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Heating routing rules in a private house

Everyone dreams of such housing, which will be located at a considerable distance from the city bustle. But at the same time it is necessary to create that comfort, that will appeal to everyone living. The first is to take care of the heating system, producing its quality installation. Particular attention will have to be given to the location of the boiler and the implementation of a specific routing option of heating the wiring in a private home for a variety of conditions. Pros and cons of standard schemes, their use in different types of heat medium circulation.

Beginning of work

heating wiring rulesWhen the device is carried out of the heating system in a private house with his own hands, first of all should pay attention to a thorough analysis of all conditions, in which the operation will be. Do not play small value area of ​​heated premises, selection boiler, pipeline, its diameter and material, and fuel type.

But the most important thing in this case,, which requires each owner of a private house - efficiency and excellent levels of heat. Each room should be warmed instantly and at the desired temperature. To do this, select not only the system itself, but heating and wiring in the home.

Types of heating systems

There is a sufficient number of heating systems, which differ according to different criteria. If we take the principle of coolant flow, they will be divided into:

  1. compulsory. For the distribution of water through the pipes of the heating system uses electric. heating wiring rulesAt his expense and operating the whole complex. Most often when buying a boiler, in his kit will include a built-in pump. But it is worth paying attention to the possibility, depending on the equipment supply. Heat can not be distributed on the carrier system, if there is an accident and lost network.
  2. gravity. They are called differently Samotechny. I.e, the heat carrier is directed to the boiler radiator independently. convection principle is present. The substitution of cold liquid with hot. The only disadvantage of it is that, that there is a certain limit of the maximum number of radiators, connected to the system. She will not be able to fully carry out heating air in a cottage in a few floors and plenty of room. But there is no connection to the power supply, that can be attributed to a number of positive qualities.

Once we decided on the choice of a particular variant heating system, you must pay attention to the option wiring. It is most often played a major factor in the functioning of the entire heating system.

classification of the wirings

Types of heating systems differ in circulation, number of pipe circuits and device type. Various kinds of wirings, and ways to connect heat exchangers. Consider options for mounting the heating circuits in a private house, recommendations piping.

There are four categories of wirings, used in a private home ownership.

  • Single-pipe heating wiring in a private structure. To say in simple words, in this case there is a serial connection of the battery to the pipe, coming from the boiler. In that order, depending on the distance from the boiler, It will be the coolant distribution. Consequently, radiator is located farther from the heat source, the colder it will be. No unevenness, that affects a particular room in a private house.
  • Two-pipe. Besides straight pipe with the hot coolant pipe to the boiler goes from the heating elements, dubbed "tank line". There already is a uniform transfer of heat to all system components. The air is getting comfortable in each room. should know, how to make the heating wiring correctly.

    heating wiring rules
    Two-pipe system

  • Manifold. Collector It established not only in each separate room, but also on the floor, if more than one in a private house. Subsequently made their connection to the boiler by means of a pair of tubes. Proper heating wiring for some professionals looks that way.
  • radiation. The pipe with the coolant rises to a height, where possible. Sometimes even produced its installation on garret. It was from her and will be sent to your batteries kind of individual pipes with hot carrier. It resembles a "ray", from what had wiring that name.

In any of the cases presented just need to know, how to make wiring heating.

The choice of tubes

Before, how to make the heating wiring in a private home, It is defined with material pipes themselves. heating wiring rulesEach of these options has its pros and cons, are worth paying attention to the time of purchase.

The smallest version of the popular steel, including those made of stainless steel. This is due to sufficient weight total structure, as well as a complex process of installing them. It is not always possible to carry out the correct wiring of the heating in the house with his own hands. It has to involve a specialist for welding. Additionally, the need to thread connections (thread). This rabotka under heating takes a lot of time.

It is impossible to calculate the optimal variant and tubes of metal, in spite of a very simple and fast heating system installation. This is largely due to operational period, when necessarily have to check all possible metal compounds design and implement lift, if necessary. Consequently, to hide it, eg, the floor, It will not be. If in addition to this is always "jumping" and the temperature pressure in system, last for a long time she could not.heating wiring rules

An excellent embodiment, but do not consider the budget, be copper pipes. They are characterized by significant advantages, including corrosion standoff and long service life. The difficulty lies not only in the purchase of such an expensive product, but also in the installation. That the quality remains high, better to see a specialist.

