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Overview of templates and carriages Tapping hinges and locks

Lately, there are new devices that are gaining popularity are universal carriage and the pattern to tie hinges and locks. The modern use of the router with the templates and the carriages, the primary method for professional installers of doors, which enables high-quality in the sidebar of the castle interior doors. Learn the basic popular models of devices that allow you to accurately and professionally install door hardware. We carry out a detailed review and comparison of modern tools for fast and high-quality tie-door hinges and locks universal milling cutter.

Consider method using template Paul Soldatova, Farida Kamal, company DOOR-TOOL and use of generics with adjustable tapping hinges and locks, carriage UFK. This article was prepared for specialists, who study modern methods of installation of doors. Specially selected videos for each technology where experts give feedback on the use of templates and UFK carriages in mounting the door units. in addition (not as an advertisement) I give the address of official representative.

Pavel Soldatov template for hinges interior door

Consider a new template for hinges and locks tie from Pavel Soldatov version 3.0i. This is a very interesting functional model. The device is realized many years of experience in the installation of doors and months of technical research.

template for doors Pavel Soldatov
Template for Pavel Soldatov doors

The template allows you to:

  • inset door hinges concealed type of card and any size, and mortise hinges type "butterfly";
  • Box door latches and locks of any type and size;
  • Box mounting plates latches and locks of any type and size;
  • Box door crossbars end of every type and size.

All of these operations are carried out using a hand router of any brand mounted with a guide (copy) bushing, a diameter difference with respect to the mill in 8 mm.

Positioning the template on the door leaf or box is carried out quickly and with high accuracy without measuring and marking tools.

Consistently high precision tapping door hardware under repeated always achieved, regardless of the door panels and boxes sizes, as well as errors and their size ratios.

Template easily and instantly (in seconds) adjusted to a frame of door hardware of any type and size, and also allows you to make quick adjustments to the size of the loop for each card.

template thin, lightweight and durable. Painted with durable powder paint, a wooden laths prevent damage paint, and other machined surfaces products topcoats.

Functional description

The basic principle of working with templates is reduced to one: Put everything to stop and flush!

The supporting part of the template is shifted completely into the clamp legs, thus copied door leaf thickness and in the transfer to the box rests on the seal setting offset from the seal to the edge of tie loops similar in size to the web.

If the thickness of the web does not coincide with the size of a quarter in the box under the web, when you install the template on the box base part remains unchanged, and the rip fence is moved into the plus or minus up to abutment against the edge of the box.

Templates inserts are protected "foolproof" in the form of a diagonal cut one angle, therefore install them on another it is impossible to. Also, on templates- Boxes are square cut-outs that include flags moving the rip fence, thus practically looking specifies the size 200 mm from the hinge to the outer edges parallel thrusts.

Due razdvizheniya support portion template, and supporting parts for all abutments parallel pattern bearing area increases with increasing thickness of the web.
All of the templates shablonoderzhatelya and inserts are made of 1,5 mm wear resistant steel and painted with powder paint. Thus it is light and durable due to the angular elements in design. Templates inserts at work do not bend, tk. lie on the support ledges of the rip fence, and on the perimeter of the rest of the shablonoderzhatelya.

Soldatov paste stencils

Better watch a video overview of the model and the instructions for working with template from Pavel Soldatov.

No digital markings on the template is not, so no calculation is not necessary to do. To center the pattern for the tie locks, their otvetok and beams relative to the axial edge of the door leaf, just set the same symmetrical pattern on each side of the stepped notches, at the same time loosening the four wing nuts on the upper base template.

To tie bolt complete an additional parallel guide. With him, too, everything just.

Cutting-card loops of different sizes (100, 120, 125, 130) produced using the same template, insert a correction of the length of each individual loop, which is done with a simple movement of just one second. loop width can also set any, displacement of the rip fence in the plus or minus from the zero position, indicated small holes near the bottom of stepped cutouts.

The cost of the minimum standard set 6990 rub.

undoubtedly, pattern model high quality Soldatova, greatly accelerates installation of doors and different types of hinges and locks. An elaborate system of clearances and offsets.

Minus. It is necessary to take into account that there is a great variety of door hardware for which you want to purchase a copy of the carriage sleeve and the insert value of 290 rub., this will produce a frame of different kinds of locks and hinges template Pavel Soldatov. Accordingly, with the most popular set of inserts will be released at a cost of 25000 rub.

