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Restoration of damaged wallpaper

Repair is the most common occupation, which accompanies a person throughout his life. And even if it was made a capital, a year later something will have to podremontirovat. grease, glue and even podshtukaturit. Indeed, it often happens, that inadvertently when moving furniture scratched their expensive so painstakingly glued wallpaper, but that's nothing. And if they broke, and still the most prominent place. What to do? How to repair wallpaper, his footprints were not seen?

Advance preparation of walls

When the repair is carried out apartments, Background play a major role, because they are the most contemplates element of any home. Therefore, the base should be as well prepared.

The first step before you start gluing, inspect the site of injury. If it is sufficiently deep, it is necessary to podshpaklevat surface and sandpaper. Then the piece of the wall is processed primer deep penetration, to this place again not fallen off the wallpaper.

Preparing walls
Preparing walls

Often among the injuries occur wallpaper tears because of some cracks in the wall. It occurs mainly in new homes. While in single-storey and multi-storey apartment. This process is inevitable, because any structure shrinks, at which cracks occur in the weakest areas of the walls:

  • angles;
  • joints plates;
  • thin walls.

Before to repair damaged wallpaper you must do the following:

  • Remove wallpaper strip at least 20 cm width over the entire length crack.
  • Clear the old putty and make crack wider, so that it could apply the plaster mixture.
  • Before the plaster needs to be primed high penetration. After complete drying of the plaster, this piece of wall, simultaneous laying of wire mesh. When aligning the filler surfaces it is also recommended to use a stack of glass fiber reinforcement.

Types of damage on the wallpaper

The wallpaper can be a variety of damage, reasons which could be anything:

  • furniture;
  • human factor;
  • low-quality glue or incorrect training base in some places;
  • old age.

Usually, in the latter case, the plywood walls are completely exposed, because poryzhelost not please everyone, and against the background of the new pieces of wallpaper are very strong stand. Therefore, we consider the cases of physical factors. But before starting the first step is to choose the wallpaper for repair, appropriate color and texture.Repairing damages on the wallpaper


Scratches on wallpaper
Scratches on wallpaper

Scratches are the most common causes of damage to the walls, wallpapered. They can be large, and small. Based on this, selected front work. It should take into account the geometric parameters of the wall, If the scratch is on a small separate section of the wall, it can be fully perekleit, that is the best option. If there is a scratch in the middle of large and flat walls. That wallpaper note the correct form a rectangle, square or strip and cut it gently with a blade and the mounting level, rule or ruler. Then excised from the new piece of wallpaper same regular geometric shape piece, but with a margin of 1-2 cm on all four sides. Prepared piece is pasted on the wall of the known methods. Then using the same assembly or wall-paper cutter and ruler all slotted side piece indented 0,5 – 1 cm from the edge. Carefully remove the cut edge and the rising edge of the freshly glued pieces, to out from under him to remove old wallpaper. And all rolled up roller for wallpaper into place. If the wallpaper has a certain pattern, the, Consequently, you need to select it.

If the damage is exactly in the picture, it is possible to replace only the, carefully cut out of its loop. With this method of repairing defects in general will not be visible.

If the scratch was small, then applied to the backward pieces using fine brush adhesive. Then clean and pressed down gently with a dry cloth to remove excess. Be sure to stand the piece soaked in glue. Then place the roller can prikatyvat , expelling air.

torn wallpaper

torn wallpaper

If for any reason the wallpaper were overstrained, there looms two options:

If a piece of them was still hanging, the wallpaper, you can just glue some liquid and white glue. For these purposes, for pasting wallpaper glue can be a well-known PVA.

Be sure to let soak edges , to soften the edges and they will be more pliable.

It should be remembered, that heavy wallpaper, require the use of a stronger adhesive. And in order to speed up the drying process, possible to use a conventional hair dryer and set the average air flow temperature.

If there is no fragment of wallpaper. There must act, as described in the first case.


In the formation of abrasions on the surface of the wallpaper with a large display of their structure, there is a need to act, as previously described. Cut a piece of the correct geometrical shape on the wall and from the remnants of, but larger. Then paste using PVA and prikatat. Further, cut edges and remove the remains of a freshly glued pieces.

Wallpaper pasting can also be performed by the second method during the formation of abrasions. Pasted a piece can not be cut to flat line in the form of regular geometric shapes. It can be torn off with the tear has to go in the opposite direction, to the front side was visible edges of wallpaper. In this way, these edges are obtained thin, that provide better adhesion and merging with the general background. Here, the main thing, good roll on a piece of roll and fluff it with glue.

Air or swelling wallpaper

Take an ordinary syringe, We recruit PVA glue and inserted into the cavity in a little different place. After that smoothes surface.

masking seams

Wallpaper pasting junctions is performed as follows:

Pasting wallpaper joints
Pasting wallpaper joints
  1. With the help of a thin brush neatly folded joints are coated wallpaper.
  2. Then, using a roller, they re-packer to the wall.
  3. Allow to soak the canvas .

radical method. If after diligent priglazhivaniya wallpaper joints formed seams, they can successfully disguise. You will need a thin brush and paint the color of the wallpaper. The edges of the wallpaper should be carefully tear off the wall, if possible. Then, at the interface wall paint and allow to dry.

You can also insure the wall if training is not good enough, expansion joints, glue paper tape (suitable for conventional cash registers) this procedure having a good time in the pasting wall wallpaper.


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