If we consider these criteria, as efficiency and functionality, most excellent option would be for the purchase of heating system in a private house pipes polypropylene. But when you select should pay attention to the use of the heating system. There suitable pipe with internal reinforcement of aluminum or fiberglass.

Single-tube wiring

To start the beginning of installation of the heating system with one pipe wiring, it is best to purchase and install regulators on batteries. They can be presented in the form of valves or valves. So it will be easier to distribute the water pressure in the system. In addition to this optional balancing valve, residing on the pipeline.heating wiring rules

There are two main options, by which this is done the correct heating wiring in a private home. This is a horizontal or vertical. The first popularly called "Leningradka". First, let's stop for a horizontal arrangement. Name comes from, The pipeline should be located at the perimeter of all rooms. installation can be carried out in the floor or on top of it along the wall. Everything will depend on the preferences of the Executive. the main thing, withstand even a slight incline in descending order from the boiler.

He also used for private homes in several floors. But here you need to understand, how to make the heating wiring in the home. To first radiator of the second floor is made eyeliner riser. Even in such a case it is possible to control water flow, and temperature regimes. For this purpose, carried out its tie-tap on each floor in the pipeline. Only disadvantage of using this embodiment of the wiring - the need to pump the acquisition, allowing to carry out the circulation of water in the system. You can certainly do without it, but in this embodiment, heat transfer is reduced to a minimum rate. But even here it is possible to perform wiring of the heating system with their own hands.

heating wiring rules

In another way, everything happens at the vertical wiring pipe system. The direction from boiler to loft space laid pipe in the vertical position. From it produced a kind of branch of each battery in the rooms. Use the pump there is no need, since the method is considered to be the gravitational. After heating the water in it rises up system, and then later drop below. The main drawback is the need of acquisition pipes with a large inner diameter. In addition, the cover system, such components will be almost impossible.


For proper installation of two-pipe heating system wiring should be installed two circuits: pipe for supplying coolant to the batteries and return back to heat. To connect the radiators themselves applied parallel variant. Due to this arrangement may be lower pipework, as well as to independently adjust each component. If the produce to bring to the ideal of one of them, it does not affect the performance of all other.heating wiring rules

These embodiments reduce the heating wiring shortcomings pipe system, having reduced power consumption and a higher degree of heat. The entire area of ​​the room will warm uniformly without jumps of temperature modes.

In addition, to make installation on the air vent radiators, and a shut-off valve in place of the hot carrier. This allows you to control the temperature of each battery in the room and individually. No need to install on the return line valves.

This type of wiring can not do without the drawbacks, which are shown in the expenditure of materials during the heating device of the system. After all, you have to buy double the number of pipes in comparison with the single-pipe version.

collector wiring

The pre-heating system should generate high-quality installation circulating pump. Only after this can be arranged supply pipe and return. If the natural circulation will be used, it can not be sent to the coolant system. Initially, there is supply, eg, water collector, whereupon it is sent on all components, warming the air inside the premises of a private house.heating wiring rules

As a component used valves, which must be located on any collector output. Despite the huge amount originally buck, all pay off in the near future. In addition, there are other virtues, which boasts these methods of heating the wiring in the house:

  • Neither circuit does not enter into relationship with each other. Each room can have quite different temperature readings. If there is a need.
  • replacement may be performed during operation in a heating system separate radiators as they emerge from the system and reinstall. After this will only include them in the system.
  • is meant a separate cabinet for manifold, not significant in size, and the entire line hides very well under the floor or in the walls. Everything will depend on the interior.
  • By this system, you can implement underfloor connection.
  • For installation, you can begin the process of self. the main thing, strictly adhere to the sequence of all activities.

    heating wiring rules
    collector wiring

If you look at the structure of the wiring of the heating system, we can conclude, it is a kind of a kind of two-pipe version. The only difference - the use of the installation of additional parts and components, which make the whole system more practical and economical.

This is evident in the excellent heat transfer from the batteries into the room, and the power consumption is greatly reduced. Pays off period it takes considerably less time interval. These methods of heating in a private house wiring are increasingly used.

