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How to complain about the lack of heating in the apartment

Most of the urban population, villages live in apartment buildings and depend on the central heating. This fact puts a priori position of tenants, when they can not influence the timing of the start of heating. It happens, what is not working heating in the apartment when neighbors already warm. What to do, what reasons, how to fix? Answers to these questions is useful to know each, who is totally dependent on the central heating.

Rules at the beginning of the heating season, regulatory temperature

Russia - a vast country with a variety of climatic zones. If the south is still hot, Siberia and the Far East cover frost, snow falls. Hence - the start of the heating season is uniquely dependent on the temperature of a particular area.

Cat on the battery
Cats also love the heat

The beginning of the heating season or suspension clearly governed by rules for public services Government Decree №354 06.05.2011 (row. 09.09.2017). It says here, that the heating season should start, if a 5 consecutive days average temperature is below +8 0WITH.


In this case - the central system fluid must be fed smoothly and the clock the entire heating period (Appendix №1 point 14 №354). Allowed breaks for maintenance and tuning of thermal systems:

  • no more 24 hours in total per month;
  • no more 16 hours at a time, preserving indoor air temperature + 12 0WITH;
  • no more 8 hours while maintaining the temperature at the same time +8 degrees;
  • 4 hours while maintaining the temperature +8 degrees.

Per hour for the use of the excess thermal energy break payment amount is reduced by 0.15% (№2 Rules of application, section 9).

temperature Standards

Resolution №354 regulates regulatory individual room air temperature during the heating period (GOST R 51617-2014):

  • living rooms, food, toilets: +18 — 20 0WITH;
  • bathroom: +25 0WITH;
  • corridors, stairwells: +16 0WITH.

how, where to turn on the heating in the apartment if the indoor air temperature does not meet the standards, see below. Overall responsibility and control over the performance of the decision №354 rests with the heat supplying organizations, management office, local government (Law №190-FZ).

standards Tetla
Accepted standards

It seemed, to the Russian Federation laws provide rules for district heating of houses, guard the rights of consumers. But what to do, if these laws are violated, how to proceed, where to complain about the lack of heating in the apartment or house.

The reasons for the lack of heat

Options for non-delivery of coolant to consumers many, but the sharp drop in temperature causes homeowners to act energetically. Let us separate areas of responsibility, certain legislative acts, non-delivery of energy, their possible causes.

Before you write a complaint to the lack of heating in the apartment, decide the cause, to whom to complain.

Heat supplying organization

In drawing up the contract with the management company of the heat supplying organization specifies responsibility for the border regime, the quality of public services (paragraph 21 resolution №354). Supplying heat organization responsible for the condition of a heating prior to the first thermal cutoff valve assembly common house heating system.

Lack of coolant receipt has the following reasons:

  1. There was a period, when the temperature is successively 5 days became less +8 0WITH (Government Decree №354). Here the question of, that there is no heating in the apartment, which should not complain, heating season has not started yet. All apartment buildings, energized by this heat boiler will not.
  2. boiler malfunction of the equipment or have an impulse on a heating during pressing. Here, the organization itself will try as much as possible to remove the problem quickly. Complaints about violation of consumer rights may be directed management company, if the indoor air temperature is lower than the standard.
  3. Insufficient coolant temperature or slight pressure.

The zone of responsibility of the management company

The area of ​​responsibility of the Criminal Code includes all heating system of an apartment building from the heat input node. These include shut-off and distributing valves, lead-in, return pipes, common counter brownie, stoyaki.

Areas of responsibility for the state of the district heating system

Areas of responsibility

When the house zoned distribution of coolant per floor, area of ​​responsibility ends at the first stopcock door-floor heating system heating unit.

The management company should provide favorable and safe conditions of citizens living, proper maintenance of common property brownie, provide high-quality public services (paragraph 31 resolution №354).

malfunctions, often resulting in the heating system in the house:

  1. Gust standpipe in thermal point or distribution system, including risers, pressure tests, after it.
  2. malfunction of stop, control valves.
  3. system imbalance, everything is working, but bad warm radiator in the apartment.
  4. the remaining air in the system.

In these cases, problems can be solved by technical means of the management company for the shortest possible time. The battery will stay cool throughout the apartment building or individual floors in a particular riser.

Ask your neighbors how they heat supply, whether all the hot battery, a riser is not working, perhaps they have already filed a complaint with the poor heating in the apartment, you where to complain. The imbalance occurs at a pressure shortage, Fault balancing pair of valves of a particular riser. It happens, that the bottom is not authorized by the neighbor replaced with new devices, a higher flow resistance, for which he will be punished (items 35 at, d, a number 354).

zone users

Check the radiator
Check the radiator

When stoyakovoy system wiring, starting with the tie-in riser, pressure pipes, Reversed, heating elements flat - all included in the zone of responsibility of the consumer. When zoned per floor layout, This zone starts at the first cut-off valves in the direction of an apartment or a marshalling cabinet.

The user is solely responsible for the condition of the apartment heating system. Hence - complain, if there is no heating in your apartment does not make sense, you can make an emergency call via the dispatching service for covering the heat supply of the accident site.

Besides, the consumer shall be liable to the other tenants, victims of accidents. When zoned per floor layout, the user can freely set any heating elements, even heated floors mounted with connection to central pipeline.

For any of the above options fault, refer to the management company to address the issue. It is the first instance, where to go if there is a problem with the heating in the apartment.

Solution with heating problems

The legislation sets, and legal practice shows, that issues are dealt with at the level of intra. Submit complaints to the higher authorities in the event of conflict, when there is no alternative, once to resort to tough measures.

The procedure for decision on the complaint about the absence of a comfortable temperature or do not meet the standards divided into several stages.

