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Laying electric underfloor

Under floor heating is meant heating subfloors indoors. These systems are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Most often used in cottage construction. But on their own is difficult to choose a particular option for a floor construction, to the quality match the price. After this will only make laying of warm electric sex according to the requirements and sequence of work.

principle actions

Radiator heating is based on the Convention, when heated air rises from the floor to the ceiling base. laying electric underfloorIn this case, the hot air flow is most concentrated in the ceiling. But with underfloor heating all turns out a little differently. It is warm floor, and the ceiling contained lower temperatures. Comfort then increased at the expense of heating the entire body from the feet. Due to the greater area of ​​the location of all components of the floor heating, and increased heat, that distinguishes them from the radiators.

Among the main positive qualities can be identified:

  1. Saving coolant through the ability to control and regulate the temperature level.
  2. There is no need to constantly look at the windows radiators, and spoil the interior of the room.

Some may say that, that all of these components underfloor heating harm to human health. But here it is necessary to understand correctly. The magnetic field of the electric floor heating max 2-3 mT. These indicators are even lower than the admissible norm for the human body. The same applies to infrared radiation, which is comparable with the radiation of the human body. On the contrary, even, infrared light allows the human body to warm up faster and increase blood circulation. Consequently, any harm electric floor heating not bear.

Convention radiator heating causes a large amount of dust. With underfloor such problems will not, because its number is markedly reduced. Besides thermostats allow you to set the optimal level of temperature in the room, depending on the needs.

Types of underfloor heating

Depending on, what kind of heating element is used in floor heating system, the latter will have a certain classification. There are three main types of the selected systems:

  1. cable. The basis - heating cable (odnožilʹnyj, two-core), which transfers heat to the base floor. Subsequently, it is covered after laying concrete screed certain thickness. Usually it is at least 30 mm.laying electric underfloor

Their value is somewhat lower, than heating mats, that can be attributed to the positive quality. Step on the floor laying cable, you can choose your own, whichever, what temperature it is necessary to transfer the base, and what area to cover. But it is worth noting, that the process installation of floor heating It takes longer, that requires a device screed. Due to the base layer filling some heating occurs for a long time, that requires waiting.

When using a thin heating cable, possible to arrange a layer of tile adhesive over it, to produce a flooring option chosen floor covering. Instead of glue may get ordinary cement. laying electric underfloor carried out regardless of whether, what kind of room is equipped with and what form it has. Heating cables are also among the economical.laying electric underfloor

  1. infrared. Suitable for "dry" floor heating installation.

It is called the film one electric underfloor. Heating element - heat resistant film, possessing such qualities, flexibility and subtlety. Inside the film strips are arranged, containing carboxylic paste. All the elements are interconnected copper busbars, which serve for the receipt of tension in. No concrete screed do not have to hold here, and can immediately produce flooring floor covering, such laminate.laying electric underfloor

  1. heating mats. Used directly under the deck floor covering.

Mats also presented in the form of cable, which is placed in a nylon mesh, having a width 50 cm. laying electric underfloorSuitable for those spaces, where there is no possibility to perform concrete floor the required thickness. The heating cable mat has a small thickness of about 3 mm, which is attached to the glass-fiber. Standard step of laying the floor heating cable - 50-70 mm, which at the ends is connected to a thermostat. Most often, the mats are installed with thermostat with manual adjustment. You can also use a programming device, where warm air is given a certain program in the room (for days, weeks, etc.).

mounting methods

installation electric floor heating system It has options. Besides, that the cable is placed into the bed concrete screed, so they can be laid directly onto a ceramic tile. There is an option and film sexes, which is laid under a flooring any variant.

In the bathroom or in the kitchen is best to put the system of floor heating in the screed. laying electric underfloorThere is only fit underfloor heating cable. But we must not forget, it is necessary to arrange a layer of hydro and insulation under the system. A layer of screed height will depend on the specific conditions and requirements.

You can do without a tie and a layer of insulation in the case, if the floor below there is a heated room. Sufficient to cover the heating elements tile adhesive, which is capable of protecting them from external influences. In the subsequent laying of ceramic tiles produced, creating an additional protective barrier for the floor heating system. But in any case, you should carefully read the instructions to the product, is acquired. It usually prescribed such a possibility installation of floor heating electric.

Capital work remain in the application side of the film (infrared) underfloor heating. It does not have to dismantle the old tie or carry out other dirty work. It will be enough to make laying of insulation layer (polyethylene foam) a floor screed, which is available in the room. Further lay heating elements, over which - the selected option floor covering.

Infrared floor heating can be installed under tiles or in screed.

Needed to work

To make laying of electric underfloor heating, You have to buy and prepare the following components:

  • temperature sensing element.laying electric underfloor
  • copper cable, required for grounding.
  • Wires for connection.
  • RCD protection system.
  • Mounts.
  • regulator.
  • The system selected option underfloor heating, where the heating cable is included along with a strengthened mesh or without.

