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ventilation unit – clean, fresh air into the building with low energy consumption

Often it is not easy to find in the apartment place for the ventilation system. Enervent company offers compact models Piccolo and Liggolo for installation in the kitchen over the stove. These units are extremely functional,. Extractor hood removes odors during cooking, and normally performs extraction function. Built-in installation rotary heat exchanger recovers heat from exhaust air, thereby increasing the supply air temperature. The construction is designed so, that the exhaust "kitchen" air immediately displayed on the street, so it is possible to avoid the spread of the apartment. Additionally, the system has a heater capacity of 800W provides heat to the supply air, If it's cold outside. Fresh and warm air is distributed uniformly through all the rooms through the ducts, providing comfort.

Compact ventilation systems for apartment which is installed over the stove
Compact apartment ventilation system, which is installed over the stove

Comfortable environment at home

Today, people spend most of their lives in confined spaces, so it is important to take care of cleanliness and freshness of air indoors. With our energy-efficient installations used air will be removed from the premises and replaced with fresh outdoor air, that had been prepurified, heated or cooled, and humidity recovery in the winter allows hut- press excessive dryness of air.

The air handling unit is best suited, If you are looking for a medium-sized solution for an apartment or a house. The advantage of the system are obvious:

  • device has low power consumption and high heat recovery efficiency, pressure loss through the apparatus is minimized;
  • the device structure is, that it does not freeze at temperatures below zero;
  • advantage is the high quality filter bags, which provide fresh and healthy air in the room;
  • ventilation unit is also well suited for public spaces, which require less air.

Energy efficient ventilation

The AHU is used highly rotary heat exchangers, which allow the use of warm exhaust air to heat the supply, wherein the street cooled air ejected. This can significantly reduce heat loss through the ventilation system, which can be up to 35% all the heat. Annual effectiveness of rotary heat exchangers is about 70%

Small OFF

The apartment is not easy to find a place for the air handling unit. Therefore, there is a popular compact model developed by Piccolo, which can be set, eg, over the stove in the kitchen. The system is virtually silent. As standard, there are mounts for kitchen furniture, which makes the installation process fast and easy. The ventilation system Piccolo ON is both a right, and under the left arm. These models must use the cooker hood and is installed above the hob.

Small ON
Small OFF

Small ON

Not all kitchens you can find a place for the air handling unit, so the company developed the Piccolo OFF. This system is also, how and Piccolo ON, always connected to the extractor hood, but unlike her, realized here is not a direct, a channel connection. At the same time management Piccolo OFF on the front of the hood panel, and the exhaust air gets into the AHU. Ventilation systems Piccolo OFF are made available as a right, and left.

Small ON


Piccolo product line includes a horizontal ventilation unit Liggolo, which is specially designed for ceiling mounting. This allows you to set the ventilation system even in the case, if the free space on the walls is not. Kitchen hood connection with the installation of - channel.

Piccolo Liggolo and systems operation is controlled by changing air flow rate regulator, located on the hood panel. The fan has three speed settings. In addition to the fan speed controller, panel is damper control. The damper must be opened manually when cooking, drawing inclusion (BUT) and fan speed selection (AT). The flap automatically closes 60 minutes.

the control device will take care of everything else. outdoor air thermostat will control work exchanger, causing it to act on or off depending on the outside temperature. Operation of the electric heater is controlled by the supply air thermostat, a heat exchanger defrosting function of exhaust air is controlled by a thermostat, that turns off the air supply fan, If the exhaust air temperature drops below the value

 system Liggolo
system Liggolo

CTRL Control System expands the area of ​​control and Piccolo Liggolo plants due to ECC operation panel- 05E. Kitchen hood damper opens when the hand in the cooking process and closes automatically after a 30 or 60 minutes. It can also be closed manually before the expiry of this period,. humidity control (RH) and modes of control of presence / absence (home/away (KOPO)) Fans are available as an option CTRL control system.

Specifications Piccolo

Airflow Piccolo +63 / -63 l / s
Airflow Piccolo eco +74 / -74 l / s
Small eco Объем 0 – 409 m³
Fans Piccolo eco 119 / 119 W
type of food 230 AT /50 Hz, 1 phase breaker 10 A
Overheating protection has

Filter type F7 / F5

The diameter of the ducting Ø 125 mm Weight 46 kg
Electric heater 800 W


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