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Panoramic windows - a great way to visually expand the space

Apartments with panoramic windows are gaining increasing popularity in Russia. Such glazing makes the space visually larger, room becomes lighter, It looks good. On the upper floors will have views of the city or nature, depending on the location of residential buildings. Many developers offer a ready option, but even alter the already existing premises, in many cases it is possible.

What is panoramic glazing?

Panoramic windows - a window construction, completely occupies the wall from floor to ceiling. Typically, these facilities are large and wide: in other words, one of the outer walls of the apartment will be completely glass. Due to the large area window the room will be enough light, but it is important to take care of the heat- and sound, so to create the panoramic windows in the apartment standard windows do not fit. It should be a fundamentally different, calculated for such design area.

In order to be effective isolation, enough to pick the right glazing. Important, that it is correctly installed.

Council: panoramic glass gives a great overview of not only you, but also people from the street. They will be able to look into your room, consider, what happens in it. To get rid of the prying eyes, You can use shading for windows. This technique will also help get rid of excess ultraviolet, otherwise indoors in the summer can be very hot.

Apartments with panoramic windows
Panoramic windows in the bedroom

Protecting the panoramic windows from breaking: design features

Do not think, that the apartments with panoramic windows are easy prey for thieves, burglar,: break such glazing is extremely difficult, so even if the thief great efforts does not work. for the panoramic windows of high-quality glass is not only covered with a special shock-proof film, which does not allow him to sleep on strike, but it is made by special technology. The double-glazed windows installed tempered glass, which is much stronger than normal, and may bear serious mechanical loads. Opening details of construction may be protected by a special hardware and signaling.

Apartments with panoramic windows are usually quite quiet, even if the window faces the busy street - highway. This is due to the glazing, which qualitatively insulate any sounds. Heat these windows keep well, but if they are not toned, in summer you can experience the following troubles: in the room may be too hot, excessive ultraviolet rays can cause burnout parquet, furniture, Wallpaper, Shade plants may start to hurt and port. If you do not want to obscure the glass, can be used jalousie or curtains, which not only protect from the sun, but will close the room from prying, decorate it.

Wash panoramic glass is not so easy. It needs a special mop with a long handle or a special magnetic sponge, sometimes it is necessary to resort to industrial climbers, to wash a window from the front.

Council: before installing panoramic windows, make, that in your apartment well arranged ventilation. If it is not, in the winter and cloudy weather you will come across a large amount of condensation on the glass.

It is worth paying attention to, that if the picture window has not been established developer, installing it relates to a serious redevelopment premises, so you have to obtain a special permit, before you can start the installation of the desired glazing.

Apartments with panoramic windows
Panoramic windows in the living room

What types of panoramic windows?

Panoramic windows in the apartment can be divided into two types depending on whether, what type of materials used.

  • cold glazed: profile may be aluminum or metal, often glazing does not have the frame, thereby can not retain heat and isolates noise only partially. It should be a relatively inexpensive glazing, but in a living room setting is not suitable. It is used for terraces and balconies.
  • warm glazing: it is a suitable option for residential premises, as the panoramic windows retain heat well, isolate noise. They can not do without a plastic or wooden frames, that some clutter the space and makes the design more difficult on the whole, however the room with such windows quite comfortable for living or use as an office.

panoramic windows
Cold panoramic windows
panoramic windows
warm glazing

The use of frameless glass

Apartments with panoramic windows frameless glazing type are characterized by original exterior facade views. He seems weightless, while monolithic. Glass commonly used solid, from 6 to 10 mm, avoiding various troubles, associated with the physical impact. Glazing height is virtually unlimited. The standard usually does not exceed 3 m, but the individual order can be increased up to the required.

Fixing of glass is performed by means of special profiles. They have guides, capable of firmly and quietly hold the glass in position. By the design of the wall is attached by means of anchor bolts. Once the frame is ready, inserted therein selected Glazing. In order to achieve the tightness and strength, used compactors, special adhesive and sealants.

Panoramic windows in the apartment, as a frameless, can be used for constructions only balcony, otherwise the room will be cold. This type of glazing did not insulate heat, it can resist only wind and precipitation. The difference with the outdoor temperature will not exceed 4 degrees.

panoramic windows
Frameless glazing of balconies

The use of aluminum profile

Panoramic windows in the apartment can be equipped with lightweight aluminum profile. It can be not only cold, but also through the use of warm thermobridge. This frame will cost more, but it can effectively isolate the cold.

Council: if you have a cold glass, then insert a thick glazing does not make sense, enough for a twin. When it is desirable to use heat glazing or three-chamber two-compartment embodiment.

By aluminum advantages include:

  • affordable price.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Not being corrosion.
  • The material does not need particular care.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The structure may be a sliding or swing depending on, whether you want to save space and what look you want.


  • The high price of insulated aluminum profile.
  • Inferior in quality thermal insulation of plastic and wood.
Apartments with panoramic windows
Combining the balcony with windows and room panoramnіmi

of metal-plastic glazing

This design is the most popular, characterized by ease of installation, a variety of sizes and shapes. Glazed windows can be installed as a single chamber, and thicker, up to six-chamber. The design has a large mass, this should be calculated prior to installation, able to withstand its construction and.

panoramic windows

Council: to the frame is not twisted, you need to use a plastic reinforced with reinforcement.

Conclusion: to get a panoramic view from the window, you need to make enough effort, that you have given permission, then to choose the right design and mount, However, the results you will be satisfied.

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