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Individual meters of heating in the apartment

Payment for use of central heating is growing rapidly every year, accounting for nearly half of utility bills. Set the meter for heating the apartment, gain independence from the standards, to pay for the specific consumption of thermal energy - the dream of the residents of apartment buildings.

It would seem that, individual metering of heat energy consumption is beneficial to all. The management company will be able to track door-heat consumption, identify defaulters. Residents are able to make a payment for actual consumption of thermal energy, regardless of other consumers.

Then why not do the law №261-FZ, what or who it is hampered. How to install a heat meter and keep paying only for their heat consumption? Is this possible on a legal basis?

The legal necessity of installing a heat meter

Do we need heat meters on the heating in the apartment of a multistory apartment building - so the question is not put properly. according to Law №261-FZ on energy conservation prescribed by the technical possibilities available to install at their own expense apartment heat meters up 1 January 2015 of the year.

What does the Russian legislation on energy saving?

In this case, contrary to the law, comes RF Government Decree №354, where each user is granted the right to decide the question of the use of the common house-heat unit of heat energy, or install a heat meter in an apartment on their own.

it, it would seem that, fully democratic ruling, It nullifies the efforts of residents, wishing to set individual heat metering devices. In this case, the management company and the thermal energy suppliers do not suffer, take a general house-performance and distributed uniformly over the area of ​​the building.

The fact, that the payment method on the service central heating regulated by Decree KM №354. There is clearly stated, that the counter readings on the radiator recorded as legitimate in apartment, if a 100% other consumers multifamily or mixed-use building equipped with the same heat meters. begin conflicts. In addition to that - on the input must be set common house accounting unit.

In practice, there is always the consumer, who for whatever reason do not wish to install a custom counter. Formally, the Russian Federation legislation is not violated. They do not require occupants to produce heating installation counters in apartment, but, on the other hand, It does not forbid it to do. The result - a force, spent on resolving legal issues, purchase and installation of the meter turn futile for all other consumers.

Installation of meters in the old tenements

practically 90% housing apartment buildings in Russia is built on standard projects, tied to local conditions. Typical design in principle provides for the installation of heat meters on the heating in a separate apartment.

Here, a central heating system based on the distribution of coolant stoyakovoy circuit with upper and lower bussing. All heaters are connected in parallel to the common risers. What You Should Know, about the distribution of the coolant in an apartment house.

At the entrance to the central heating mains in the apartment house provides thermal point with heat meter. The volume flow of coolant determined by the meter reading, evenly distributed on all the apartments according to their area. Payment is made according to the standards.

So how to put counters on the heating in the apartment? When stoyakovoy system two options:

  1. Installation counter on each battery.
  2. Changing the heating circuit wiring so, all devices connected to one riser. Here, only one counter.

Install the heat meter will be in each battery at stoyakovoy system.heat

Immediately it is worth noting, that the implementation of the second method is unlikely to give permission to the management office. This violates the balance system, coolant to the upper floors simply can not reach. Any unauthorized changes, heating the wiring insertion circuit inadmissible. you will be fined, installed devices do not take into operation, forced to restore the wiring.

With regard to the first option. according to order №627 from 29 December 2011 of the year, Do not install individual meters for heating in the apartment house with a common vertical wiring where each riser powered one device. Here, the final decision is given to the management company. Usually, the problem is solved positively, but 2-3 months time it will take on coordination at various levels.

Important! Try to go through all the stages of approvals, install, Connection between heating periods, it will facilitate the sidebar devices.

Main matching required when connecting counters

From registration of the application to the delivery device of the heating in the apartment will have to go through certain stages of the legislation, each of which will require significant expenditure of energy, nerves, time, material investments.

Can I put the heating meter in the apartment - the seven steps, that you have to pass everything to be legally.ustanovki-teploschetchika

Before the beginning of the process to determine definitively, whether to do it. Learn from the management company on the actual number of meters already installed in the apartment building, whether there are precedents.