The official website for ordering the template

Technical questions can be asked by phone 8 960 370 60 70 Pavel Soldatov e-mail:

Ordering in the Regions

BARNAUL +79132133941 - Egor Izotov
Dagestan +79640206363 - Arthur Gazgeraev
IZhEVSK +79225003646 - Andrew Kuksenok
KAZAN +79274224022 - Marat Sadykov
KIEV +380972694111 - Roman Syrytsa
KRASNODAR +79880808528 - Peter Voronkov
MOSCOW +79269888197 - Aleksey Ivanov
Penza +79530251233 - Yuri Mysev
SAMARA +79639162063 - Mikhail Feoktistov
ST. PETERSBURG +79312804879 - Vasily Berezin +79219477395 - Mikhail Tatarinov
TYUMEN +79028686886 - Sergey Volokovaya
Cheboksary +79196681832 - Vladimir Chukashov
CHECHNYA +79640206363 - Arthur Gazgeraev

Template for hinges and locks tie by Farid Kamal

Quite a lot of generics and accessories company DoorProfi tapping fittings. Consider tapping patterns of loops and locks of Farid:

new template (Base №7 and updated base of "self-centering"). one of the latest developments of the company DoorProfi. Require specific knowledge and skills in the work. Despite the low initial cost pripretsya buy more additional inserts.


1.PATTERNS ARE CALCULATED ON ANY MILLING, TRIMMER (edge router)And in copiers guide bushings FOR MILLING,TRIMMER OR KROMOCHNIKA, With an external diameter 16 mm, Paired with a cutter diameter 12 mm, OVERALL LENGTH MILLS 61 mm (+-5mm).
2. CAN BE USED bushings with an external diameter of 18 mm paired with a cutter diameter 14 mm .
3. YOU CAN USE THE SLEEVE with an external diameter 17 mm paired with a cutter diameter 13 mm.
4. YOU CAN USE THE SLEEVE with an external diameter 20 mm paired with a cutter diameter 16 mm.

5. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INSERT and freesia 4 mm.
7. MINIMUM SIZE SLEEVES (14mm + freza10mm), (12mm + cutter 8mm), (10mm + 6mm mill)

Separately Order, there are templates bushing diameter 22 mm 24 mm.
To tie all accessories you can use any trimmer and trimmer, I recommend trimmer (kromochnik) типа see rt0700. Mortise lock for the depth, recommended by the router machining depth is not less than 70 mm, see типа 2300. As well, the router can also embed all accessories, but it is hard for these works. Therefore, for better compactness and ease of use trimmer or small mill.

templates crashed 200 position of accessories for interior doors. For your convenience, you can choose a template for numbers or sets. Vybyraete base, if it required and the number of inserts that are required for tie.

Shop Location DoorProfi in Moscow, 27 km MKAD outer etc.. Near Prudische possession 1 structure 1. "TC Formula X" in the navigator dial DoorProfi. Log-3, go directly to the elevator, the top floor, with elevator to the left. Opening hours Mon-Fri 10.00-20.00 Sb with 11.00-17.00 off Sunday. wire: +7 (963) 643-70-31 Mark

DoorProfi. Generics tapping door hardware.

Base №7 and updated database Self-centering
Base №7 and updated database Self-centering economical option costs 4500 rub
Base №7 updated with mikrouporami
Base №7 updated with mikrouporami costs
5 500 rub.

There are other template for sidebar hinges and locks on Frida Kamala Bose №6.


  • density, light weight.
  • Versatility and accuracy.
  • A good overview of the surface.
  • Informativeness on the template clear.
  • Dust very good.

Of the minuses probably use org. glass(acrylic) eventually overwritten, but it is not critical enough to set up 500 doors, and then purchase a new insert.

Patterns of DOOR-TOOL

Template DOOR TOOL - modern template for tie-door hinges, which should be in the arsenal of every professional installation of wooden doors. This tool allows you to work with interchangeable inserts for different types of hardware, therefore high demand for assembly jobs.

Template DOOR TOOL
Differences templates DOOR TOOL

Tapping hinges You will need the following set of tools:

  • universal template for tie loops DOOR TOOL (one of the models, mini Plus, , Mini Plus Air, , Max More, , Air Max Plus,Telescope или Telescope Air);
  • manual edge router;
  • stands for a stable installation of the door leaf in a vertical position;
  • a clamp for mounting a template on a door leaf;
  • measuring and layout tools;
  • card door hinges with screws to install them;
  • drill and screwdriver (or screwdriver) Mounting screws.
  • angle chisel.

