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Popular rolled metal and use in construction

Рассмотрим наиболее популярные в строительстве металлического проката. Швеллер стальной – это один из наиболее распространённых элементов металлических конструкций, widely used in various fields of construction and industry. It has a number of unique properties, making it an indispensable factor for creating durable and reliable structures. In this article we will look at various aspects of the use of steel channels and their advantages.

Второй по популярности является уголок металлический равнополочный (also called equal angle angle or simply angle) is a metal profile, having two necessary shelves, which maintain the angle 90 degrees apart. This type of metal profile is widely used in construction, mechanical engineering, manufacturing and other fields due to its durability and versatility. Main characteristics metal equal angle corner имеют стандартные размеры, expressed in millimeters or centimeters, including changes and shelf heights.

Основные характеристики стальных швеллеров

Steel channels are horizontal metal beams, shaped like the letter "C".

They are manufactured by hot rolling steel and have standard sizes and profiles. Steel channel has different forms and purposes.

The main good channels are:

  • Height (H): this is the vertical distance from the top of the channel to its lower horizontal part.
  • Width of the lower horizontal part (B): this is the horizontal distance between the upper and lower horizontal parts of the channel.
  • Wall thickness (S): it is a measure of the thickness of the metal, from which the channel is made.
  • Mass per unit length: this is the weight of the channel per unit length, measured in kilograms or tons respectively.

Application of steel channels in construction

Steel channels are widely used in construction due to their strength, sustainability and versatility.

They are used to create reliable structures, such as:

  • Beams and columns : Channels can be used as beams to support the upper structures of buildings or as vertical columns to transfer loads from upper floors to the foundation.
  • Frames and trusses : They can be included in frames and trusses can be made for frame structures of buildings and structures.
  • Bridge structures : Channels are often used in construction bridges and highway interchanges to make strong and breakaway supports and beams.
  • Manufacturing designs : In industry, steel channels are used for the manufacture of conveyor systems, support equipment and other production facilities.
  • Rural and civil engineering structures : they are also used for the construction of agricultural buildings, residential areas and other urban construction sites.

Advantages of using steel channels

The use of steel channels has several advantages:

  • Strength : Steel channels have high strength and can withstand significant loads, which determines their correct choice for manufacturing.
  • Sustainability : Thanks to their “C” shape, the channels have good stability both in vertical, and in the horizontal plane.
  • Versatility : they are available in various sizes and profiles, which allows you to choose the appropriate option for a specific project.
  • Durability : Steel channels have a high degree of corrosion resistance and can last for a long time without replacement.
  • economy : they are usually more economical, than other similar building materials, and can save money on construction.

Various technologies and methods are used to connect steel channels in structures, such as welding, bolted connections and rivets. The choice of method depends on the project requirements and operating conditions. Steel channels are a permanent and versatile element in construction and industry. Their strength, sustainability and efficiency

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