Drafting proposal, project, obtaining TU

The first stage - Active management company, Jack Ili TSJ. Here it is necessary to solve the following series of questions:

  1. Write an application for the establishment of the commission that investigated the apartment in order to determine technical capabilities of central heating in the apartment registration counters, their location. Create Survey Act.
  2. In case of a positive decision of the commission, to write an application for permission to produce this type of work, associated with a change in heating schemes and obtain technical conditions, agreed with the electric power supply organization. Blank TU has a uniform shape, you can see a better heat meter.
  3. After receiving permission, and consistent in all instances TU, heat meters can be purchased at the battery in an apartment or other premises. Technical conditions - an important document, on it acquire, sets the counter, make heating project.
  4. TU project order from a specialized engineering company, which will indicate the location of installation of counters. In the case where the management organization gives the nod to rework heating scheme, bringing it to a single riser, the project shall include all the necessary changes. The project is subject to approval by the management company, resursosnabzhayuschey organization.

Purchase counter connected to material costs.

Buying counter, installation, commissioning

unit purchase is made only in specialized stores. Check for certificate-selling products. The device must meet the parameters, specified in TS. The passport must be stamped on the passage of checking at the manufacturer with the date, warranty card.

The best option in order, how to put counters on the heating in the apartment - to turn to a specialized organization, who has a certificate, approvals to conduct this type of work. The organization must be a member in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (check free can here), be approved certificate to the appropriate construction and design activities (SRO). This is important when setting the meter to register the company in the energy-saving.

  • Make a contract with the organization, calculation, estimates for the carrying out of installation of the heating system and instruments sidebar. Decide on the warranty periods, further support operation of heating metering in apartment, conduct verification and elimination of emergency situations, counter errors.
  • After the installation work, instrument calibration, Make an act of representatives of the management and energy-efficient office organization.
  • Write an application to the energy-saving company for registration of start-up of meters with a change in the heating system circuit. From now on you will be solely responsible for the correct operation of the devices and their technical condition. Control provides power supply company.

Charge counter choice for central heating in the apartment Organization, that will be your executor. They will purchase such devices, which are fully suited to the requirements specification based on the framework of the permissible value.

Accounting for the distribution of thermal energy in new buildings

Modern design and construction of high-rise residential or mixed-use buildings is carried out in accordance with the requirements Federal Law №261-FZ. It provides for the mandatory equipping buildings door-systems of thermal energy with 1 January 2012 of the year. The question of, how to put the individual heat meter for the apartment heating is not necessary, in principle,.

Node Accounting apartment
Node account of thermal energy to the counter in the apartment

The project lays the zoning per floor central heating system with the installation of individual heating stations. Hence it is distributing the supply and return manifolds in each apartment. Such a district heating scheme allows the heat meter in an apartment on legally.

However, even if the legislation Condominium zoned heating system left fly in the ointment. The builders did not install every apartment metering devices, only obschedomovoy. Tenants are required to do so on their own, at their own expense. Again the solution was given at the mercy of the owners of the acquired property.

Judicial practice officially interpreted, that paragraph 7 articles 13 Federal Law №261-specified - mandatory equipment developer of apartment buildings heat flow is applied to homes. About how to install a heat meter in the speech does not go flat.

WITH 1 January 2015 , the developers set the counters for heating in the apartment necessarily otherwise it is treated in violation of consumer rights. When the project, estimated door-installation of devices not provided, the developer is obliged to mount them at their own expense, otherwise the house is not put into operation. Residents, when the Universe, must pay an additional cost of the device and installation work.

Installation of individual meters for heating in the apartment in two ways:

  • outlet distributing pipes of the thermal unit per floor heating system;
  • at the entrance of the control cabinet, Located directly in the apartment.
Heat metering unit
Detail of a floor metering unit with counters

If heat meters in apartment buildings do not have, but it is possible to install, landlord have to go through the stages, described above to install devices at the heating system stoyakovoy. Permit applicant receives automatically, the remaining points of the process are carried out at his expense, independently. The only difference is, that only one individual meters in apartment heating, This reduces material costs.

Be sure to equip every apartment heating system thermostats. Otherwise, the heat of the energy savings can be no question.

emerging conflicts, disputes do not wish to mount the metering device is allowed on the general meeting of tenants. Energy-saving organization has every right to force the landlord to install the meter when it is technically possible. It is stipulated in the Law of the Russian Federation №261 on energy saving. In this case, the law is on the side of the consumer.

Complaints about the financial difficulties are not accepted. The state provides loans of up to 5 years for the purchase of metering devices. It is contemplated by the consumer off a central heating.

Setting the counter to the radiators in the apartment tenants helps to set up and maintain a comfortable temperature during the heating season, gradually consume thermal energy, pay only on the testimony of a heat meter.



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