A call to the management company

first, Do this when the system is a burst pipe or lowering the temperature of premises below standard indicators - call the emergency dispatch service management company, make an application for emergency removal of the cause of the accident.

Drop emotions, speak calmly and specifically about what happened - Manager is also a man, duty.

By phone please:

  1. Full name of the caller.
  2. Full address.
  3. problem.

Before the end of the conversation to find out who took the telephone message (position, FI), number that is registered Up, when to expect Representative, fix time. Emergency call required to cater for CC 2- 3 o'clock.

Statement by the management company

Up in the Criminal Code is important for emergency call technology for immediate rectification of the accident occurred. What to do, where to complain about the heating in the apartment when the system is turned on, and the battery heat up slightly, air temperature rises to normative. Personally visit the UK, write a statement or complaint to remedy the situation.

The sample application in the management company from the requirement to carry out measurements of temperature in the apartment

AT ________________(name

Management company)

from: _____________________,

Address: ___________________.


I, ______________________ (FIO) I am the owner of the apartment at the above address in the house, which is controlled by your organization.

In my apartment during the period of ______ ________ cold battery, and a flat lower than the standard temperature, Sanitary-epidemiological established rules and regulations SanPin , claims. 4.3, 4.4, 4.8, 4.9, RF Government Decree № 354 claims. 49-n),

Based on the foregoing

Required to make measurements of temperature in the apartment, in accordance with the sanitary and epidemiological requirements to living conditions in residential buildings and premises.

"____" ____________ 2018. _____________(________________)

Bring a:

  • passport,
  • house register,
  • agreement with the UK.

Refer to the manager to complain, correctly state the problem. Take a standard form or a sample application for lack of heating in the apartment, state the claims in writing. Be sure to include:

  1. The cap - who to contact (Head of the organization), your data ( FI, full address).
  2. statement body - what problem, start time situation, indoor air temperature condition, Please send a commission to review complaints,inspection, making the act.
  3. In the end - full name, date, signature.

It is advisable to write the application in 2 copies. Manager put stamp of, indicate an incoming number and date on both copies, Take one yourself. Do not accept the application of the Criminal Code are not allowed.

On the basis of the law №354 (items 31 but, and, to): Contractor is obliged to provide necessary volumes of consumer services, receive and respond to messages on time consumers of low-quality or intermittent service delivery, keep a record of complaints, applications, claims.

During the 3 days of the Criminal Code is obliged to give an answer on the application (complaint), of the commission, conduct inspection of premises, draw up a statement about the lack of heat in the apartment or non-regulatory Room temperature. The certificate is made in 2 copies. If you were denied, that the reasons for refusal.

In a statement, you can specify the requirements for a change of payment for municipal services of inadequate quality, breaks (paragraph 33 d №354) or compensation for losses and damage to health (paragraph 33 it is).

Important! Before joining the Commission is required to eliminate the possibility of heat leak from the apartment and drafts - the emergence of the act points to misuse of premises is extremely negative impact on the next steps to address the issue.

What's next?

Not solved the problem - write a complaint (complaint) in violation of the Criminal Code on the duties to provide public services. This is a step towards conflict, but without it there is no point in writing a complaint to the Criminal Code in the following instances. Claim 2 is made in triplicate.

Sample claim absence of heating in apartment

An example of a claim

Try to call the hotlines housing inspection, Rospotrebnadzor, prosecutors - organizations, who oversee the activities of the Criminal Code, Housing office and other utilities. This will help get free advice on issues of interest, outline further steps.

Hotline Rospotrebnadzor: 8 (800) 100-00-04.

Writing complaint, We appeal to the higher organizations

When you get a formal reply to the statement of claim and, The Criminal Code does not take steps to address the shortcomings of the heating system, on this basis a conflict is brewing - write a complaint to a higher authority on non-compliance with consumer rights management company.

In Moscow, complain if there is no heating of hot lines can Moszhilinspektsii each separate administrative district in the apartment. A full list of phones, see here. Hotline number Housing in Moscow 8 (495) 681-77-80 - hot line. website

Managers of Moscow Department of Housing are responsible for such phones: 8 (495) 681-05-49, 8 (495) 681-73-67. They alone will understand to whom to send the person to solve a specific problem, in which organs to write a complaint, requisites, phone numbers, email addresses. Information and advice on the complaints are free to 10.00 to 17.00 in weekdays.

Phone hotlines no heating in the city Apartments for consumers in other regions. Main - on the inclusion of heating, additional - for the emergency services.

lcd phone list

How to write a complaint

on, how well written complaint, It depends on the partial or complete satisfaction of financial claims, administrative, Criminal punishment material management. Here are some tips for writing a complaint:

Complaint heating

  • specify only the actual facts of violation of consumer rights, supported by appropriate clauses of the RF laws;
  • written complaint dry, concise language, emotions are not allowed;
  • not considered a complaint with no normative vocabulary;
  • Attach to the complaint copies of acts, applications, claims.
  • the complaint indicates the name of the organization, Full name official, position, your data and full address to which to send replies to.
  • The first instance - the Federal Service (paragraph 19 Regulations Regulation on the protection of consumer rights);
  • written appeal, requiring emergency response is considered 5 days, ordinary - 30 days from the day of registration (Part 1 article 19 №59).

Following consideration, in the presence of bases, taken remedial measures, measures to attract people, have violated, administrative or financial liability. Further action on the treatment to higher organizations, require the involvement of lawyers to support cases.


Fight for the right to a permanent and full utilities. It is the direct responsibility of the Criminal Code and the heat supplying organizations. Judicial practice shows a high percentage of winning cases.


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