to adhere to the instructions exactly, observing the layer thickness (from 10 to 20 mm), suitable for storing thermal insulating properties of the material.


However, the quality of work depends not only on the plaster, but also from themselves foam blocks. The wall material may be made by casting - in this case the surface must be subjected to sanding. for units, manufactured using cutting, special treatment is not required. Often clutch finishes and increase the wall using a special reinforcing mesh.

Regardless of the method for producing the block, answer the question, whether it is possible to plaster concrete blocks with cement mortar, is negative. Not fit to carry out such work and plaster, generated on the basis of cement and lime. Poor interaction of these components with the concrete does not provide sufficient strength of the resulting furnish, which almost immediately crumbles, only through the metal mesh can keep the solution on the wall.

If necessary, save money and increase the strength of finishing, using a mixture of cement, by using a conventional (and inexpensive compared to any plasters) tile adhesive. Having a high degree of adhesion to the surface, it will provide adhesion to the foam concrete is not even quite suitable material. The main recommendations for the tile adhesive plaster foam blocks indicate the possibility of producing it and special net reinforcing layer prior to application of cement mixes.

tile adhesive foam block
Tile adhesive on the foam block. Roughening.

Preparing to work

Before starting work on finishing foam, should make sure, that since the production of wall materials have passed at least 30 days. The cracks and defects can occur during this time on the surface and within the material. Therefore, before the plastering is desirable to handle these blocks strain, could affect the quality of further finishing.

choosing, than plaster concrete blocks inside the house, should purchase the net, primer, kryepyoj, putty knife, brush, plummet and knives. List adds chisel, drill, plummet and special metal brush, building level to check the flatness of surfaces and bowl, wherein the solution is divorced.

At the same stage of works should be selected and mixture of plaster foam blocks, that should have the following parameters:

  • high elasticity;
  • good vapor permeability;
  • water- and frost.

Find suitable materials can be in the relevant sections of the online store or the usual DIY stores. The most popular among them are a mixture of "win" brands, Ivsil и EuroMix. The products of these brands is convenient given the right to work state, and is suitable for foam blocks.

The next stage of work - preparation of surfaces for finishing. It is a thorough cleaning of the walls of the dust, dirt and debris. To do this, use a metal brush, which is to improve the usability can be attached to an electric drill. Rotating at high speed tool will clean the surface is prepared in several times faster.


After purification, perform the following steps:

  1. ground surface (at 1 or 2 layer) to eliminate cracks and deformations of foam, and also improve the adhesive properties of the material.
  2. After drying of the primer layer is applied to second.
  3. After finishing the second layer, proceed to putty.
primer foam block
Use the grid


To prepare a dry mixture of plaster foam blocks it is stirred into a prepared container (tank or vat) using a drill and a special nozzle. Ready material is applied with a spatula downward, observing the recommended maximum thickness and uniformity of distribution. After the first of the wall should allow drying of the layer and then apply the second.

If, before the start of work to set the grid for the foam block stucco, mixture will fasten much better. If the finish is thick enough (to 2 cm), desirable to select a metal reinforcement. In other cases it is enough and fiberglass mesh.

The final stage

Work on the decoration of the walls of the foam blocks inside can be considered almost completed. Now the performer only needs to wait for the final drying plaster, after which you can proceed to the decorative and finishing work - eg, wallpapering or painting walling, finishing their drywall or wood paneling.

Painting works on the walls of the foam block suitable paint, on the packaging which contains the possibility of using this material. Most often they are made of silicone or silicate-based and have a maximum vapor permeability. With these inks, or other embodiment (wallpaper or panels) trim is finished, and repair and construction work will approach even one step closer to completion.



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