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Creating a false ceiling in the apartment

Each owner of the apartment, planning to make repairs, faced with the ceiling. Basically they have irregularities, from which it is difficult to get rid. For this purpose plasterboard. Suspended plasterboard easy to assemble their own hands, This saves not only money. When creating a drywall constructions present responsibilities and procedures.

Подвесной потолок из гипсокартона
Shaped ceiling with his hands with more lighting and main lighting

False ceiling in the apartment

Suspended ceilings have a great many. They can be classic, curly, one level or more. There are also many variations of combining lighting ceiling.

Подвесной одноуровневый гипсокартонный потолок
Suspended plasterboard ceiling with individually created backlit

Basic systems of suspended ceilings made of plasterboard:

  1. Single Level - classic smooth ceiling with a chandelier.

    одноуровневый потолок
    Sibling plasterboard ceiling lighting with a basic

  2. many levels - shaped elements, as well as the division of a room into zones.

    многоуровневый потолок
    Zoning the living room with the help of multi-level ceiling of plasterboard with backlight

  3. Combined ceiling - mainly comes from the combination of boxes with drywall stretch ceiling.

    Комбинированный потолок
    Combined ceiling drywall and stretched canvas

  4. Backlight - plays an important role in the false ceiling. This may be the primary light and the night illumination of LED strip.

    гипсокартонный потолок с подсветкой
    The backlight on the plasterboard ceiling acts as a night light

To create a unique lighting fixtures are installed in the correct position, that is not at the same level, in this way, the beams crossed the room zone.

The sequence of creating a false ceiling

To carry out installation of the false ceiling of plasterboard algorithm observed certain actions:

  1. Collecting and acquisition of materials and tools.

    инструменты материалы
    Instruments, materials for plasterboard ceiling

  2. Create a sketch on paper.

    эскиз для гипсокартонного потолка
    Sketch project for plasterboard ceiling with curly elements and podvsvetkoy

  3. Preliminary work for further mounting.

    подготовительные работы
    Preparatory works before installing the false ceiling of plasterboard

  4. Implementation of the markings on the base surface.

    разметка для гипсокартонного потолка
    marking the work to the ceiling according to the shot size

  5. Mounting frame of the chosen material (metal profiles).Installation skeleton under hl
  6. plasterboard paneling. important stage, where some of the nuances may occur secrets when working with GVL.

    гипсократон на металлическом каркасе
    Fastening drywall to the metal frame

  7. Reinforcement joints on established plasterboard ceiling.

    заделка гипсокартонных стыков
    Reinforcement joints using reinforcing tape

  8. Finishing plasterboard work structure.

    шпатлевавшие подвесного потолка
    surface preparation for painting the ceiling plasterboard, sticking oboev

Caution must be a phased process in order to avoid errors, that, may be incorrigible.

Necessary materials. Set of tools

To create a lasting, beautiful ceiling must purchase materials manufacturers, proved from the best party on the quality of products. The most popular company is «KNAUF».


For frame production under the brand ceiling need to purchase a set of profiles:

Профили для создания каркаса
guide, ceiling profiles

The guide - the basis for creating the frame. The guide profile is inserted and fixed ceiling.

Ceiling profile - lathing creates a basis for framing drywall. This element attached drywall sheets. therefore, acquiring materials for the frame, use only one firm with high quality materials.


гипсокартон для потолка
Moisture-proof gypsum board ceiling

Depending on the room selected Brand drywall. If this bathroom, balcony, attic then applied moisture resistant plasterboard sheets. When creating a ceiling in the corridor, living room, Bedrooms used conventional GCR Gray. If you want to make a false ceiling with his hands in the room, where a fireplace or furnace from crude, Then apply heat-resistant drywall red.

plasterboard false ceiling sheet 9.5mm thick is used., but it is better to use 12.5mm. two layers of sheet Ideally relies on Technology. Ceiling structure must be securely fastened.


крепежи для каркаса потолка из гипсокартона
Fasteners used to create the metal frame ceiling

Fasteners for plasterboard false ceilings must comply with quality certificates. If the fasteners are of poor quality production, it can lead to fragility frame. Well proven elements from the company Knauf.