Template for tie loops can be used for grooving on the door leaf, and to install the hinges on the door frame.

Template DOOR TOOL wagon
DOOR-TOOL Max Plus card template allows you to embed a loop in the base set. There are different types of inserts for locks and the response part of the castle

Copy the template is shablonoderzhatel, designed for attaching interchangeable metal inserts templates.

It has an elongated base and two limiter, allows you to mark the point of connection without roulette (the distance from the edge to the point of connection 15-20 cm), This saves time and simplifies the wizard. Besides, the sides have special recesses for reliable fixing device using clamps.

note, that to work you need a cutter diameter 16 mm to the upper bearing (copying ring) 22 mm.

With this set can be embedded hinges, castles faster and more accurately than a router with an emphasis. Tapping loops commonly used two bases interconnected line, database has a plug-in inserts for different sizes of loops and locks, you can use one database for tie, but it is less convenient and requires measurements.

The base is made of acrylic(Plexiglas) and water-resistant laminated plywood 15 mm. Regulatory framework is very simple, by moving the lower stop and the plastic part, line is made in such a way that it was easy to use. Base intended for use with a router on which the copying ring based: cutter diameter + 4 mm( example: if cutter 14 mm. the copying ring 18 mm.)

Box in the castle interior doors manual

This includes the stages of work:

  • securing the door in a horizontal position;
  • execution of preparatory work on the layout of the wooden door. Typically, the lock is set at the height of 90-110 mm from the floor, to allow for easy opening;
  • Installation DOOR-TOOL template in accordance with the markup;
  • preparation and installation of the hand router on interior doors;
  • a lock cavity opening, groove under the bar and the other elements depending on the design of the lock;
  • finishing groove (if necessary, cleaning is carried out using residual wood chisels);
  • hardware installation.

insert Dor Tol


  • the existence of different template options for different tasks in different price categories;
  • it is possible to use any MILLING, when used with the upper cutter bearing;
  • inserting metal.


  • You have to buy the insertion modes are different models of locks and hinges;
  • card loop 100 mm have different deviations in size, require different inserts to buy;
  • insert the value of 550 rub.(in comparison with similar models from competitors 230 rub.).

cost of stencil template starts at 2090 rub. and telescopic models 8200 rub. This is quite reasonable prices for builders and lovers. Price increases from the functionality and use of the vacuum cleaner.Hay templates for hinges and locks

To work lacks a universal template for hinges and locks tie-W-004 DOOR-TOOL Max Plus and its price 3300 rub. The basic kit includes a steel insert for hinge tie card 100 mm, the other insert available separately for different sizes. You have to buy an individual set of tools for tapping door hardware.

Contact store

Where to order or purchase templates for tie loops. Official site

Store Address. g. Moscow, 41 km Ring Road, Construction Fair "Slavic world" ("Mill"), a number of G-18 / 1-2
Phone 8(800)775-40-26 8(495)104-40-23

Overview universal milling carriage (UFK)

UFK 6 to mill
The carriage UFK 6 to mill

There are universal carriage, Tapping hinges and locks without copying plugs for each type of the lock plate and the response. The system of the MASTER-PROFY is a frame with a carriage which is attached to the door and clamps tightly fix the base.

There are different models of carriages for the router UFK 5, UFK6 and novelty UFK "PROS" more advanced and technologically. Using a universal carriage tapping hinges and locks can be embedded absolutely any accessories. hardware installation as factory zero error.

Box FSA loops
Simultaneous Box card hinges on the door and the box with the FSA 6

The carriage FSA is able to simultaneously punch the door hinge and the door and the bar of the box which significantly saves time and improves the fitting accuracy of installation.

bolt with UFC
Tapping bolts using post-bolt (shank) which comes complete with a carriage UFC-6

Special rack for the tie bolts, It allows you to set a milling carriage.

Principle of operation

Place the template for the hand router on the door leaf or a box.

Expose the dimensions of the loop or lock markup, the width and length.

Secure router for special mounting ring.

The carriage is ready to sidebar accessories.

Download instructions for working with the FSA

Video review of the new arrangements for tapping hinges and locks UFK types 5, UFK6 and new carriage UFK "PROS"

Goodies. Full universal milling carriage:

  • Simultaneous tie-in loops the door cloth and a box.
  • Box bolts and concealed hinges.
  • Cutting any hinges and locks.
  • Device is also used as a shiporezka or milling eyelets, quarters, "T" shaped connections on dovetail etc
  • It works without additional inserts and copying sleeves.
  • Built-fixing vise
  • Suitable for all models of routers.
  • Versatility, router easily mounted on a special mounting ring.

