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Gantry doors and windows - a modern solution for the home

If necessary, glazing balcony or loggia owners often opt for panoramic designs, combining ease of use and stylish appearance. One variety of such systems are the portal window, which opened on the basis of leaf displacement in a parallel plane to the wall or fixed part of the glazing. Such designs can be installed in any home, regardless of the number of floors and the construction of a series of.

Portal PVC windows and doors: Key Features

This opening system provides location guides top and bottom: for him painting is shifted toward. When the structure is closed, it is completely sealed and does not let drafts, excess noise and maximize retains heat. Videos, used for the design of movement, They have support in the form of reinforced parts, whereby the fabric weight evenly rests on the rails. The system can not only be sdvižnye, but static casement, such kind has high stability and reliability.

portal window
Sealed gantry-door window to the street

The modern market offers several types of glazing Portal: It may be cold or warm, with a classic, tinted or colored glass, domestic or foreign fittings. When selecting profile has a value of number of chambers, thickness, depth: parameters are determined depending on the type of application and the balcony.

What constitutes the gantry doors?

On sale you can find system, made in the following embodiments, the structure:

  • Patio. These windows have a moving flap, the weight of which does not exceed 100 kg, the movement is parallel to the static part of the glazing.

    portal glazing

  • Portal. This design has a pair of sliding sashes, which move relatively static glazing unit, their weight reaches 160 kg.

    portal glazing

  • Garmoška. This portal system of windows and doors has more 2 cusps, which does not exceed the weight 80 kg. These flaps are fastened interchangeably, hinges arranged on two sides - inside and outside. When moving elements folded accordion. aperture length can reach 6 m.

    portal glazing

Depending on the model type gantry system may be made of the following materials:

  • Aluminum. The material has a small weight, strength, durability, easy to install, however bad it retains heat. Aluminum glazing systems is possible on the balcony, which is not planned to be used as part of the dwelling.
  • metalloplastik. This is the best option for the combination of price and quality: gantry doors and windows of this type is very strong, durable, have a modern design, perfectly keep heat inside and insulate against drafts and noise.
  • Tree. Such designs are different exclusive design, good characteristics of heat- and sound, however, require additional protection from the climate and are quite expensive.

Council: the choice of PVC-based systems is necessary to calculate the load carrier. The fact, Such products have a considerable weight, and installation in older buildings is not always possible. In some cases, prior to installation is required to carry out strengthening the balcony by means of additional supports.

What advantages have the gantry doors and windows?

The benefits include the following quality systems:

  • minimal maintenance, ease of maintenance and operation.
  • Durability.
  • Possibility of installation of automatic opening-closing mechanisms and closers for, to avoid drafts.
  • Good protection performance from outside noise and heat loss.
  • Magnification of free space on the balcony and in the apartment itself.
  • Sliding gantry system allows maximum natural light, thereby saving electricity.
  • Opportunity to combine living room, bedrooms, Cabinet with balcony or loggia.
  • Glazing is possible even at a very large area.
  • Sliding system saves space.
  • The design looks great in both contemporary, and exotic interior thanks to the variety of models and colors Profile.

portal glazing: scope

Most often these systems are put in low-rise buildings (townhouses, cottages, summer houses). Also, many developers are satisfied with balconies and loggias with the portal construction of windows in the following cases:

  • Construction of residential complexes of premium apartments and panoramic views of the city.
  • The construction of office buildings, where it is necessary to organize the space with the help of a slide-type partitions.
  • Glazed verandas and terraces.

What are the portal windows system?

Constructions differ not only by the number folds, but also the type of hardware. According to this criterion, the following types of portals:

  • Parallel-sliding systems. They do not have folding elements, equally easily mounted regardless of the type and shape of the opening. The movable flap may move relative to the fixed part, in some models, they also have a ventilation mode. Such portal window systems combine quality with affordable price, Installation is possible on the balcony, veranda, in the winter garden.

Council: the choice of Sliding window is important to consider the weight: one leaf should have a mass of not more than 200 kg, elements themselves may have a maximum of 4, therefore too wide opening design may not be suitable.

  • Tilt-sliding species. This type of portal different from the previous presence tilting casement function, and such constructions are optimal for installing in a small opening in length. Leaf weighs less 200 kg, in tilt mode, there is no risk of damage to the system.
  • Lifting-sliding model. This system is suitable for glazing up to the size of the opening 17-18 m, sash weight should not be more 400 kg; opening is possible in the ventilation mode, and a sliding type.

Conclusion: gantry doors from PVC, aluminum or wood can be installed within the balcony glazing, as a partition in the home or office. The variety of designs and materials allows you to choose the best option for any purpose.



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