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Closets - universal use in the home

Closets by chance are so popular. They have a lot of advantages compared to conventional cabinets. They perfectly fulfills its primary function of clothing storage, and accommodate all your clothes, thus it can be almost imperceptible in the interior of the apartment, or on the contrary, to become a "highlight".

Closets have sliding door, which does not require additional space for opening. This feature makes them the most affordable option for small rooms. However, and in a large room will look great, because the range of materials for decoration here is very rich.

They differ not only in ease of use, but also a wide variety of, that allows you to choose the best option to order .

Viskorp - furniture on individual projects

Modern wardrobes have plenty of convenient accessories, what, certainly, puts them on the level of functionality higher than any conventional product. But the most important advantage lies in the very mode of production and assembly. They are often made on individual projects. It means, you can not just put it on the wall and take a useful place in the apartment, or you can embed it in a niche, thereby to make it functional. Closets allow to take into account all the features of your apartment.

A very important element of the design is the mechanism of the door movement.

It depends on the quality of the video, how silent, how durable and safe to your wardrobe. According to the results of recent studies, Roller mechanism can withstand more 1000 movement of the door. This allows you to give a guarantee for the products.

Furniture factory Viskorp It produces furniture of the highest standard. Buy closets you can order a specific size. Wardrobe from Viskorp perfectly fit into the interior of your apartment

shkay coupe Retrofitting

Modern wardrobes are divided into types depending on their destination. Convenience, simple and reliable design, as well as various options for processing doors allow you to use them in different rooms with different goals.

In the bedroom mirror doors fit, which will replace your usual mirror. Also, this wardrobe can be installed in the hallway, but important, that around him there is sufficient free space: First of all, so you will be more convenient to look in the mirror, and secondly, in close hallway chance to break the mirror much more.

For the living room closet is to have a special open shelf for a TV or other equipment, as it is accepted in the living room to spend your free time with your family. Not superfluous will open shelves for books and souvenirs.

Few people know, but in the kitchen you can also set the closet, which comfortably accommodate all your utensils. Usually it is done for the kitchen with transparent doors, that facilitate the search for the necessary cabinet coupe

Dormer closets differ from the usual only to, that they have a chamfered shape depending on the available space under the ceiling attic or under the stairs. Naturally, these products are made only to order, since it is necessary to perform all the measurements before the start of the design.

shkafkupe content

The company also produces Viskorp wardrobes with folding doors. Systems with overhead doors and sliding door system in an aluminum profile.options for sliding wardrobe doors

If you want to order, refer only to the brand salon . You can buy the closets in your nearest showroom. Simply use the card to find the nearest producer.

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