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Metal or plastic gully: We make the right choice

When designing a private house, should pay attention to the drain, this important element performs the desired function - removes rain water and moisture, flowing down from the roof. If you select the wrong drain, and install it properly, the water will go into the ground, that threatens flooding of the basement. Today, in the construction market, consumers offer plastic and metal gutters, and to make the right choice, We need to find out the pros and cons of different models of drains.

Major drains structure

The main task of the gutter system is the outer defense walls and basement private house from moisture. structurally, any gutter consists of those parts:

  • trough;
  • funnel;
  • downspout;
  • fitting;
  • fasteners.

The system works on the principle of: Water from the roof enters the gutter, and then in the funnel. Moving along the sewer, water comes down the drain, hogshead or sewers. Water drainage system is fixed on the walls of the house and most of it is set in the corners.

Plastic gutters and their characteristics
Types of connectors elimentov

Plastic gutters and their characteristics

Drains made of plastic are perfect for roofs of various levels of difficulty. For the production of parts of such a system is used polyvinyl chloride. In this material are added to the special stabilizers and colorants, which further uberegut product from exposure to UV light and temperature changes, add durability.

The widespread popularity of plastic gutters acquired by the availability of. Besides, guarantee on the product reaches 25 years of life. Most developers it plastic selected rainwater because of various colors in combination with good technical performance.

Plastic gutters installation
Scheme plastic mounting gutters

Assembling such a drain is quite simple: using fittings and fasteners, product is assembled by the designer type. All can be done manually, without applying soldering machine. All transitions and corners are fixed either by using a sealant, or by using special rubber seals.

For the reason that, that this material is not able to withstand very high loads, it is recommended to install the gutter holders with a small distance from each other. Most consumers prefer brown plastic gutters, Silver and copper color.

Pros and cons of plastic gutters

Having dealt with the design of the gutter system of plastic, should review the list of advantages of such products:

  1. A light weight, whereby not require additional structural reinforcement. This drain will not put an additional burden on the roof frame;
  2. Long service life. Plastic has the properties, allowing longer serve as metal products;
  3. The lack of propensity to corrosion means, that the device may continuously contact with the water;
  4. High speed and simplicity of the design allows the assembly to install the system yourself;
  5. Reduced noise transmission. Unlike metal gutter, when using plastic systems, noise from water droplets, impinging on the product, will be heard;
  6. They require no maintenance. Technical parameters of plastic are easy to care, will be sufficient to rinse the sink with a hose;
  7. All seams and compounds possess high tightness, which will protect against leaks.

Among the minor minuses can be called a low resistance to mechanical shock and damage. Careful operation will maintain the initial appearance of the plastic gutter long.

Classification drains of metal, their benefits

Metal products are classics. Even after the appearance on the market of available options plastic gutters, many builders still prefer the metal options. Some developers believe, that ensure proper operation of the drainage system is possible only when used in the construction of metallic elements therein.

Drains of metal manufactured from materials such as aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, steel with polymers, titanium and zinc. Let us consider each type of detail:

  • Aluminum products are lightweight and are superior to other materials thanks to this index. The walls of the gutter of aluminum make thick, that allows you to withstand heavy load and do not deform. These products are resistant to corrosion and damage, because it covered with a special protective film.
  • Copper gutters have high strength and resistance to the damaging effects. From these data, the high cost of the product is formed. Besides, drains of copper may be about 100 years old.
  • Galvanized steel drain water systems at a cost of less expensive plastic products, and their lifespan is about 15 years old. Galvanized gutters are considered obsolete, Besides, they are subject to corrosion and rust.
  • Drains of steel with a polymer - metal, serve faithfully about 50 years of use. Top steel coated with a polymeric substance, allowing to protect the material from damage, and the temperature difference. Color variety of such drains is very large.
  • Gutters of zinc and titanium also have a high price. This is caused by increased flexibility and durability of materials.

    Classification drains of metal
    Metal gutter system

How not to make the wrong choice?

Approach to the selection you need to competently, taking into account all the features of the existing buildings. Pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. cost of. Available options become plastic products, as well as variants of galvanized steel gutters. copper Systems, titanium and zinc are themselves costly;
  2. The diameter of the gutter. This index ranges from 50 to 150 mm. Choosing the diameter required by the slope of the roof: than it is steeper, the wider the diameter of the drain should be;
  3. Type of roof. If the roof is made of bitumen or ceramic - choose a plastic drain. Only hardware suitable for the roof of metal and corrugated board;
  4. Weight. Remember, that need a reliable truss for attachment of metal gutters;
  5. Climate. Depending on the construction site, selected drain, withstand certain temperature.

Final selection of the gutter is always the master of the house. Product quality tested by time. To purchase a reliable drain, study reviews the proposed goods in stores, and choose only trusted manufacturers, Details at



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