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Plasterboard in the bedroom with light

Gypsum - natural mineral with good anti-allergic properties. Plasterboard consists almost entirely of gypsum. In addition, it is not flammable, prevents the spread of sound waves, It passes through a air and steam, creating in your bedroom healthful and comfortable environment. Therefore, the walls and ceiling of plasterboard with lighting in the bedroom will be the most correct choice in the finishing of your apartment or house.

Plasterboard with lighting - a good solution for a bedroom

Considerable importance in the selection of bedroom design is the location of the light sources. To the rest was full, lighting should be subdued and non-irritating. The ceiling of plasterboard with lighting as well as possible to meet this requirement. The use of neon lamps in combination with diffused light spotlights create intimate atmosphere in the room in general and allow refuse from the central light source.

Design of the FCL is often done in two or three levels, if allows the height of the old ceiling. So that the installation of hidden lighting drops from one level to another in the cellar. Often marked area on the ceiling continues on the walls in the form of columns or niches for beds. Such a ceiling in the bedroom of plasterboard with lighting is not only functional, but looks very impressive.

Plasterboard ceiling with lighting
The ceiling in the bedroom with illumination levels between

Square, the shape and height of the ceiling of the old play a crucial in selecting the style and amount of the ceiling of the new. The greater the height of the bedrooms, the more imagination and ingenuity can be applied. And the most interesting, that can work with plasterboard, without involving third-party organizations or workers masters. With certain skills in dealing with power tools and finishing works, create a masterpiece of your bedroom is quite real in-house.

Before you get started

About tom, how to make plasterboard with backlight, Much has been written many articles and videos filmed. They all share one thing - GCR along with low cost has a lot of additional advantages for use in residential premises. I have this material and demerits. One - and most serious among them - low humidity. If you fill neighbors from above - the ceiling will have to change, although it is hard to imagine, that this particular variant of the universal flood to happen exactly in the bedroom.

Plasterboard ceiling with lighting can take all sorts of shapes and colors, and this is its main advantage. hard frame, made by the rules, It will ensure trouble-free existence of this element of the interior for decades.

Note: Gypsum boards have a certain weight, so to create a metal frame, it is desirable to acquire the products of famous manufacturers in this field. The use of low-quality profiles and fittings necessarily lead to the appearance of cracks in the ceiling and other defects.

Installation of the ceiling plasterboard with lighting should not start, until the following steps are performed:

  1. First you need to make a sketch of the future of the ceiling or choose from hundreds of photos on the Internet that, view which best suits your idea of ​​beauty. Do not forget about combined in the interior of different colors.
  2. Estimate the actual number of levels. Each level "eats" from 6 cm 15 cm height of the room.
  3. Scheme ceiling plasterboard with backlight should contain the actual size, then it is possible to calculate the right amount of profiles and sheets of gypsum. You need to take a little, percent 15-20, stock. Unless you have experience of similar works, there is always the possibility of cost overruns materials.
  4. Typical suspensions are limited in length, so they are only used for assembly of the first, the highest layer. The second and subsequent levels are created from pieces of ceiling profile (PP) and the guide profile (PNP). These are the 20%, the above. This is especially true for the curved lines in design.
  5. For direct mounting to the ceiling hangers usually buy-anchor wedges. They fix hard enough, but there are many. Their application is fully justified, when the old ceiling is made of factory floor slabs with air channels. When the overlap is made of reinforced concrete, it is possible to save a little, applying instead of the usual anchor dowel-nails, for the wall. But this method is absolutely unacceptable for cumbersome multi-level structures.
  6. If it is decided used to illuminate LED tape, we must remember, that the power supply is designed for approximately 5 m length. If the actual length will be longer, worth buying 2 block.
  7. except for materials (more about them will be discussed below) need tools: laser and bubble levels, usually aluminum 2,5 – 3 m, Painter cord-weaning, Metal shears, roulette, hammer, knife for cutting drywall, marker or pencil, hammer and drill bits for concrete, Cordless, drill with paddle-mixer, spatulas of different widths, Paint brushes and rollers. Most of these tools are present in a person's home, accustomed to do everything with their own hands.

If the determination to make plasterboard in the bedroom with light without the help of professionals you will not leave, move to action.

Small height and floor space is fine ceiling in one level. Choosing his finishing is quite diverse, ranging from painting and finishing sticker photowall. In this embodiment, the backlight may be used, zalozhiv LED strip for baguette. Last, naturally, pasted on the walls around the perimeter or in a certain place, slightly below the level of the finished ceiling.

When plenty of headroom, it makes sense to do Duplex plasterboard, Backlit between levels. It's a bit difficult for the layman, but not so, to abandon attempts to create a small miracle in his bedroom. line of the ceiling can be any. Often the second level is a rectangle, running parallel to the walls.

Plasterboard ceiling with lighting

It is sometimes used instead of straight lines curved, such options look quite unusual and attractive. The photo below shows this type of ceiling. Its production should be studied in more detail.

How to make plasterboard with backlight

Produce basket plasterboard on backlit ceiling in several ways, there will be considered the most accessible for understanding.