It is important in this case to know the required amount of heating cable, and distribute it evenly over the entire surface in the room.

distribution components

The first step is to create a blueprint on paper. Later transferred to the finished version of the real space. It is worth remembering, the heating cable must not be located under the massive pieces of furniture. In the presence of heating pipes, as well as other heat sources, It created a kind of buffer zone, where there are no elements of underfloor heating.

If we ignore these rules, then over time the heating elements will overheat and will fail. In addition to suffer, and the furniture itself, Appliances, which will be located on top of the electric floor heating.laying electric underfloor

The calculation result and the distribution of elements subfloor warm obtain irregular shape, which will outline the unnecessary portions. In the operation of the floor heating system it is necessary to pay attention to what, that rearrangement of furniture in one room may adversely affect the efficiency of the heating system. This is referred to as negative manifestations.

For each individual room creates a different circuit. They will have their temperature controllers, and a power supply. If the top underfloor heating systems will be poured concrete screed, make sure the damper is laid tape between rooms.

Partitioning after elaborate plan on paper is transferred to the floor. Chosen a convenient place to mount the floor heating controller on the wall. Initially, make holes in the wall for mounting box, from which it is made Stroebe Floor.Laying electric underfloor

To calculate floor heating, there are special tables from manufacturers. It takes away the optimal step styling, and the calculated total length of cable used. film floors calculated a much easier and faster. It acquired only a certain number of heating elements, so that they can cover the required area in the room.

The cable should be calculated not only on the ground floor, but also include the distance from the floor to the regulator and other possible floor heating components. But it is worth remembering, that in this case is strictly forbidden to connect the system directly to the underfloor heating outlet.

Substrate preparation

To prepare the surface initially draws attention to the state of the old concrete screed. If there is such a need, it can simply be dismantled. Thereafter, the entire surface must be cleaned of debris and dirt.

The next step - laying a waterproofing layer. It should intrude on the walls around 10 cm. Be sure to perimeter walls in the room mounted damper tape, allowing to compensate for the expansion of the floor during the heating during operation. Subsequently any excess material trimmed easily.Laying electric underfloor

Basis floor should be insulated, so that the heat does not go into the lower floors. Warming chosen according to specific points:

  1. foiled polyethylene foam coating (penofol) is suitable in the case, if the floor heating serves as an additional heat source in the room.
  2. When the floor base stock with unheated (porch, loggia), acquired more serious insulation layer, reaching the 100 mm. They may be mineral wool or polystyrene foam.
  3. Nearly any insulation with a thickness of 20 to 50 mm suitable for rooms with heated lower floor. It may be extruded polystyrene or polystyrene.

Also required to produce the reinforcement layer over the resulting device "pie". But you can do without metal mesh, layer since negligible future screed. Instead, you can add a plasticizer to the solution and microfiber.

The mounting process

Before the installation of floor heating cable, ensure that its resistance, further checked against identification plate. Laying electric underfloorThere may be deviations, which shall not exceed 10 %. Fixing to the base made directly to the reinforcing grid with special ties, or using special straps.

When installing electric floor heating in the bathroom or other humid areas, you must create a ground reinforcing mesh, and bring it to a regulator. This quality is most often used tinned copper wire. Consequently, even in the bath, you can arrange a warm floor all the rules, not forgetting the RCD module with grounding.

As for the infrared heat-insulated floor, it is laid over the insulation layer. Fixing in this case, the special adhesive tape.

There may be cases arrangement of electrical wires in the joint between two floor slabs. Laying electric underfloorIn this case, should be placed in this section of corrugated pipe, the length will be from 10 to 15 cm. these actions will reduce the likelihood of breakage of the cable during thermal expansion of the plate itself.

Compound such sites, as the heating cable and the power cable should be placed at a minimum distance 10-15 cm from Grooves. Connecting clips subsequently need to sink into the concrete screed. After placing all the components electric underfloor based should also check the resistance of the wire.

When the test is successful, there is a complete blackout floor heating system, removed regulator. You can proceed to the formation of the screed floor heating on all the rules and requirements. system performance check is repeated after, as the filling is completely dry. If a positive result produced laying flooring selected option. If there is no need for a screed (film floor), flooring is laid immediately.Laying electric underfloor

The cost of the device

Price floor heating will depend on the specific properties and characteristics of, which include:

  1. The difficulty installing the floor, and flooring itself.
  2. Scope of the system installation. Laying electric underfloorWhen performing their specialists, the cost will be about one-third of the cost of purchasing the necessary equipment.
  3. The cost of all components of the floor heating included. Everything will depend on the area of ​​premises, where the works on warming subfloor.
  4. Need leveling base.

All this suggests that, it is best to make laying of electric underfloor heating on its own. In this case, the total amount of costs reduced by about 1/3. In addition, the whole process does not take long, and requires compliance with technology and sequencing. Every nuance has to be met in order to achieve maximum results.






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