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The choice of lighthouses for floor leveling

It is very difficult to achieve a perfectly flat surface sex. May over time be detected depression, fovea, cracks and other defects, It occurs most often due to non-compliance with pouring technology tie. To styling was carried out as accurately as possible, should produce fill the floor on beacons. With it the required thickness next exposed screed, and addressed other issues. But initially have to carry out preparatory actions.

Materials used

Various kinds of materials may be used as beacons on the ground under the floor screed. They can act as ready-made options, are in the range presented in DIY stores or made yourself. Finished versions specifically designed for screed. Topping sexes beaconWhen used plasterboard profile Mo 27*28, it is best to insert one into another, that it does not bend under the pressure of the solution. And the rule in this case would be better to move on the surface.

An alternative to such beacons - blocks of wood. Usually take the same height and width of 30 mm. They should be pre-wetted in water for a certain time. This is necessary in order, so they do not absorb moisture from the cement-sand mortar, used for filling floor screed.

Another option for beacons - solution, which is prepared in a ratio of 1 parts of cement and 1 of the lime. They spread lighthouses throughout the area in the room.

Topping sexes beacon
types of profiles

The type of fill and use beacons will depend on the tools and material list. There is a standard set of, and there are specific points, are worth paying attention to pre, prior to the start of work. The best thing, when everything is at hand, to not be distracted in the process of leveling base floor under the lighthouses.

Determination of the highest point

Before issuing lighthouses on the perimeter of the room, It should define the layout and identify the highest point. Everything should be done consistently and not deviate from the technology, to achieve the most effective results.

Initially, horizontal breaks. This will help the laser level or other alternative materials. Everything will depend on the capabilities and financial position. Some equipment is expensive, and it does not make sense to purchase for one-time use. Tags are made at the same level on the wall, at a distance 100-120 cm from the subfloor. Marked points around the perimeter interconnected. Should get a smooth horizontal line the level of. For a small price you can buy an ink thread, which will contribute to the work. Topping sexes beacon

Thereafter, calculation is performed to determine the highest and lowest points in the room with respect to the floor level. From exposed horizontally on the wall distance is measured down to floor level and are defined by the above terms. The minimum thickness of the future screed It must be observed at the highest point. All measurements are best done in pencil on the wall, to orient themselves in space in the course of issuing beacons. When the determined highest and lowest point subfloor, The difference between these indications and will be considered as the minimum thickness of future floor.

Rules beacons fixing

Maximum efficiency and accuracy of all readings will be performed, if implemented floor leveling styazhkoy a beacon. The surface is as flat and will be suitable for the flooring of any kind of floor covering. Topping sexes beaconThey are meant to guide the rules for the distribution of the solution, It acts as a guide for pouring the screed concrete floor. If beacons are set correctly on technology, you can not worry about the outcome.

Typically in such work should be used, that it is greater than the distance between beacons around 20-25 cm. But the tools themselves should not be too long, tentatively 1.5 m.

Lighthouses fixed based on the distance 50-100 mm from the location of walls and other structural elements. The works were started in the room - the far corners of the room. It all comes down to the front door.

correct calculation

Do not be amiss to pre-calculate the number of beacons, needed to work. Only in this case, the floor fill beacons will be fast and efficient. Do not be distracted from their installation and subsequent grout to create smooth surface gender.

All beacons usually lead from the front door toward the opposite wall. But initially determined by the first lighthouse and from already recorded on an area in the room all the rest.Topping sexes beacon

When setting the first beacon can be guided more. When the width of the room from the entrance 5,32 m, with the maximum distance between beacons in 1.18 m (taking into account the use of the right to 1.4 m), have positioned 5 series of lighthouses. The first and the last row will be just outside the walls at a distance of 30 cm. Between each subsequent number is located on the exposed. In this way, succeed 4 interval between beacons, to be filled with a solution and the other components of the pie.