The efficiency of the heating system circulation pump

The circulation pump in the heating system of the individual plays an important role. If you need to quickly warm up the air in the rooms of the house, and the efficiency of the heating system should be high. We are talking about heating appliances - radiators, Underfloor heating systems. The faster the heat sink will generate heat exchange between water and air, effective will the whole heating system.

installation of heating pump
Scheme pump installation

individual heating system, we must ensure that the radiator gives off heat, he is hot and the water in the radiator outlet Nebel very cold. Otherwise the boiler will work wear, and this is not good. Here we will help circulation pump that will support water circulation. radiator which will keep the temperature, and water does not return to the boiler supercooled.

In this case the heating system with natural circulation is no longer- inefficiently. Primarily because of the inertia, rate of water depends on the water temperature. Wait until the water is heated and then cools, there is a slow and inefficient way.

The circulation pump is switched on and we eliminate all natural cork, related to the temperature difference. individual heating system circulates any cold water-, hot all depends because she managed to cool down or warm up. The water goes in and comes back with the same speed in the boiler.

What we have? Reducing fuel consumption in the boiler. supposing, coolant temperature necessary for 65*. individual heating system cold water, the boiler operates at the maximum. the temperature rises, Water does not have time to cool completely in a single pass of the heating system, the boiler goes to cut cost robots, It maintains the temperature. If the output 65* and at the entrance 60* in each radiator heated up to 64* a string to 61* degrees. So radiators give full power, the boiler does not have to heat the water up to 70*-75* degrees and above spend extra energy. Same way we have the possibility to set the temperature of each radiator separately. If we have a warm room and a kitchen that the heat sink temperature can be lowered, and we'll get additional savings. Circulation pump chasing water for the heating system get the convenience when you need to set the radiator 35* degrees(heating system with natural circulation is not possible) autumn and spring months, cool but not cold.

2 floor heating

individual heating system circulation pump , we are paving the small diameter pipe. You say that this will give us? Will give savings in the purchase of pipes, reduce the amount of water in the heating system and the cost of gas for water heating and rapid heating.

natural circulation

In all of the embodiments of heating systems with natural circulation wirings can be used. In it the expansion tank must be provided, to house the coolant at higher temperatures. This in turn helps to control his blood pressure level, excluding damage to all equipment.

Connecting all heating system components is performed when the upper wiring. Only in this case the heating medium can spread evenly heating radiators and pass the required level of temperature inside the room. Here, great importance play conduit bias. He will be intended for feed direction for the coolant. Typically, the angle is chosen during assembly in 5 degrees, which will be enough. You can highlight its advantages:

  • No dependence on electricity, in the case of a circulating pump.
  • Reliability.
  • No noise during use.
  • Simplicity in operation.

    heating wiring rules
    Scheme natural circulation

But all the shortcomings of much more. The main difficulty lies in installation work. After all, here you need to create a constant slope throughout the pipeline. It should be maintained for each meter. It can not be used in private homes, if the total area of ​​over 100 square meters. In the case of the use of metal pipes and radiators, over time and water as the coolant lead to corrosion. In this case, in addition to water anything else can not be used in the heating system. Also among the minuses gets a great flow pipe, When heating is required in such wiring design.

The two-story building

On private houses in two floors, there are certain requirements for the selection of layout and its quality installation. The most versatile in this case, is endowed with two-pipe heating system. It is possible to come to a greater efficiency of its work, if before each radiator to carry out installation adjustment tank.heating wiring rules

The two-story structure of the natural circulation may be used. There will be sufficient positioned in the expansion vessel is not on the attic, and on the second floor. Feed tube assembly is mounted at a window sill in a room or ceiling. If you replace it all on the circulation pump, It can be used an additional source of heat in the room - heated floors, as well as heated towel rails. And this can be done not only at the first, but the second floor of the building.

In any case, all will depend on the quality of mounting, allowing to obtain a valid comfort in every room in a private house. When there is no knowledge, how to make a layout of heating your hands, the best option - the involvement of experts. They will finish the work within the allotted time frame and with high quality and know, how to do the wiring in the house heating

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