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Proper ventilation device in the apartment

A properly designed ventilation system in a residential area, not only contributes to a comfortable stay in the rooms, but also reduces the likelihood of diseases of the inhabitants. After all, in the old stagnant air, especially in close little room, crowd huge numbers of harmful bacteria, which can become not only pathogens of fungal structures on the walls and ceiling. But they can cause serious diseases to humans. Therefore, consider the question of design and installation of the ventilation system must be taken seriously and responsibly.

types of ventilation

The type and kind of ventilation system depends on the destination premises, which may be the bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.. In a qualitative construction should be designed ventilation and central to all rooms, but modern apartment building is limited to ventilate, bathroom and kitchen. In multi-storey buildings, usually, It has a central well, which converge all the air ducts. In recent years, most individual wells are designed for kitchens and bathrooms, which are connected on the technical floor.

ventilation device

What is needed for installation?

Ventilation in apartment buildings is to install shutters, distributors, air valves, fans with bars, because the channels are already available. But sometimes you want to expand it, or to transfer a couple of centimeters, if required, and the appropriate tools to work with concrete. For the installation of complete systems need the following tools:

  • sealant;
  • set of screwdrivers;
  • punch or drill;
  • elements for ventilation systems;
  • plugs and other hardware.

Why ventilation in the bathroom?

As mentioned above is a complete ventilation means for protection, and comfort. It has the following positive qualities:

  • It provides the most favorable indoor climate. This is achieved through the use of active systems using motors controlled or controllable damper. That quality is in two parts: temperature and humidity. Only by maintaining these two parameters in the desired range can achieve the maximum comfort and quality of life.
  • The ventilation system is an excellent tool for comprehensive ventilate the room if necessary.

bathroom, especially combined, exactly represents the point, where very often there is high humidity and odors at the same time. And at the same time in these rooms do not have windows, for obvious reasons. To get rid of unfavorable factors required quality and performance of the ventilation system in addition to the natural, called forced with automatic or manual control. Another reason for the use of forced ventilation is the weather factor, which continuously changes, the strong wind and the rain or generally windless and warm hot summer sun.

A properly designed and the installed system will provide the surgical removal of all odors and steam from the premises before the exit. Thereby maintaining the same climate and atmosphere in the other rooms of the apartment. The constant high humidity facilitates the generation of condensate, which is deposited not only on glass and mirrors, but also on all other surfaces as horizontal, and vertical. Which in turn even a short period of time will result in contamination of the walls of a fungus, formation of mold on the ceiling and at the corners, and corrosion of metal parts and fittings in the plumbing. And it is fraught with the subsequent cost of conducting the next repair. Therefore, it may be noted another positive quality ventilation systems in rooms with high humidity - is an economic.ventilation in the apartment, proper operation and distribution flows

The causes of failure of the ventilation system

How to check ventilation in the bathroom? If you feel, that in the room there is an air blockage, it became difficult to breathe, there is a possibility of natural ventilation system malfunction. It is necessary to check its functioning visual way, This will require a source of heat and patience. It is necessary to open the vent to bear the fire and observe its behavior. With proper ventilation of the flame is tilted at an angle 450. If this is not observed, the natural system is locked. As a result, there is a smell in the bathroom from the ventilation. This is more likely the case is due to the channel clogged with foreign objects, at least - have entered the birds. To ascertain and eliminate the cause of the obstruction must be treated in the public service, that free compulsory conduct the necessary technical work.

After checking the natural may be attempting to install a forced ventilation system


Forced ventilation system for the bathroom

normalized data is used for the design of any system of ventilation, which depend on the size and functionality of the room. According to the tabular data exchange of air in the bathroom should be carried out with a capacity of not less than 25 m3 h, in the case of a combined unit, this figure should be at least 50 m3. Performance depends on the dimensions and design of the building ventilation shafts


Before proceeding with installation of the ventilation system, should understand the concepts:

Natural Ventilation - an exchange of air masses from the open door and window channel (this should be taken into account when checking the suction capacity);

Artificial or forced - air circulation system uses active (fans, flap).

In turn, it can be forced as several types:

Ventilation - for the exchange of air masses air taken from the outside through the ventilation ducts;

Exhaust - air is transported from the room into the channel (standard system in apartment buildings);

Mixed - combined use of both traffic.

With the present construction in multi-storey buildings designed ventilation joint between the bathroom and toilet, t. it is. there is no direct access to the vent, and in the adjacent wall to the toilet is a hole. Therethrough and air circulation occurs, and in the case of the bathroom - the movement of the pair. In this regard, one can distinguish two systems:

Channel - Additional air ducts are used, connecting a bathroom with a central channel;

Underground - steam output going to the bathroom, and from there into the channel.

Selecting the type of motor ventilation

Do I need ventilation in the bathroom? The need to install additional system arises in cases with reduced previously illuminated indicators or, if necessary, the operational climate control. In any case, the improvement of an additional installation of the ventilation system in the bathroom only enhances the quality of life.

System Forced ventilation in the bathroom It consists of only few components and professional electrician. But before any work you need to choose the correct fan. It should have a high index of electrical. This is due to the fact, that it is always in the bathroom humidity, and the water is an excellent conductor of electricity.

Also, there are several types of installation fans:

radial - is mounted directly in front of the channel;

ducted - set in the channel itself.

According to the design features of the fans are divided into the following types:

centrifugal - provides maximum flow, but it creates the most noise;

Diametrically - mene noisy, but less productive because of the working drum body structure;

axial - it has wide application in the channel-free systems, because the air is captured by the blades and flows along the axis;

Universal - a combination of centrifugal and axial, it possible to obtain smaller dimensions, high performance and low noise figure.

Proper ventilation in the bathroom should begin with preliminary calculations. They are based on determining the volume of the room and the fan performance. for example, for placing a volume of 9 m3 required fan capacity 72 m3 when the family of 4 people. Further, on motor nameplate data selected in the range of 72 to 100 m3 h.

Choosing the type of control ventilation

Ventilation in the bathroom can be equipped with various fan control systems:

Manual - to install a separate switch on the engine;

Synchronized - motor circuit is connected to a light switch;

Automatic time and simultaneously synchronized - fan power supply circuit is connected to a light switch, but shut down automatically by timer;

Automatic - controlled by the humidity sensor.


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