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Ventilation in the bathroom, right choice

One of the main problems, which can be found at explication long bath - a lot of moisture and heat, which in future can become a cause of mold and corrosion finishing materials. For, to avoid such an outcome, you need to take care of the quality of ventilation space. Respectively, need to know, How does the ventilation in the bathroom, and how to build it.

What kind of ventilation to choose

First, let's consider, What is ventilation, and solve, What kind of choose.

All share two options:

  1. natural system.
  2. compulsory.

Each of them has its own characteristics, which should take into account.Ventilation in the bathroom with their hands

Natural ventilation in the bathroom have to be provided even in the regeneration (in a design project room).

It represents ventilation shafts, which are mounted in the room and after closing decorative grilles. also provides check valve, that stand in the way air into other rooms.

 check valves
View non-return valve

Fresh air is then falls into the room through the grid in the door or through the slot in the door frame. It is worth noting, that natural ventilation is enough, to fully dirty air from the room in the one-storey building.

But in that case,, If the building has several floors, it is absolutely necessary to provide forced ventilation, for this purpose the overall system is equipped with a special fan.

Standards air condition

An important factor is the improvement of ventilation so, it supports the normal state of the air. among the rules, it is worth noting:

  1. Air movement is not more 30 cmps.
  2. humidity 65%.
  3. The air temperature in winter time 18 degrees, in summer 25.
  4. Just the level of air should reach the bathroom 25 cubic meters per hour, in the case of combining with toilet 50 m.

Also note the required level of air exchange for the use of certain elements of sanitary ware:

  1. Bath, shower or Jacuzzi - 75 m.
  2. sink - 25.
  3. Toilet - 50.

It is important to take into account, it is necessary to determine the parameters level air generally, but note, plumbing devices that are not used all along and around the clock. Therefore to ensure the necessary exchange of fans installed capacity of not more than 110 cubic meters per hour.

ventilyaii arrangement in the bathroom independently

The correct fan selection

For, that choose the right fan for ventilation of the bathroom, We must take into account a number of factors, namely:

  1. fan noise. This option can be found directly at purchase, indicated on the packaging. Measured by this index in decibels. Normally, fans have a good noise level of not less than 40 dB. It is worth noting, that this noise is almost imperceptible.
  2. The second factor is the engine. It can be combined on the bearings or on the sleeve. Best becomes the first embodiment, such a device is more sturdy and noiseless.
  3. Another factor noted fan capacity. It is defined air volume. For a correct choice of the values ​​necessary to carry out calculations, namely, calculate the volume (o tom, how to make it talk later).
  4. And the last factor is the type of connection.

And now a little closer look at the last two factors.

Selecting Fan Wiring

Often cited several ways:

  1. Connecting to the switch. In this case, the fan starts to work when the light in the room. Accordingly, when it is switched off operation is stopped.
  2. The next marked improvement separate switch for the ventilation system. Thus, you can manually activate the system work, and off it.
  3. The third option - automatic operation. In this case the system is starting to operate at excess humidity, which is measured by a special sensor. Work continues until, while the indoor climate will not come back to normal.
  4. And the last timer setting becomes. In this case, the connection is carried out in the same way, as in the first, but additionally set the timer. Thus, after the light is turned off the device works depending on the setting of certain time.

It is also possible and the combination of systems, in this way, It is considered the best option with the installation of self-inclusion, wherein with the additional installation of the humidity sensor. This decision was due to the fact, that ventilation will maintain the necessary microclimate, and moreover it can be turned on manually, in the presence of odors to accelerate weathering.

fan for the bathroom ventilyaii system

Calculate the required ventilation capacity

As I mentioned earlier, important factor is the selection of the necessary system performance, that is done by simple calculations. they are carried out as follows:

  1. We expect the volume of the room, for which it is necessary to multiply the length, width and height.
  2. Then, the resulting value is multiplied by the number of air changes. This indicator shows how many times per hour should be carried out full air circulation.

multiplicity figure depends on several factors:

  1. room humidity.
  2. intensity of use.

standard values:

  1. Bathroom - 0,8.
  2. Toilet - 0,875
  3. For combined san. site index 0,9

In this way, multiplying the volume of the room to the number of air you get fan power. For example, for a room 2,5*3 meter with a standard ceiling height 3m indicators will be the following:

  1. 2,5*3*3=22,5 (m3)
  2. 22,5*0,9=20,25 (m3/no)

Thus, for a small bathroom suitable fan performance a little more 20,25 m3/no.

Estimate performance and fan power Online calculator for premises.

fan for the bathroom

Independent installation of ventilation

Now consider, how to arrange the ventilation in the bathroom with their hands. Directly ventilation ducts have to be provided, and in this case we just have to purchase and install a fan.

Before installing the device, you must know a few features:

  1. Is it must to the maximum height.
  2. Besides, the location of the ventilation should be, as far as possible from the air source, otherwise the effect will not be on it.
  3. The device should be mounted as far away from the water source, because there is a risk circuit, and accordingly fire.
  4. Installation itself causes some difficulties, because you need to think about it in advance, before finishing device. Otherwise, in plain sight will harness, which then can only hide in the repair.

And now let us consider directly the installation process:

  1. Remove the decorative grid, concealing the ventilation shaft. Usually it is fixed by several screws, which is pretty easy to unscrew conventional screwdriver.Self-installation of ventilation in the bathroom
  2. Prepare the fan itself. Fix it in two ways, with anchors, and construction glue.Fan preparation for installation
  3. An easier way is to use glue. Apply it on the perimeter of the fan cover.
  4. Used for this special polymer adhesive.the fan assembly
  5. After application immediately insert it into the ventilation channel, is pressed against the cover surface (a few seconds), then we obtain.improvement of ventilation in the bathroom
  6. A minute later, (the adhesive has started to set a bit) paste mechanism in place designed for it and is firmly pressed.
  7. When, if the power supply is not provided in the ventilation system of the mine, then connect the device to the lamp can be. To do this, remove the light fixture.vonnoy ventilation in their own hands
  8. Him carry a box arrangement for cable marking, then cut and paste it.
  9. He glued the same adhesive, and that the fan.wire box apparatus
  10. Now we need to extend a cable to connect. Pre turn off the power in the room.
  11. Connect a cable from one side to the contacts of the lighting device, Why use Terminal or a special adapter (twist can not breed).fan connection
  12. Now you need to connect a second horse. To remove this blade unit, underneath is the connection point.DIY installation ventilyaii bathroom
  13. Summing wires to terminal, and zakruchivaem device back.ventilyaionnyh connection devices
  14. check performance, If everything is in order, it is possible to fasten the cover, and fasten back lamp.

In this ventilation device is completed.


Remember, the right choice of the ventilation system, in particular - the fans is very important. Since the absence of such equipment in the near future could lead to the smell in the apartment, fungus and corrosion of materials. We offer clearly see the video, how to install the fan yourself.




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