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Knauf partitions: proper installation instructions

Drywall is the most popular material for building walls, decorative designs, niches in the walls, openings, arches and much more. But all this requires a robust support structure. They can be made from both wood, and profile. Today is very popular partitions Knauf. This construction of plasterboard, the carcass being formed solely of metal profile. In this case met all sorts of nuances, which may harm the integrity and reliability of the overall.

partitioning scheme
partitioning scheme

What is Knauf technology?

Technology Knauf Drywall is primarily in the application of high-quality and durable materials:

The advantages include the fact Knauf Profile, that when joining with the guide rack is not formed any irregularities and protrusions on the wall surface. This is an advantage, because it allows you to save money on decorating mixtures.

Knauf drywall installation technique involves the use of branded liquid-resistant sheets. Materials from this manufacturer also have higher rates of resistance to both mechanical factors, and moisture. The range of this type of products are sheets 5 sizes, which is much faster installation process. And as insulation and sound insulator is used exclusively mineral wool.

Heat- and sound insulation Knauf
Heat and sound insulation Knauf

Fasteners and hardware Knauf are made of durable plastics types, and metal products are anti-corrosion treatment.

The company manufactures a large number of names of products, so virtually all of the need to use this brand.

What are the advantages of Knauf technology?

The main difference between Knauf products is the high durability and excellent quality. Therefore, Knauf drywall installation technique must be performed at an appropriate level. The technology does not allow negligence and poor quality work. Getting to the construction of partitions on this technology, must adhere to all of its principles:

  1. Before screwing the gypsum boards must be pasted outer portion ribbon thermal insulating profile. This prevents the formation of moisture on the surface of the wall in the case of freezing Profile.
  2. Step guide and mounting rack installation profile must not exceed 60 cm, If the wall is not accompanied by any loads. If the wall is hinged furniture or appliances, the number of racks and mounting step should be participation.

    reinforced partition
    reinforced partition

  3. partition mount technology from Knauf Drywall provides for the creation of walls with maximum strength, therefore amplification individual structural portions you must use a double profile (invest in one another with an overlap in 10% of its width).
  4. Dock long stretches profiles should be implemented vrazbezhku or staggered. This is necessary in order, to eliminate the possibility of vibration and deformation of the finished structure. In this case, the overlap should be at least 10 its width dimensions.
  5. For the connection profiles between a technology to be applied to contour Prosekatel or screws Knauf.
  6. If implemented in areas overlapping profiles of installation should be used: prosekatelʹ, rivets or screws are special type LN9.

    The design of the docking GCR expansion compensation
    The design of the docking GCR expansion compensation

  7. Join plasterboard over a door or window openings are strictly forbidden in the middle. This must be done close to the edge. Such measures are intended to, to reduce the likelihood of damage to the partition of the vibration, created by opening the doors, and its weight.
  8. Window and door frames must be fixed to an additional rackmount profiles, which should be installed next to the gap 30-40 mm. It should put an aluminum profile with a smaller rubber gaskets. Likewise, it should be a gap between the sheets of plasterboard, which is necessary to pave the special composition Knauf.

If it is fully complied with instructions for installation of drywall Knauf, the partition to get a reliable and durable.

Types of partitions, Knauf

By constructive structure Knauf septum may be of several types, depending on the number of casings:

single bilayer
single bilayer
  • with single-layer plating;
  • with a two-layer plating;
  • with a three-layer plating;
  • single-layered lining Knauf superlistov moisture resistant sheets on a single frame;
  • combined with, one side, and a two-layer, with another;
  • a three-layered water resistant lining sheets and of intermediate steel sheets.

Also on Knauf technology performed walls with channels for communication and ventilation. These include design stamps 386.1 and C 386.2.

Type installed partitions depends on the destination premises and the degree of sound insulation.

Knauf partitions are also divided on the frame type:

  • double;
  • single.

Single design used in places, which do not require thorough soundproofing, and on the walls are not an additional load is applied. Double used to create a robust and reliable wall, on which you can hang the heavy furniture and some household appliances.

Design partitions Knauf

Consider some plasterboard Knauf, executed on technology:

Single frame and one layer of GOLS
Single frame and one layer of GOLS
  1. C-361 - baffle, performed on a single frame and a clad layer of water resistant gypsum board Knauf. It is used on both sides proprietary water-resistant gypsum board thickness 12,5 mm, and acts as a filler of mineral wool. The main element in such constructions are sheets with two-sided treatment hydrophobizator. Weight 1 m2 the finished structure undecorated mixtures of the order 18 kg, It is indicating that there is sufficient light and the entire partition as a whole.

    Double frame with double-layer plating
    Double frame with double-layer plating

  2. C-365 - baffle, executed on a double frame and clad in two layers on both sides of sheets of water-resistant drywall. To improve insulation glued over the rack with inner sides of the special ribbon soundproof. The filler also acts in mineral wool 2-3 layer. This design ensures the stiffness of the septum and high sound insulation performance. Discover, how much material you need, will help walls calculation calculator.






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