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Plastered walls with his own hands with the video

Probably, every one of you at least once in his life faced with repairs in their apartment or house. And more than once heard of plastered walls. Recently, people often hire special workers, to cope

Шпаклевка стен правильно
How to hold the spatula right

with this work, but nothing you can not guarantee, it will be done perfectly, and more than this - why not spend a little money, if you can learn and plastered walls with his own hands will be for you a simple and commonplace, and the result can be just wonderful. See also how to make installation of beacons on the wall and plaster. First of all you do not need to score with his head this concept, as a finishing coat. The thing is, that by its nature the material itself is finishing. Fillers can be divided into two groups: cooked dry plaster and plaster. Make the material on the basis of drying oil, and especially to each other so strongly different types of fillers. This material may be an oil-nibble, latex and other.

Инструмент для шпаклевки стен фото
How to choose a spatula

Usually, putty is used for alignment of walls and surfaces painted with enamel paint or oil. Actually the plaster layer can be applied by a minimum, which is not the dry mixes, where it starts from a layer of a millimeter. After drying, the filler leaves a very nice and smooth surface.
The choice of filler today is very high. But it is necessary to distinguish two important argument, which is to choose a means of meeting the requirements of your premises - KR or plain plaster and VH, ie filler for rooms with high humidity. It is worth paying attention to brand putty VETONIT, because she is, really, It meets the highest quality, to be borne in its composition a good putty. This manufacturer are choosing more often than the builders and the material is tested over the years.

Moreover the manufacturer of this brand of putty, there are other benefits, to convince, that this filler deserves your attention:

1. This material is very easy to work.

2. If you do not use up this tool at a time, it can be used the next day, which can not afford many more brands putty. In order to keep it, you need only fill the tank with water putty, and drain the next day, before, as you begin to work with it.

3. This material gives a small shrinkage, that is a big plus.

4. A very simple way of cooking: a specific capacitance of approximately a quarter pour water, pour the contents of the bag into the water and stir construction mixer until a homogeneous mass. After three to five minutes, stir the mixture once more.

It is worth recalling, what not to do too thin putty solution, because it can permanently collapse.

Apply the product to be special spatula, and processed in the usual sandpaper.

Now let's talk about, - for what purpose and how shpaklyuyut wall putty wall correctly?

Plastered walls under the wallpaper with your own hands

Шпаклевка стен под обои фото
The method of retaining fingers spatula

The main task at the plastered walls for wallpapering is to do the job well, that then there were no difficulties during pasting wallpaper. Work must be carried out by means of putty or dry mixes. First, you need to sand and prime the wall, look how to choose the best undercoat for these purposes. Then equal and approximately two millimeters mixture layer applied. The mixture was applied with a spatula. All the action takes place so:

1. We need to take a small spatula (about sixty centimeters, but not more than eighty) and apply a small amount of putty (about ten or fifteen centimeters).

2. Now lay out the entire dialed the mixture on the wall and, holding the tool in about twenty to thirty degrees, to yourself, leveling compound on the wall. It is an ideal, If all of your movements you will be doing on the diagonal, thus you will level filler, both horizontally, and vertically.

3. The important point is the fact, that the work should begin from the left edge of the wall. A next layer is necessary to conduct toward made, if you say so, then apply a new layer is necessary as it overlapped.
But do not think, that after the first layer of filler, Your wall will immediately smooth and perfect. The thing is, that you will not be able to avoid bands from spatula. It can not be done with their own hands even the real professionals of this case.

Video on plastered walls under the wallpaper

To putty the inner and outer corners, you can use the corner trowel. This will make your spatula angle perfectly flat very quickly and without much effort. The angle will be exactly 90 degrees. To do this at the beginning to put the plaster on the wall edge, and then smudge it carefully angled spatula.
It is important to remember, that the thickness of the first layer should not exceed five millimeters, otherwise you run the risk of not the best option - plaster can dry out or crack. Important, that after application of the layer it is able to dry for twelve hours, but no less. After that, as the plaster dries, wall should be sanded with sandpaper of P80 to P120. In order to avoid the formation of pits and troughs should use a special holder. After that, you have sanded the wall, it is necessary to re-primed and apply the next layer of putty. But in this case it is not necessary to build up a layer, merely necessary to bring the previous layer to an ideal condition. After that, as the active layer was dried, prime the wall surface is ready for your pasting wallpaper.

Plastered walls for painting

Шпаклевка стен под покраску фото
Stripping walls float

There is work more accurate and trembling. After all, the most important task in the plastered walls for painting is, the need to create a perfectly smooth and beautiful surface, without any defects. infliction putties It is an important step. If you make any errors, you can use latex paint - it can hide some defects. But if you have chosen the enamel, then why not try to create an ideal surface. This means only one thing - before painting should be carefully approached in the preparation of the wall, that is neat and well wall putty. And if be necessary, then put a large number of layers, the main thing here is not to be lazy and not think about, that defects will be able to hide the paint, because this can not happen and as a result all the flaws come out to the outside.

Technique of fillers is essentially the same, and how Preparing walls for wallpapering. The only thing, what should be changed, so is the maximum length of a spatula - it should not be more than sixty centimeters. With regard to the sandpaper, in this case should take no more than P120, and best to select P150. Oshkurivat will need a lamp, that is, bring the bulb directly to the wall in time sanding. Article about how to polish the wall, It will help you in this matter. In this way, you can see all the defects and did not make any unnecessary movements. Plastered walls with his own hands a simple matter, but it requires patience and dexterity.

If you need to restore part of any surface, then the work should be with only that portion, where you want it to do. If the swollen paint, then remove paint, with a spatula pushing the crack, primed and shpaklyuem. But a very important point - the cracks must first sanded and glue serpyanku. All this is necessary in order, so that the problem does not manifest again after some time. See below for an example of a video, like putty before painting the ceiling, but also for walls, this method is quite suitable. Find out the number of fillers that need help online calculator.

ceiling plaster for painting video

Alignment angles putty

In order to make a smooth corner of the putty is necessary to take the plaster or paint angular profile, which is usually adhered to the application of the first layer itself plastering. But this method may not be the best for the future of painting. In order to solve this problem, you can use another option - simply leaves more plaster on the corners, and after drying the material thoroughly treat sandpaper.

Выравнивание углов шпаклевкой фото
Alignment angle photo putty.

Basically it all, what you should know when plastered walls. The most important thing to understand, all the right thing to do, and, of course, try your hand. If you do everything according to technology application and work with putty, then you can expect excellent results. Below is a video example of the program "World Repair"

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