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Tips for choosing a grout for a tile and technology of drawing composition

At first glance, it seems, that grouting - a fairly simple process. However, if you grasp the essence of the process, you need to make some effort, to achieve the integrity of vision laid tile. Proper grouting technology will not only help hide minor flaws, obtained when laying tile webs, but also because of its antibacterial properties, trowel mixture will prevent mold and mildew in the bathroom.

Types of tile grout

Modern building materials market among grouts offers the following options:vidy-plitochnyh-zatirok

  • Trowel mixture based on cement. Is the most common type of grout, used today. Typically, such grout produced in the form of powder mixtures. Before work, the mixture was diluted with water in a ratio of, indicated on the packaging. Apart from cement, composed of mixtures of additives are, giving her flexibility and strength. Cement grout suitable for filling joints to polsantimetra. The downside is a long drying material.
  • Mixture, of which consists of cement and sand. Addition of a mixture of sand trowel, It allows to use it in larger joints. The downside of such a grouting is undesirable to use together with glazed tiles: small grains of sand can damage the surface of the covering material.
  • Grouting on the basis of furan. They are black and are used on an industrial scale. Their advantages - durability and high strength, However, the complexity of application and high costs do not allow to use it for grouting between the tiles in the bathroom.
  • epoxy grout. In addition to traditional cement composition includes the epoxy resin, adding strength and elasticity of the material during solidification. Resin grouting have a rich range of colors and perfectly protect the joints from mold and moisture.
  • Latex mixture trowelling. Is the last word among modern grout. Popular among consumers due to its high resistance to water and a wide color palette. It has quite a high price.
  • Trowelling mixture of silicone-based. For the most part are sealed silicone. There may be different shades, but their main purpose - sealing of joints, because the gaps between the joints have a greater width.

In some rubbing mixture added chemicals to improve their properties or plastic beauty. for example, a grout can be added, or other deposition tinsel, that when finishing gives a totally different view of the room. detail, how to choose a grout.


Self grout tile joints

To grout was made correctly, and in the process no difficulties, should become familiar with technologies and stages of grouting tile joints.

Preparation tools and materials

With self-grouting finances will go only for the purchase of material, because the work will be done personally, and some of the tools likely to eat at home. For grouting required:instrumenti-dlya-zatirki-shvov-plitki

  • A set of small rubber spatula, with which it will be applied and the mixture was distributed trowel;
  • Small container for mixing grout;
  • building a knife, file or nail file, as well as a brush. These tools are required for scraping tile adhesive from the joints, and then delete it;
  • Foam sponge for wet cleaning after tile grout;
  • If the package grouts recommended the use of gloves and masks while working, they also need to prepare.

Also it is necessary to prepare a certain amount of clean water and the proper mixture itself trowel. Typically, dry grout can be sold in small paper bags, and ready-mix in small buckets.

Preparing the joints and grouts

To prepare the tile seams for further processing, you need to clear them from the tile adhesive residues. This is done by building the knife. To gently hold the knife blade tile in the space several times, for, to loosen the frozen tile adhesive. Then use a brush to clean and fine dust particles and dirt.

If the building does not help the knife to scrape enough solid glue, Use a file or building a small nail file-attachment. The procedure should take place very slowly and carefully, especially when used as a facing tile, covered with icing. If a little bit hurt the lateral edge of the tiles, you may receive cleavage, which spoil the appearance of the product. After remove dirt and dust with a vacuum cleaner or brush.

Experts recommend to strictly follow the instructions and diluted mixture of precisely those proportions of water, indicated on the packaging. When joints become empty and ready to be filled, Prepare mixture trowel.

It is necessary to prepare only the amount of solution that can be used within 30 minutes.To begin pour water into the vessel, then slowly pour cement powder, gently stirring his hand whisk or rubber spatula. It is important to prepare as much mixture, how you can use at a time, because depending on the time of drying grout, it may start to harden already in the process of applying.

Stir the grout should be carefully, to all the lumps have disappeared. after mixing,, it should be left to 5 minutes, and then again a little stir. Consistency trowel mixture should be flexible and like a thick cream, but it does not flow out of the seams and do not take a lump in their. If this happens, it is better to add a little water or a mixture of, that the result was not disappointing.

If you think, that the tile adhesive has started to solidify its not worth using.

Filling grouting


Many professionals recommend that before applying the grout joints with water to moisten. This implies a better grip with tile adhesive, so do not neglect this Council. This can be done with a brush, foam sponge or spray bottle.

The direction of motion spatula on the wall does not matter, but the master recommended to start grouting tiles with upper seams. In this way, if a sudden drop of the grout with a trowel, it will not spoil the finished seam.

Better visually divide the tiled canvas on conditional blocks and work individually with each of them, so as not to get lost and not get lost in the search for unfilled seams.

Apply the grout should be perpendicular to the location of the joint cross-strokes. In this case, you must do it quickly, as if pushing the mixture into tile space. Trowel the remaining mixture to collect a rubber spatula, and applied to the next seam.

Next, you should wait for drying grout. Which can be determined by looking at its color - it is significantly brighten, and consistency will no longer stick to hands. Usually enough several hours to completely dry at room temperature, provided the average, but this time may vary depending on the type of the selected grout. Find out how much will need to grout mixture, will help online calculator.

Cleaning grout joints from excess

ochistka-shvov-ot-izbytka-zatirkiAfter that, how the grout has dried well, clean the area around the seams of its residues. You can use a slightly dampened with water foam sponge. Wipe every seam, removing excess mixture trowel. Keep in mind, that the wet cleaning surface to be wiped seams, otherwise in places, where the grout is dry do not end up, sponge can remove it from the joints. In that case this layer and damage the grouting adds inaccuracy.

Traces of cement grout remain permanently, therefore, after the first wet cleaning, you'll have to do it a few more times. In later times, pay attention to the entire tiled canvas, it may remain stains and spots. For this, wipe the tiles with a damp sponge, and then dry with a soft cloth. Repeat the procedure several times to achieve the tiles shine. You can check this by looking at the web tiled sloped in good light. read more, how to remove the dried grout.

What to look for when working with grout tile


  • The process of grouting floor tiles is similar occupation, However, there is another method for grouting tiles on the floor, which is fast. If the floor tiles are not sufficiently smooth and glazed, then use manual mesh construction with special soft rubber grip. Wide and sweeping movements mixture was trowel applied and rubbed it into the seams. To lay down uniform grout, it makes a little bit thinner, than grout for walls.
  • If you can not determine the width of tile joints, note, too narrow seams is quite difficult to fill grout. In this regard, they may lose leak, and in the voids will be formed and accumulate moisture mold. Too wide joints also have the disadvantage: floating in a seam will crack and crumble. The most optimum value for the width of the joint is 3-4 mm.
  • To prevent cracking of the cement grouting, experts advise to make a thick solution, and proportioning kneading solution. Grout can also be crumbled by exposure to hot water or improper preparation of the base. Also not recommended to open the windows and to arrange drafts during drying grout

If you doubt the consistency of the solution, correctness of its mixing and application, you can always refer to the instructions on the package grouting. If the independent procedure of work you can not afford, Refer to qualified professionals for help. Do not neglect the advice of professionals, and then your tile will last for many years.




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