Installation on the screws

To begin installation of beacons seen with the use of screws. The highest place subfloor first hole is drilled to a diameter 10 mm. It is exhausted wooden Chopyk, and already in his screw. Following lighthouse fixed to the opposite end. Over the first exposed screws established rule, on top of that - the level. If everything fits horizontally, then you can safely proceed to the following actions. The level should be adjusted to the first exposed lighthouse.Topping sexes beacon

From the first to the second lighthouse stretched fishing line or string. There are other alternative materials, which can be found in a hardware store. The gap between the screws fishing line made holes in the bottom of the concrete floor at a distance 50-60 cm apart, in which are also inserted and screwed Chopyk beacons. Level for each of them should be the same. This will allow the result to perform qualitative pouring beacons ties. All subsequent rows beacons must lie parallel to the original. All the actions are identical and do not differ in any way. alignment You can be performed across the beacons №1.

mortar beacons

ways calculations, as mentioned earlier, there are enough. Among them we should mention also the location of the lighthouses on the solution. As the base material is suitable cement or gypsum. From the resulting composition solution Slides can be laid out on the basis of concrete floor. The solution inherent fixed beacons in the form of metal profiles or plasterboard. If the solution is to add alabaster, all work will be done a bit faster. setting process is about 15-20 minutes.Topping sexes beacon

Backing material may not be the, which is very well absorbs moisture. Form beacon in this case will be imputed to the drying process. The screed cracks will be formed, depression and fell.

In some cases, simply to spread mortar beacons for indoor perimeter. Their height will depend on the subfloor, its roughness and the presence of projections and depressions. Subsequently, they do not even have to be removed, just fill in the floor screed.Topping sexes beacon

distribution ties

If you want to align the floor of beacons their own hands, should install them. With this task you can handle. Suffice it to decide on the specific embodiment and perform the installation. Thereafter, the solution can proceed to fill. There are some subtleties, which is worth reading.

When using mortar beacons should not wait until they are completely dry. This will allow the subsequent solution is better grab. But it is possible to moisten the surface with water or a qualitative primed. In the first case will be a minor cost and time savings.

Between the wall and the floor should review all the cracks and joints, not to have leaked into the water. Without this start surprises for neighbors during grout. All available slots should be zapenit. Preparation of the solution is performed as follows:

  1. preparing container, which is filled with sand and cement mix thoroughly.
  2. In the second container is filled with water, and then from the first dry mixture is poured for future solution. On 2 liters of water have to about 10 kg of mixture.
  3. It is best to mix everything in the mixer for a certain time, to obtain a homogeneous mass.

It starts all the work from the far corner of the room. The solution is poured between beacons, and then distributed over the entire surface. No abrupt movements in such a case should not be. From rails normally does not rip, to finally get a really flat surface. In the formation of the "extra" weight of the solution, it expelled to the entrance, and then removed or transferred to a new place fills.

Topping sexes beacon
Screed on Beacon points

After pouring the floor base solution may be issues with the, whether you want to clean up beacons after pouring the floor. All profiles, especially wooden beacons must be compulsorily removed. The formed voids are sealed with a solution of, same, that performed the whole casting. It is worth paying attention to, that there are no puddles formations. Subsequently, this can cause cavities. Even if there were obtained after removing minor roughness beacons, they must be sealed with a solution.

Whether shooting beacons after pouring the floor, if they are specifically designed for this type of work? From them it is not necessary to get rid, but they remain in the ground filled floor screed. No harm and violations of construction of such beacons is not.

at floor leveling in the bathroom or toilet, ie areas are not large in area, for leveling is best to take the needle roller.

After the distribution of the floor surface of the solution should be made care of the screed, so that it is uniformly dry and ripe. Each stage has its own value and can not depart from the technology, in no circumstances.

Lighthouses for self-leveling floor

Pouring floor beacons at the device self-leveling floor not always used for the reason, ready solution that has the properties of self-distribution over the surface. But if the work is performed by novices and man, the first time it does so, their installation is mandatory. Besides the standard used in the embodiments beacons-repers. Topping sexes beaconThey are presented in the form of tripods, inside which is a special rod. This rod can easily move up and down to the extent necessary. They set the level of ties in the room.

Before the start of works on the installation of beacons should produce priming. All work on the filling should perform later 4-5 hours after placing beacons and application of the primer layer. The distance between the beacons are timed 1 m different from other.

Options considered suggests, that you can floor leveling beacons with their hands. It does not require significant knowledge of the construction industry. Suffice it to adhere to the technology and the recommendations from the manufacturer. That will have a flat surface, which is suitable for the flooring of any kind of floor covering.






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