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Bathroom design with a nautical theme

Decorating a bathroom is not an easy task. Especially, code this bathroom is small. Of course, everyone would like to have a large bathroom at their disposal, which he could furnish at his own discretion and place all the necessary and cute little things there. But often our imagination is limited by the size of the bathroom.. We bring to your attention two projects of a design solution for a small bathroom. The first project is for a combined bathroom, and the second is for separate.

For the design of a bathroom with a combined toilet, we suggest you use a blue color scheme and elements of a marine theme. It is important for us to give the bathroom a feeling of lightness and visually expand the space.. That is why we opt for glass textures and marine motifs.. Lack of contrasts, sharp accents, bright decor elements will remove the feeling of heaviness and congestion of the interior. First of all, we need to create a sense of space., for this you need to make the walls light.

Variety of design

Marine decor with boats and oars is also great, especially for children, who will definitely appreciate such a cool space. You will find many ideas below, how to decorate a bathroom, inspired by the sea and beaches.

For a feeling of spaciousness and lightness, you should adhere to light and cold colors in the design.. You can also add some bright accents or colored spots.. But we will not use these techniques in our bathroom solution.. Our bathroom will be designed in one color scheme.. These will be calm light blue and muted white tones.. They will help us create a soothing and calm atmosphere and visually expand the space..

In addition, the marine theme will wonderfully fit into such a color scheme.. She diversifies our design.

But obviously, that navy blue and white or gray is a classic color scheme for nautical spaces. If you prefer traditional decor, choose red and coral. If you like modern style, add tan, sandy shades and dark brown.

The space can also be visually expanded., by placing a large mirror with a wave-like ornament on one wall. A certain symmetry will be created by a panel with a similar type of ornament on the opposite wall.. The waves on the mirror and the matte panel opposite to it will perfectly fit into our chosen nautical theme.. We propose to keep the panel in gray-blue tones - this will add a much needed accent, without breaking the overall composition. In our project, the toilet is wall-hung. Therefore, we will have to hide all plumbing communications.. The use of drywall can help us with this.. When using this option, we get additional space for two lockers.. Excessive details will be hidden in the plasterboard niche.. We will place the necessary furniture against the wall and also partially hide it with drywall, embedding in it. We didn't pay much attention to the sink. Choosing a simple and concise form. It will fit into our bathroom and will not take up too much space.. Having finished in this way with the design of a bathroom with a combined bathroom, let's move on to the arrangement of a bathroom with a separate bathroom. Here we will also use cold blue, gray and white tones. We will also adhere to the marine theme.. Here we will also start with the correct organization of the space.. To do this, we again hide behind the plasterboard wall all plumbing communications.. As a result, we will get two cozy niches.. One, located closer to the bathroom, you can build in a convenient wardrobe. The distant niche can accommodate a mirror and several shelves..

We will choose the following plumbing, which will not clutter up our bathroom. We are connected by a small area of ​​the decorated room, that's why we offer options too small in size. Based on these considerations, we choose a bathtub with a simple and laconic design. It will not take up much space and attract too much attention.. But the sink will have to pay more attention..

First of all, we are interested in its ergonomics., after all, to install the sink, we will use space and communications, located behind the plasterboard niche.

We suggest using ceramic tiles in gray shades., it will cost us much less, rather than a assembled mosaic. Including, tiles of this shade will be in perfect harmony with the blue tint of the built-in niche drywall. Final tip - lighting. We warn you against using complex plasterboard structures on the ceiling. This will negate all efforts to create the illusion of extra space.. Better to limit yourself to a few simple lamps in different corners of the ceiling.. You can also additionally install lamps near the mirror., thus giving it a certain accent. In the first version, we install the luminaires on the wall., in the second version, they are installed on our ceiling.

Accent on accessories and decor

Marine style accessories are so specific, which by themselves set the mood and form the desired perception of the interior. for example, a simple bathroom in light colors is enough to revive with a rug and a bath curtain with sea motives - and the room will already be associated with the sea.

Marine theme can appear on all accessories, from glasses for brushes to hooks for towels, - and will be appropriate everywhere. To avoid unnecessary variegation, accessories should be chosen in approximately the same finish or at least in one color scheme. It is optimal to purchase a set of hooks, glasses and soap dishes, decorated with seashells, starfish, stones and corals. Such decor can be made with your own hands on simple products without a certain style.. To do this, the surfaces must be degreased and the decorative elements must be fixed with a glue gun or "moment" type glue..

The color of the accessories affects the overall perception of the room.. In a nautical style, win-win combinations - turquoise accessories in white (beige, sandy) bathroom or white surrounded by blues and blues.

Many beautiful stones and shells, collected during holidays at sea resorts, can be placed in a transparent vase with smooth walls or decorated with paintings and placed in frames. If you want to place small decor on the shelves, it should be remembered, that it can complicate cleaning. Therefore, it is better to leave one or two remarkable items on open shelves.. For a large number of souvenirs and other little things, it is better to select a separate shelf behind the glass., which will protect the decor from dust, soap suds and water.

Floor decoration

Designing a nautical bathroom, be sure to pay due attention to the flooring of the room. In this case, the choice of material depends only on the personal preferences of the owners.. The classic version of ceramic cladding can be interesting to beat, complementing the surface with floor inserts made of pebbles or other sea pebbles. An interesting enough result can be achieved, by laying out the drawing with mosaics or making self-leveling floors with a 3-D effect

A light-colored plank floor in combination with several accessories will bring a nautical theme to the room..

In this case, it is better to focus on milky or ocher tones of the coating.. for example, imitation of an old oak floor will perfectly complement the overall picture of the bathroom. In this case, you can veneer individual sections of the plane near the bathtub and sink with porcelain stoneware in a polar shade.. However, in this case, the contrast should not be too sharp., the best option would be to differ from the basic scale by several tones.

Adherents of relaxing on the beach can be recommended a combination of textured and smooth coverage in different functional areas.. for example, areas near the bath or booth can be made of natural stones, and lay the rest of the floor with laminated panels or a board in light gray or sand. Such a conditional division will make the overall style of the room even more interesting and visually zone the space..



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