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What kind of lighting is better to choose a bathtub with a stretch ceiling

Despite the relatively small size of standard bathrooms, select and set the bathroom lighting need as carefully as possible. Think through the location of the lighting equipment is recommended even during repairs. It is necessary to carry out all the wiring in advance and will not damage the finish of the walls and ceiling. But for this you need to know, some better lighting in the bathroom and how to do it.

Why is the lighting in the bathroom is so important

It is not enough to choose fixtures, that just fit into the design of the bathroom lighting and in its interior. To properly illuminate important to correctly place the light sources in accordance with their purpose and power. If possible, you can combine natural light with artificial. It would be ideal,true, in most of the apartments it is impossible.

Incorrectly put up lights in the bathroom of a small size can result in the following problems:

  • Lack of light near the mirror can make it difficult or even impossible to make the implementation of certain hygiene procedures.
  • Not being able to adjust lighting, not be able to fully relax, taking a bath.
  • When the exposed bad light, even the most elegant bath can resemble a public toilet or hospital.

Bathroom largely unusual place. Then the minimum amount of furniture, and the maximum number of plumbing. The bulk of the materials used for the finishes - smooth and waterproof (metal and tile). Often, for any additional design elements just do not have enough space. And when the exposed light can correctly make the bathroom more cozy and homely.

The correct choice of light

The right to choose the right Lighting in the bathroom simpler, than it may seem. It is enough to know a few simple rules:

  1. bathroom lighting should be much stronger, than in the other rooms.
  2. Light sources should not be located close to the shower or bath. This is a safety issue.
  3. It should eliminate the possibility of water splashing on the lighting unit. Therefore, the ceiling lighting is the best option. If you need additional light and mirror, the lamps must be on the sides of the. In this case, it is best suited Wall, closed wall lamps. But they should not be too bright.
  4. When installing the lighting is important to remember about the high humidity in the room. Therefore, you should carefully study the moisture-proof performance, on the packaging of lamps (unless of course it is a quality manufacturer). This measure should not be less than four.
  5. The number of lights depends on the total area and height of the room. Natural lighting in a small bathroom requires less fixtures.
  6. they, who prefer more romance can install itself adjustable options bathroom lighting. So you can adjust the brightness depending on the purpose of stay in the bath. You can also use the outdoor light to create an atmosphere. It can be quite well and can be combined with other light sources.

Varieties of lighting in the bathroom

To understand what is better lighting in the bathroom, you must first learn, What kinds of general lighting are.

The first is the main light. In most cases, it lights, located on the ceiling. Often, the main light is quite a large chandelier at the center or a little closer to the door.

If the bath itself is fenced off from the rest of the screen space, it is better in this area to establish two additional lamps bathroom lighting. It is often in such cases there is a lack of light in the bathroom.

Very popular spot lighting in the bathroom. It is perfectly combined with tension ceilings, often installed in bathrooms. This type of lighting enables uniformly illuminate the entire room. Such light sources typically used to illuminate certain zones or right direction lights. They are usually combined with a conventional light. When you install in addition to the usual light spotlights visually bathroom will appear larger. These lamps can be embedded in furniture, ceiling or wall.

Excellent option could be overhead lights. They are quite economical and easy to use. In addition, they are very easy to install. With their help, you can create excellent conditions for bathing. They are also protected against the ingress of moisture specialized shades.

There is also an outdoor sanctification. This is a rare, but a spectacular reception. Upon practical use of such a light little. Floor lamps are more relevant to the decor elements allowing you to create unusual designs and distribute to the bathroom area.

LED lighting in the bathroom. Although this technique can also be attributed more to the decoration, but in this world more good, than the outdoor light. LED lamps can easily be used as an independent source of light and how to design addition to other fixtures. The main advantages of such lamps in their economy and safety compared with other. That's why most inclined to it in such a lighting equipment.

Knowing only a few of these simple principles can already be solved,what lighting should be in the bathroom. And if we understand in some detail, you can make your bathroom is something unimaginable.

Which lamp to choose for the bathroom?

The modern market offers a huge range of different fixtures. They are created in a completely different options for every type of room design. It is an extensive range makes many think, What kind of lighting is better to do in the bathroom, and that the lights do not only come to the interior, but also served as long as possible. There are two general classifications of absolutely all fixtures.

  1. open.
  2. built-in.

Built-in best suited for those, who is looking for adequate lighting in the bathroom with a stretch ceiling. They are light and visually make the space larger, therefore perfect for small rooms, in which the shelves are not very high.

Also, all the lamps are different, depending on their location.

  1. wall.
  2. Ceiling.
  3. Floor.

Wall mounted in a variety of functional areas of the room, for example the mirror. They all should have increased protection against moisture and safe electrical installations.

Ceiling are timeless classics. In every bathroom must be, at least one lamp of this type. By tradition, he is responsible for the overall room lighting. They can be made in the classic forms of fine, or in a variety of styles for modern rooms. Most in demand lighting with thick frosted glass. They create a soft light, which is perfectly in harmony with the splendor of a stretch ceiling.

floor function more decorative. With proper installation site, they will not only add flavor to the interior, but also visually expand the space.

Each lamp has a specific function or several. It may be working lights, decorative, general and directed. It all depends on the location and type of luminaire.
Also for lighting a bathroom can be used several types of lamps:

  • incandescent lamps;
  • luminescent;
  • halogen;
  • LED.

Best of all, modern lighting in harmony with tension ceilings. Such solutions make the room bright and stylish. Excellent will look LEDs on the contours of a stretch ceiling. This solution helps to hide some flaws, maximum illuminates the room and makes the interior a stylish and fresh.



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