And take another such material for suspended ceiling plasterboard:

  1. Direct suspension.
  2. Connector for profiles - crab.
  3. Extension cord - in case, If the ceiling has a large quadrature.
  4. dowel 8/10. Anchor bolts for suspension.
  5. To connect the frame members to the base of the concrete base, require screws 4.2/51
  6. Self-tapping screw for joining profiles, as well as for plasterboard with a skeleton.
  7. Primer - for rough ceiling with antiseptic, Drywall usual.
  8. Putty for reinforcing joints.
  9. Putty "Finish" plaster.

    Материалы для упрочнения подвесного потолка
    Materials for reinforcing a false ceiling

  10. reinforcing tape.
  11. Damper tape for metal framework elements, as well as to close the angles on the rough ceiling.
  12. Mineral wool.

Set of tools, without which the creation of a false ceiling of plasterboard is not possible:

  1. ruler, meter, pencil, building level (laser machine).
  2. Drill and drill set.
  3. Screwdriver or screwdriver.
  4. building mixer.
  5. Shears for cutting metal.

    Набор инструментов для гипсокартонного потолка
    Tools for creating a false ceiling

  6. Building a knife and a set of blades.
  7. A set of spatulas.
  8. bead, brush.
  9. Sandpaper.

After gathering all the necessary tools, and see a list of materials you can safely move on to the next steps.

Drawing ceiling

Чертеж подвесного потолка из гипсокартона
Drawing the ceiling plasterboard

To create a sketch on paper, required size of the room, in which the planned ceiling of plasterboard. In this project, you need to draw the desired ceiling with all sizes. It is noted here marking for the frame, drawn curly elements of the ceiling plasterboard. On a separate sheet of paper creates electric circuit for backlighting. Each lamp is noted separate point. In the diagram shown switch, sockets.

In mandatory to mark the spot fasteners framing basics. Also in the drawing should be considered the thickness of the gypsum board.

Do not neglect millimeters, as they may be of great importance in the installation frame.

Preparatory work

Before work is required to carry out preparatory work. The room shall be made furniture, which can be a hindrance in the work process. Further, walls, ceiling cleaned of wallpaper, paints and other finishing materials. The walls should sweep away the dust and cobwebs.

Освобождение потолка от старой отделки
Preparatory work with the base frame to the ceiling montazhlm for suspended ceiling

If after removing the paint or wallpaper there were holes, then carried out plastering work and are given time to dry. Gap slightly expanded and reinforced using tape serpyanku, which prevents further movement of crack.

плесень на потолке
Mildew stains should to get rid rack mounting for suspended ceiling

Upon detection of molds necessary to carry out a series of procedures obsushivaniya place, after which require priming mixture with antiseptic. The solution was applied to the entire surface of the blister.

The walls near the ceiling should be smooth, because to them in the future will be fixed guide profile. If there are depressions or mounds - get rid of them. All is brought under the level. To check on the smoothness of the surface can be used normally.

After drying plaster, primer around the perimeter of the angle between the wall and the ceiling laid damper tape. It serves as a seal between the wall and the metal profiles, and also a sound insulating material. Tape is adhered by an angle by means of adhesives.

Демпферная лента на углу базового потолка
Damper tapes for metal profiles

At the preparatory stage of lighting is required to determine the. Acquire travel lamps. Their size depends on the height of the ceiling.

Marking the ceiling plasterboard

installation ceiling plasterboard produced according shot measurements made on markings on rough ground and the walls. For the markup you want to find the lowest corner of the ceiling. From this point of retreat height of the suspended structure, considering the height and thickness of drywall fixtures, around the perimeter of the premises to carry out a horizontal line. This line will serve as a guide for guiding profiles. Above markup made drill holes for fasteners. The distance is equal to half of the back of the guide profile. The holes should be at a distance of up to 40cm. in the corners, as well as the profile of the edges of 15cm.

разметка для гипсокартонного потолка
To mark up should be clearly, exactly observing the accuracy in size

The second step is to apply for a line of ceiling rails directly on the rough ceiling. plasterboard sheet is attached around the perimeter, as well as the median line. Standard Sheet Size 120 cm., therefore required to draw a line through each 60cm. On these lines, designated the point of suspension mounting.

