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Suspended ceiling in the bathroom: advantages and disadvantages

The problem of the uneven surface of the ceiling in the bathroom was far behind. To date, to achieve evenness ceiling necessarily it thoroughly plastered and putty. Technology does not stand still, and the ceilings are designed to reduce the time, spent on finishing the ceiling in the bathroom. He is quick to install, easy to care for, and also has a long service life.

How the suspended ceiling, his views

tension ceiling It represents a design, mounted on a special metal or plastic frame, which is mounted on the perimeter of the room along the walls near the ceiling. Stretch ceiling can have a variety of designs, shape or multiple levels.

For the first time the ceilings began to use in the middle of the last century. Then they were intended to, arts to hide all the protruding bumps, and hide communication. After a certain amount of time, manufacturers have paid attention to the quality of suspended ceilings and perfected it. Also, in the modern world it offers a great number of colors for the ceiling, as a plain, with patterns, and integral webs pattern.

The device is a stretch ceiling

All the ceilings respectively manufacture of materials can be divided into two groups:

  • cloth. The material for fabrics such ceiling is a thin polyester fabric, which is impregnated with a polyurethane polymer. Manufacturers produce fabric ceilings in large rolls of a width 5 m and a length of 100 m. With this fabric ceiling when installed has no seam.

The main feature in the assembly of the ceiling type is no need to apply heat gun. In this connection, the installation of fabric ceilings can be done by yourself.

However, this option is not suitable for use in bathroom. If suddenly there will be a water leak from the neighbors above, the ceiling is covered with spots, and it is spoiled. He also will continue to absorb the condensate, formed at high temperature. Therefore, the fabric suspended ceiling is not advisable for use in the bathroom.

  • film. Such ceilings are made of PVC film. When exposed to high temperatures, the film begins to melt and change its elasticity. At this point, it pull to the prepared frame and secured. To heat the material, a special heat gun. After that, the film is stretched, it changes the elasticity and hardens. Due to its properties, such ceilings are well suited to the bathroom. They will not absorb moisture and syret, as fabric ceilings. they are also not very demanding in operation.

Any suspended ceiling made to order. Gager defined length and width parameters of the future ceiling material and prepared for.

Pros and cons of the use of suspended ceilings in the bathroom

There are obvious advantages suspended ceilings over other types of finishing materials, used for the ceiling in the bathroom:

  1. Tensioning film ceiling is water-resistant: He is not afraid of falling water splashes and accumulation of condensate. Besides, such material is able to keep the web in a large amount of water, which can get there in an accident the neighbors from the top. If, however, the flooding occurred, and the ceiling was filled with water, you need to pierce it with a sharp object and allow the water to drain into the container.
  2. This ceiling has a long service life, which with proper care is about 15 years old. This can not be said about other finishing materials: over time, the plaster may crumble, and the paint to bubble.
  3. aesthetic possibilities. Pick up at the ceiling of the interior style of the bathroom will have no difficulty. The richness of colors and color palette of PVC material will allow to decorate any bathroom design. Today it is very common photo printing Stretch ceilings. For an additional cost, you can select the drawing or provide your, and it will be executed on a special printer, and then installed on the ceiling.
  4. Another plus - the possibility of creating a multi-level ceiling. If you allow the height of the walls, You can do 2 or 3 level stretch ceiling, one of which is mounted spotlights.
  5. Ability to hide communications. All wiring fit for PVC film layer.
  6. Easy to care for ceiling. Unlike other finishes, suspended ceiling is undemanding in cleaning. To clean the surface should pass over it with a damp cloth.
  7. Short installation time. Installation of a stretch ceiling work can take up to 1 day. At the same time there will be no dirty construction waste. Due to this factor, Tension system can be installed to complete the stage the flooring in the bathroom.
  8. hygienic material. On the surface of the PVC film is not mold and fungus will be formed, thanks to its antibacterial properties.
  9. Fire safety. The film is not prone to fire, which means, that does not represent a serious danger.


Among the many advantages of the, ceilings are not without drawbacks. their little, but still present:

  1. High price. Compared with other surfacing materials, ceilings occupy one of the first places most expensive. The more complex the design of the ceiling, the higher will be the price.
  2. The ceiling is subject to easy damage of sharp or hard objects. If you accidentally tensile structures will touch something sharp, there is a great probability of holes;
  3. Restrictions in the choice of lighting. To ceiling is not heated, Lights must be adequately, and better LED;
  4. The impossibility of self-installation. In order to mount the suspended ceiling, It requires at least two people, also need a special heat tool.

Plus all the same more than minuses, but, If these shortcomings are unacceptable to the ceiling in the bathroom, give preference to other finishing materials.

Installation of a stretch ceiling with the help of hot air

stretch ceiling for care

As mentioned, suspended ceiling does not require complex care, which depends on, what type of surface was used: matt or glossy.

  • Glossy suspended ceiling as rub cloth pollution with means for washing windows or special polishes. To get rid of the dust, it will be enough to wipe the ceiling dry cloth or a soft cloth;
  • Matt suspended ceiling cleaned with plain water; for the reason that, that the surface does not leave any streaks, cleaning less frequently, than in the case of a glossy one.


Tips for choosing a design

For a harmonious combination with the design of the ceiling bathroom, select its texture and color.

  • If the bathroom has a small dimensions, the best choice - glossy ceiling light color. Due to the reflective properties of gloss, as well as light shades, the room will create the effect of increasing space.
  • If you want to experiment, choose the suspended ceiling with photo printing, which depicts stones, water, tree, pebbles or skin.
  • Standard white stretch ceiling fit in any bathroom;
  • If the interior is made in the bathroom art deco or minimalist, You may prefer the black ceiling.

Besides, you can make an original suspended ceiling, simulating the night sky. Such a move would allow to relax after a day.


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2 Comments to the post "Suspended ceiling in the bathroom: advantages and disadvantages

  1. Installed the suspended ceiling in the bathroom for a few years. when we put, the price was more affordable. Focusing on today's price change ceiling would cost a lot more expensive. Inserted spotlights, they do not deteriorate from moisture. A couple of times flooded neighbors above, but not much, I had to call experts, which opened at the corner of the ceiling and fired which fell due to flood water. On the wall and have taken nothing.

  2. When we first started thinking about the plan repair the ceiling in the bathroom, We decided to, that the suspended ceiling is the most it, but when we called specialist repair work, he somehow we began to discourage. The biggest disadvantage, It `s that, that this ceiling can be very easy to damage, and in the house we have a small child and, when we bathe, the toys are flying all over the bath, and even the ceiling. And indeed we ceilings are not high and, if you put a suspended ceiling, they still will fall and if it is wrong to take a mop for cleaning floors /, she would get easily to the ceiling, than you can make a hole in it. and the cost of such a ceiling be less willing to. In general, we have decided not to make the suspended ceiling in the bathroom, not for such rooms, he.

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