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Features a selection of furniture for the interior in the style of a loft

Loft is literally translated to English as the attic or top floor. Back in the 40s the idea was born to ennoble old unwanted warehouses, factories or workshops for housing, adding comfort and convenience to "rooms".

The basis of this style is incorporated a combination of different architectural ideas. For example, the combination of an old brick wall, stairs, open ventilation shaft and modern technology, unusual pictures, ergonomic furniture in one space.

If you plan to design apartments in the loft, you need to pay attention to details: comfortable and functional furniture, large variety of online

Features loft style

The flat is preferably cold colors, big windows and a minimum of decoration and furniture. The highlight in this interior can become plastered wall, bare brick, boardwalk - everything, that others may seem inappropriate in a residential area.

bedroom loft-style with a brick

For whom is suitable loft style:

  • creative individuals, as it is not difficult to arrange a workshop or an exhibition hall in the style;
  • thrifty people, who have little means for arranging premises, so the minimum cost and maximum simplicity;
  • the owner of an apartment with a free apartment plan, though is where carousing;
  • the freedom for extraordinary people, who want to stand out from the gray mass, who is the soul to a new and unconventional.

Basic style accents

The minimum number of partitions and a maximum free space, which is divided into functional sectors using color contrasts, lighting, or else use a transparent, including glass, wall, that support the general idea of ​​the free space.

Each interior must have unique features of industrial design. It is mandatory in the loft should be a brick wall or a portion thereof, pipeline, rough plaster, etc.. And to maintain the general idea of ​​loft may be resorted to reproduce the same brick walls with traditional wallpaper with the corresponding image. At all, brick wall is the most common technique in the loft, resorted to by designers of interiors.bedroom in the loft with wood

Harmony of old and new design. Everything, as referred to in the preceding paragraph,, It can and should be perfectly combined with modern concepts: and various appliances, and chrome parts, and glass walls, etc..Living loft

Relatively in this style of furniture should be noted, that it not only fulfills functional tasks, but also helps zoned space.

Furniture can be different, but it is better to combine antiques with new-fangled and minimalist, for example a chest of drawers to put on chrome legs.

hall-style loft

Prerequisite loft style is tall and white ceiling. Maximum light and space in this design decision.

Unusual non-standard parts. various graffiti, drawings, abstraction are appropriate and harmonious in the overall execution-style loft.

Eventually, Loft style is uniquely suited for individuals, who do not represent life without space, light and fresh air at home.


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