You can now mark the line of the transverse, which are made from a ceiling profile. Transverse lines are laid between the main lines at a distance from each other 40cm. This will enhance the construction of a suspended ceiling. In these segments are also marked place fasteners.

Markup marked by crosses (circles) space for future fixtures. They must be in a certain sequence, and lie on one line.

Разметка подвесного потолка
On the marked lines are marked places for future fixtures

Council. To calculate the exact height of the ceiling plasterboard, should take the lowest point (corner) from her retreat to the floor height of the guide profile, plus the thickness of the gypsum board plus 8mm. gap.

Creating a metal frame

Installation skeleton under the foundations of the ceiling drywall begins with guiding profiles. Care should be taken to check each level and fixed on a flatness element. so:

  1. Application on the wall marking fixed guide profile. Here, for the required mounting dowels. On the back of the guide profile is glued sealing tape. The profile should be attached in such a way, to the lower part coincides with the line. The pre-made plugs are inserted into the holes, After the profile is twisted softwood.

    направляющий профиль на стене для каркаса на потолок
    Fixation of the guide profile to the frame under the plasterboard

  2. The next step is to mount hangers. The first row near the wall on the rough ceiling - hangers are attached at a distance of 25cm. Each subsequent row - fixing occurs through 50 cm. for the attachment member is required to glue seal for disposal of metal in contact with the concrete surface. You can attach the tape to the suspension, and then fix it. suspension mount is made only by means of anchor bolts. Because plasterboard ceiling weighs, then it must be rigidly mounted. Screws can not withstand the load from the ground and povyskakivali.

    фиксация подвеса на черновом потолке
    Fixing the hangers to the ceiling for road marking

  3. Ceiling profile is inserted into the guide, fixed with screws, and fixed to the suspensions. There is a very important moment of the plane evenness. For this purpose the level, rule, you can pull the thread, which will determine the boundary plane. Projecting ends hanger bent inwards, to be able to attach drywall.

    фиксация потолочного профиля
    Fixing ceiling profile using hangers and guide

  4. transverse. They should be the size of 40cm. from one profile to another. Ceiling profile is cut with scissors to the desired metal in pieces. They also attached to the suspensions. Crab is their fixation with profiles.

    Фиксация поперечных
    Fixation cross in the frame for suspended ceiling

After you create a lasting framework, it should be checked for the position in the plane (Rovnosti), as well as the stiffness. If it squeaks, reeling, arises structure fragility, Then there are weak fixing the ceiling of plasterboard and fixed, avoid unsteadiness.

металлический каркас для подвесного потолка
Metal frame for suspended ceiling should be smooth, durable
электропроводка для подвесного потолка
All wires must be in the corrugation

Further, held communication, electrical wiring. For the safety of all the wires are placed in a special corrugation, which makes contact with the metal. Upon heating wire circuit may occur. Provision is made according to the wiring diagram. In places mounting fixtures, should be set outside the wire - 15-20cm.

All the wires are not connected to the mains until all installation and finishing works.

To prevent sharp temperature drop (in a private house) or for sound insulation in the finished metal frame fits mineral wool.

Installation of drywall to the newly created framework

In order to tackle the mounting frame to the plasterboard, Drywall sheets are prepared. For this, initially in front of all the work in, Drywall should be put in the room, which creates a ceiling. The material should stay in the room is not less than a day. Thereafter, with the help of a neighbor begins finish metal frame.

The first thing you want to see every leaf on the presence of a chamfer (along the corner of the sheet to be bevelled at 45 degrees 5 mm.). If it is not present - it is necessary to make a plane. Knife does not have to do that - it turns out rough edges and damage the top layer of cardboard.

монтаж гипсокартона на металлический каркас
Proper mounting drywall sheets on the frame

First, whole sheets of plasterboard are attached to the frame by means of another person. The horizontal lines of sheets should not be the same, It depends on the structural strength. Therefore, one sheet is secured to one side frame, and the second on the other hand. This creates a checkerboard design. plasterboard sheet is fixed with screws 35 mm. Fasteners made of sheet edges on 1 cm. profile, and step 15 cm. It is not necessary to tighten the screws too much - it's bad impact on GCR. Later, he may break or deform. On one sheet must be 3 number of screws and the cross.

