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Thermal insulation of plastic windows - the main features of the procedure

Thermal insulation of plastic windows can be a topical issue, if the room is not warm enough, required to improve its ability to retain warm air inside and does not allow the cold. Normally, you should begin with windows and insulation purposes, which were formed during the operation of the premises. About tom, how to do it, You can find information in this material.

When it may be necessary insulation windows?

Plastic constructions are usually on their own are sealed and do not require any modifications, but the problem may occur for the following reasons::

  • The window was installed incorrectly, whereby the formed slit, frame could bias. If you notice it right away, you can refer to the installer, but more often the defect is detected after some time, and fix it for free is no longer want. Can help special seals, but they are quite expensive. knowing, how warm the plastic windows, you can do it yourself, without spending additional funds for services to artists.
  • Plastic window was damaged mechanically. Most often, when the problem is impossible to do with improvised means, and the window must be changed. Insulation is optional design stage of the procedure.

What a time to choose for work?

Warming plastic windows his hands can be performed at any time convenient for you, but the most comfortable to carry out such work in the spring or summer. The day should be dry and no wind: the weather promotes better conduct work, drying of consumables, and when you open the shutters will not freeze premises.

Council: if you notice the presence of drafts or heat loss in the fall or winter, should not delay the work until the spring. Warming, repair of plastic windows can be carried out as soon as possible, if necessary,.

How warm the plastic windows with their hands
In winter, the need to identify all the locations blowing windows

In winter, work on warming is quite possible, the difference will be only in the complexity of their execution. for example, sub-zero temperatures, you can not use sealant on the outside, because it just will not dry out.

Council: when absolutely necessary to work in the cold can help out building dryer, who will need to warm up thoroughly applying the sealant joints. Frost can be dispensed with foam, and when the weather warms, cover the joints with sealing compound.

At work you will inevitably have to open the window, winter is associated with inconveniences for the residents rooms, Because the room as soon as it gets cold.

Insulation for plastic windows
Using the building dryer

As a self-insulate the window?

Should pay attention, what, even knowing, how to insulate plastic windows their own hands, Some jobs carry yourself you may not be able: eg, if badly damaged conducting work at high altitude or plastic windows require. In these cases, a wise decision would be to invite a specialist, having suitably ie equipment for work.

Yourself you will be able to conduct the following activities:

  • to warm soffits on the inside. Outside it can be done only in cases, if before the window can be reached from the ground with the help of a ladder or have a balcony, which goes out the window, requiring insulation. In other cases, require climbers services.
  • Note, that the independent work, you lose your warranty, If it works on windows.

You need to start working with the insulation of the frame loop, then insulated inner and outer slopes, windowsill and flow.

How warm the plastic windows with their hands

How to identify, from blowing?

Warming, repair of plastic windowsCold air in the room is particularly noticeable in winter, but found, where it comes through, not always easy. Below certain elements should be examined primarily:

  • Place fixing bead. He may depart and miss the cold.
  • compactor, connecting the frame and glazing.
  • findings.
  • windowsill, soffits, the place of contact of the frame and the wall.

In order to make sure, Have you found the right slot, You can use the lighter. Bringing flame into the gap, you will notice his hesitation, it means, air enters from the street to the room in this place. You can check it and hand - bring your hand to the plastic construction: you can feel a draft skin.

How to choose a material?

Thermal insulation of plastic windows with their hands
Polyurethane foam

Insulation varied produced for plastic windows, so his selection should be taken carefully. Almost all the heaters have similar properties, the difference lies in the price, Ease of installation, strength, some features. The following may be used as insulation:

  • Polyurethane foam. It's pretty quick and easy to apply, safely isolates cracks and joints, but it has the disadvantage: afraid of the sun and moisture, because of which require additional protection, eg, it is possible to close the siding.
  • Mineral wool well suited for insulation of slopes and sill, soft enough, does not burn, but afraid of moisture and require hand protection and respiratory tract when working with it.
  • Silicone sealant reliably isolates the gap, It protects against moisture and does not require additional protection. useless, if the gap is very large.
  • Heat film is applicable in conjunction with any insulation, suitable for all types of glass. Applied directly to the glass and helps to keep up 80% warm air.
  • Styrofoam - an inexpensive option, which is convenient to operate. It holds its shape, is moisture, but it requires additional protection by means of siding, plaster, any solid materials, since the physical impact is easily destroyed.
  • Window slopes can be protected by a construction adhesive tape. It is well isolates the gap, but it looks unsightly.
  • For interior and exterior frequently used cement mortar or special mixtures based on it or gypsum. They also desirable to coat a layer of plaster or water-repellent paint for additional protection and to create an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Special mixture for external works, a composition of matter comprising, capable of repelling moisture. Good protection gap, blocking the intake of cold air into the room, reliably insulate windows, repel moisture, therefore, do not require additional finishing.

Conclusion: sill insulation of plastic windows, slopes and eliminating gaps will help make the room more warm and save on heating. To perform the work can be independently, but in the absence of experience and equipment, you can contact the construction companies, specializing in the finishing of window and door openings.



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