By tapping pattern hinges and locks fastened absolutely any router with a special fastening ring, that came in the kit. For other non-expensive models such as Fraser Phiolent have the opportunity for 600 rub. order the adapter plate.

The great advantage of the weight. Do not need to be constantly re-buy and a large number of inserts and copying bushes for tapping different in size and design hinges and locks.


  • Weight: 3,9 kg

  • Milling length X: 225 mm + O cutters

  • Y axis length: 70 mm + O cutters

  • milling depth: is the length of the cutter

  • workpiece gripping width: 165 mm

A new and even more advanced model FSA PROS has gained more functions:

  • The increased width of the preform to capture 165 mm.
  • Quick change punch center and the center clamp, thanks to increased working area of ​​the carriage.
  • Marking - for easy accurate and fast template settings.
  • Built gripe - the carriage takes up less space, it is more convenient to transport.
  • Increased rubber holders and enhanced design - made to order.
  • thanks 2 the movable element in the 3 fold increased technical capabilities, and the template for tie hinges and locks became smaller in size, Compact and convenient.


  • UFK carriage cost pricey home worker.
  • Every time they exhibit the size and technological indents.
  • problematic enough punch curly response part of the castle to the box to carry out a double calculation.
  • Lack of ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. Possible to use the staff to Fraser, and it is not a very convenient.
  • FSA is present continuously carriage instability knocks sample size and depth.

Uena UFK carriage 6 and pro

Where to buy templates for tie loops? I advise you to buy at the official site or from dealers. There were poor quality Podtyolkov.


wire: +7 (963) 624-54-18

+7 (966) 164-62-62


Moscow region, g. railway street. Ceramic d.2 office 425

The dealer for the sale of FSA Pros (universal carriage for the router)

TEL: +7 903 532 99 96

Address: Moscow, road enthusiasts, 56WITH 44

mode: PN-PT with 10:00 to 21:00

Sat-Sun 11:00 to 19:00

Compare templates for tie

Tool Universal milling carriage UFK-PROS Insert Paul Soldatov template from

Farida Kamal

price 14 800 rubles - absolutely universal template! It does not require the insertion and various sleeve 36 466 rub. - Set on the popular types of hinges and locks. 80 - inserts + purchase a copy of the sleeve 280 rub each To set the loop schablon 10000 rub; Locks, and loops just over 230 Pieces of zoo rubles. Need copying sleeve Total price for all hardware 68000 rub.
any locks Yes Yes - if there is a suitable insertion Yes
All loops Yes Yes - if there is a suitable insertion Yes
Concealed hinges Yes Yes - if there is a suitable insertion Yes
Cross-bar Yes not not
Simultaneous tie-loops in the canvas and the box Yes not not
Frezerovka demolished Yes not not
slots Yes not not
quarters Yes not not
T- shaped compounds on the dovetail Yes not not
Suitable for all types of mills Yes Yes Yes
Ease of use and setup for fitting sizes Quick and easy set-up for any size takes 15 seconds. We have to seek the appropriate box, and a lot of them Complicated setup is necessary to select the desired insert. There are different models of templates

additional tips

If all seems complicated embed their own loop using available tools. find out ways of fixing the door frame in the doorway for various types of fasteners.
In addition, look at the tools that are required for high-quality installation of doors. clear, that means a lot a good tool, but how to find a decent?

You need to know how to choose the best router, collection implement nurseries. Choose the right miter saw for precise cutting of corners and transoms of the box casings. for example, I like the store to buy cutters there is a huge variety and reasonable prices. See a selection of videos on the subject tool for professional installation of doors. Additional advice See video on tools that will be needed for the installation of doors.

I beg, leave your comments on the experience of the use of templates and carriages for mounting doors.

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One comment on the record "Overview of templates and carriages Tapping hinges and locks

  1. FSA - the size of a small pro, weighs 3 kilo. I bought recently, I take months 3. Setting really takes a few seconds (Adjust the width and length) it is difficult not understand)) and why every time at the facility to re-adjust, the facility e.g. 5 doors customized hinges and slammed all the doors have spent minutes 5 (from personal experience) further customized locks spent the same 5 min. And you're done. In real time 10 more comfortable than these inserts, which I had about 150 pcs accumulated, with them in any case of divergence obtained at least 1 millimeters, and on the door it is very evident especially in the light. With UFK very accurate setting because you put the loop itself and zero discrepancy.

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