After that, all solid sheets are fixed, you can proceed to the cutting of the pieces, which should close the rest of the frame.

How to cut the drywall

Sheet is placed on a flat table. It is applied marking pencil. The line with a ruler and a sharp knife incision to half the thickness of the drywall. Thereafter, the incision part must extend the boundaries of the table. When pressing sheet in burst cutting area. Piece required bend, leaving the folding cardboard strip on the other side. Now, with these 2 pieces, which are on the same level do cardboard angle 90gradusov. A knife blade is placed to stop the corner created gypsum angle and gently held across fold lines. In this way, sheet will be cut exactly.

как резать ГКЛ
Proper cutting drywall

On cut pieces of drywall need to chamfer, and then fix it to the frame.

Screws should be slightly pressed into drywall (but not much). Then they will not stick out above the surface of the ceiling and get perfectly smooth and beautiful.

Reinforcement of joints and finishing

Reinforcement of joints - important work, which creates a strength of the whole structure plasterboard. The joints must be "sealed". They give life ceiling.

To reinforce the joints of their original dry brush should be free from stones and dust. After that, the entire ceiling is treated with a vacuum cleaner. The roller is applied a primer coating on plasterboard. All joints are coated with a brush is very good with a primer.

покрытие стыка грунтовкой
Priming brush drywall joints

After a drying time, prepared A solution of a special putty for reinforcing seams. And also need reinforcing tape - serpyanka, reinforced paper. On thin layer superimposed seam filler (it should be good, "trample" in seam). On top of the crude mixture was applied tape. Center tape should come with a seam. The edges of the tape are pressed and smoothed. To avoid air bubbles, carried on top of middle trowel. Excess solution retracts, and the tape a few "utopia" in putty. After a short drying the seam overlaps another layer fillers and well aligned. Also with this solution are closed all places of drywall fasteners.

шпаклевание мест крепежей
It is a special shpaktevkoy close all attachment points

After drying sandpaper solution produced grout. All extra protruding elements are cleaned at the same time.

After the end of the reinforcement should be finish spacklingit is. To this solution was applied to gypsum-based. To put it should be a thin layer, observing flatness. Is invalid in one place lumen drywall, and the other protuberance of solution.

After drying the mixture, sandpaper held grout entire surface. If necessary, (many gaps drywall) plaster solution is applied again to the ceiling.

затирка гипсокартонного подвесного потолка
Grout ceiling plasterboard is carried out using sandpaper

After the grouting, all the dust is removed. The result was a durable and perfectly smooth ceiling. For further finishing (sticking oboev, painting, applying decorative tape) cover the entire ceiling tedious primer. In the corners, where lack roller, used brush.

Holes for outlets and light fixtures is done by using a special nozzle on the drill. They have different size, therefore it is necessary to treat it very carefully. If the hole is larger, than light, it will create a difficult problem to be solved.

Terms of care for suspended ceiling

For long-term operation of the suspended ceiling should adhere to certain rules:rub the ceiling hl

  1. Plasterboard not "likes" sudden changes in temperature and high humidity. Gaining a moisture, and after giving her, ceiling starts to deform, will crack. Therefore, the best option would be optimal percentage of humidity in the room to 75. Temperature conditions should change gradually.
  2. For the maintenance of the ceiling clean should be cleaned with a dry soft microfibre. If any spots, You can dampen the cloth, but it is good to squeeze, then gently wipe the stain. Plasterboard is destroyed by exposure to alkalis. From the ceiling depends on the quality of the paint wear and the possibility of wet cleaning.
  3. Do not rub on the ceiling, the back of the sponge (tough), and other abrasive items.

Suspended ceiling makes the room cleaner, be careful, lighter. When properly executed, and the main light illumination, ceiling will integrate harmoniously into the overall design of the room, without breaking, and creating in it the harmony of peace and comfort.



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