Materials for the frame

First, let's make a drawing, specify all sizes and radii. Then this scheme, it is desirable to move the old ceiling. The following materials are needed for a similar design:

  1. Ceiling guide profile (PNP) 27X28 mm. Galvanized steel is produced, 3-and 4-meter lengths. If the product is produced by a solid, in it there are holes for dowels, nails for fixing to the wall.
  2. ceiling profile (PP). It has ribs, size 60h27 mm. Produced by different firms, buy cheaper or more expensive - every man for himself chooses.
  3. Direct suspension usually demanded for assembly of the first, the highest layer of the ceiling of the future. A distance between the first and second layer should be at least 15 cm, to be able to change the burned-out elements of the backlight in a niche.
  4. Dowel-nails are used for fixing the guide rail to the wall. 6x40 mm is usually sufficient size to ensure proper rigidity. The final choice depends on the diameter of the holes, drilled in TNG.
  5. Anchor Wedge - the most suitable mount for direct hangers. This was written in detail above.
  6. Plasterboard ceilings with lighting in need of soundproofing. This is especially significant for the bedroom. Part of the problem can be solved, buying seal (damper) tape. It is rarely used by "professionals" Drywall, but performs several important for comfort and quality features. Among them, the leveling of uneven walls and vibration damping and sound waves, transmitted through walls. The tape has an adhesive layer, which facilitates its mounting on the back of the profiles and direct hangers.
  7. To create a rigid frame of the first level is used to flatten connectors (crabs). They connect the longitudinal and transverse profiles between a ceiling. worth knowing, that most artists ignore the crabs and the joint sections together with screws.
  8. screws, which profiles bonded together into a monolithic lathing, may be different. Some utilize tiny black samorezy- "seeds", other - short PN with the sharp end. You should not only take the PN with a drill for metal. They will be difficult to screw into a soft profile.

Making the ceiling frame for the bedroom in the home

It's time to learn, how to make a box of plasterboard ceiling with lighting. ceiling, shown in the photo above, apply two mounting options. The first is, that the first frame of the first level is going around the perimeter, and then fastened thereto elements of the second layer. The second involves first assembly of curved lines of the second level, and then reinforced with the remaining space. What method to use - you choose, It has its pitfalls in both ways. The only condition - to make a preliminary drawing of each of the levels.

Let us consider the first, it is easier to understand. Make a solid frame made of metal profile for the person, accustomed to working with your hands, are quite capable:

  1. Drawing on the walls of the first level of the horizon. We put a label with a laser, on 6-8 See below the old ceiling. connect them, having beaten masking cord.
  2. Mount the guide profiles. For this puts profile to the line, We do mark the mounting holes. Drills for punch marks and dowel-nails fasten to the walls of the TNG. Hammer dowel-nail into a wall is not recommended. Do not forget to pre-paste over the back of the profile damper tape (if you do decide to buy it).
  3. Rascherchivaem ceiling on bandwidth 40 cm - on these lines will be mounted direct suspensions. The distance between the hangers - 40 – 50 cm, indicated by dashes on the lines. They are fixed using a wedge-anchor.
  4. Attach to the ceiling profile suspensions direct on metal screws. One edge of the profile when it is inserted into the CAG on the wall and is fixed. Horizontal design carefully controlled laser level or aluminum rule.
  5. Cut several long segments 33 cm from a ceiling profile. These jumpers are fixed crabs cross expansion joints sheets of drywall. Crabs are fixed with screws. It is worth remembering, GCR that are usually mounted vrazbezhku, This prevents occurrence of cracks on the ceiling.

As a result, the design should look like, as in the photo below.

How to make a ceiling with a plasterboard with backlight

If you decide to make your bedroom sound insulation, it's time to do it. When the completed assembly of the second level of frame, Access to the ceiling will be difficult.

Make a direct box made of plasterboard with lighting for the second level will be fairly easy, if you read the chart below.

How to make a ceiling of plasterboard with backlight

The profiles of the first layer makes a mark on the future of the width of the box. Fasten with screws the guide profile. It vertically downward insert segments PP, equal to the height difference between the levels of minus 27 mm. Bottom insert another TNG, To get the frame. By this profile fastened below another, turning the inner side of the wall. On the walls with a laser level makes a note and attach the guide profile so, as described above for the first carcass ply. Connecting the bottom PNP segments ceiling profile, fasten with screws. Straight portions of the carcass ready.

Collect radius components will be a little harder. The guide profile is cut in this case as, that it can be bend on the circle line. To facilitate better use of the frame assembly arched profile by which to quickly create curved design.

Installation of the ceiling plasterboard with backlight

Going radius segments of the level in the same order, and that the straight sections. Since the diameter of the central circle large enough, strengthen its cross inserts PP segments in a line parallel to the wall. frame ready.

The second stage - the installation of drywall

Before working with drywall makes the wiring of electrical wires. Wires were placed in a special corrugated pipe. Conclusions in the field of the future location of the point of lighting elements.

Headlining for most of the ceiling drywall thickness applied 9,5 mm. It is lighter than the wall and more convenient to work with him. For attachment to the metal sheets using black screws with a small pitch of. But it is better to use 12 mm. for information, by Knauf technology is headlining in two layers.

