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Great book for a holiday masters, tips on arrangement and repair

The Big Book of suburban masters
The Big Book of suburban masters
Author: Igor Antonov
price: 109.90 rub.

If you plan to purchase or have already purchased a cottage or country house and you need a repair, this book is an e-book, what you need! The book has everything, starting from, a fence will be safer for your garden, finishing warming hut! If you have a lot of questions about the repair of your holiday home, then download the e-book for free and without registration will find all the answers. Pre-planned repairs, always stronger and better. After all, you will have a clear action plan. Through this e-book you will be able to properly plan territory, learn, where to put the grid, better insulate the house, so it was possible to have a rest, not only in summer, but in winter! Read or download now the book in pdf format, mobi, fb2, txt, rtf, txtzip, epub для Reader, iOS Android, Windows and plan their repair, which actually make their own hands!

Accomplishment of a country house and includes a complex plot various works. Furnished our new site, We have to solve a lot of questions: how to plan territory, mark the path network, where the house and outbuildings, a fence - the most reliable. they, who already owns a house, We should take care of its insulation and necessary repairs.

This e-book - a handy reference suburban masters, contains step by step descriptions of all the major construction and repair works. Detailed instructions prompt, how to insulate the foundation, roof, walls and floors, joints and overlap, conduct facade work using a variety of siding and cladding options. For those, who wants to leave the city and in the cold season, given insulation summer home technology, construction of furnaces and fireplaces.

Separate chapters are devoted to the internal repair work - finishing the floor and ceiling, technology ceramic tiles.

Overview of modern building materials, recommendations on the selection and determination of their number, Milestone explanations and detailed drawings to help you master all types of work and not spend too much.

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