First tier frame sheathe. We need to follow, that has always been expansion joint between sheets of gypsum 1,5 – 2 mm. All joints should be is in the middle of the ceiling profile. In this case, the sheet will be reliable fixation. The screws are screwed not only at the edges of the GCR, but there, where the profile, ie. every 40 cm.

Then comes the turn of the vertical transition between levels. Cut a strip of GCR and attach it to the frame easy. A bending have to proceed with caution. Give help to the curvature of the plaster water. On one side of the strip pierce cardboard knife tip and wet the surface of a wet sponge. When the plaster becomes wet, bending it slightly in the desired direction. Then fasten the strip in place with screws, giving the desired radius.

At least it stitched the bottom of the second level of the ceiling frame. On the straights problems are not expected, only need to add 10 cm in width for installation backlight. The radius of curvature is also necessary to increase. Fasteners should not be sorry, otherwise it may cause defects in subsequent years.

The final touch - Marking holes for spotlights. Cut holes easiest to drill with paddle-crown of the tree.

Finishing requires patience and skill

First of patience. Immediately begin to trim the ceiling panels is not necessary. wait a day, let plaster "accustom" in the room climate. Yes, and then have no time to think about patience when working with gypsum plaster.

The entire surface of the ceiling, especially the inside of the joints, treated the penetrating acrylic primer for plaster. For this purpose, a narrow paint brush and roller. Give time to dry layer.

Then start putty joints and the recesses of the caps screws. Gypsum mixture quickly grasp, kneading because it stands in small portions, that did not form lumps. All joints after applying putty reinforced with a special tape-serpyanku, pushing it into the mixture layer. Remains are smoothed with a spatula.

Plasterboard ceilings with lighting

Contiguity ceiling to the wall, too, is sealed with a mixture of gypsum with serpyanku. Subsequently, there can be glued baguette.

After drying, the entire surface of the ceiling is tightened with a thin layer - 2-3 mm - putties. Here you will need skill and, perform quality finishing of the ceiling just not used to very hard. We must start with hard corners and niches for lighting. Do not forget to handle and holes for fixtures. To finish should look for a plaster mixture with additives, prevents mold.

Further plasterboard ceiling duct backlit treated masking mesh, fixed in a special holder. Some are used for this purpose, fine-grained sandpaper. Thus a large amount of gypsum dust, therefore, reasonable people at the same time always keep handy vacuum cleaner.

processing quality should be checked using a narrow beam of light from a flashlight, directed to the ceiling at an acute angle. Will become apparent to the smallest bumps and hollows. If you are preparing for painting the ceiling latex paint, this check will come in handy.

Before finishing the ceiling masters recommend to treat it with primer. It makes sense to heed this advice, but the final decision is still up to you.

The finishing touch is to install the collar to highlight niche. According to the edge of the drywall is fastened with screws guide profile, in places of rounding it, naturally, cut to produce a wavy structure. GCR cut sheet on a bandwidth 6-7 cm and is attached to the ANP, forming a rim (clearly seen in the diagram at the top). All the joints are carefully treated.

Recessed lighting and illumination

If the wiring of electrical wires is done right, we can only connect to the connectors point light sources and paste them in advance Realized holes in the box of the second level. Next, in a recess located LED ribbon or neon tube. Recently, the market has a flexible neon - progress is not in place. It gives a bright and diffuse glow, which does not need a central chandelier. In addition, the service life of the tubes not new rather large.

The diagram below it possible to determine both the light source between the ceiling, and to the process of placing it in a niche. The diode is provided with a tape supply unit, which is also easily accommodated at the boards and striking.

Plasterboard ceilings with backlit illuminated bedroom
Light distribution depending on the location of LED strip

Luchshe use monochrome LED strip. Hardly disco multicolor illumination will contribute normal rest before going to bed. But the final choice, naturally, especially individual case ...

Some designers believe, that the deep blue color of the lighting in the bedroom is not very appropriate. Therefore it is necessary to listen to your own taste! And finally, some interesting photos of plasterboard ceilings with lighting in the bedroom, you can try to realize their own.

Plasterboard with backlight

And remember: "Journey of a thousand li begins with a single step!» (Chinese proverb)

What you need to know about the room, where asleep

Bedroom - a place, in which a man takes a break from the bustle of the day past and gaining strength day before the upcoming. This soft, soothing tones color the walls, ceiling and furniture, muted and diffused lighting. This is the minimum wave emissions from electronic devices, acting on the brain adversely. It is a good sound insulation, since background noise often prevents sleep and cause irritation. This natural materials. And not only linens. Natural should be a maximum of items. Furniture, carpet on the floor, and sex alone, and even the walls and ceiling.

The natural materials you can relax surrounded by the most efficient. It is no coincidence in the modern decoration a growing number of people are opting for wall and ceiling sheets of drywall. GCR have many advantages over other surfacing materials.

Plasterboard ceiling with lighting

How to make a box of plasterboard ceiling with lighting

How to make a box on the ceiling of plasterboard with backlight



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