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Compare plasterboard ceilings

For repairs in the apartment or the house itself require cash outlay. But, increasingly required to make a choice in a vast range of materials. This also applies to the ceiling. After all, extreme degree of overlap will leave an uneven ceiling and gray. The room at the same time looks groomed, dark, without the presence of coziness and comfort. This article lists the advantages and disadvantages of the ceiling drywall and tension structures. Each material has its own characteristics.

Comparative characteristics of materials

To solve, a ceiling is better - a tension or suspended, compare their main parameters. We shall start from the financial opportunities, as well as the shape and size of the room. For a correct choice of the tension ceiling or drywall should initially be familiar with the peculiarities of each species. Learn about the shortcomings, and to compare pricing.

Gipsokarton i natyagnoi potolok
The combination of stretch ceiling and drywall
  1. design. The ceiling creates the overall atmosphere in the room. It must integrate harmoniously with the general background, complementing the interior, creating warmth and comfort.
  2. installation. One of the important points, that need to pay attention. Installing ceiling plasterboard It is fundamentally different from the tension.
  3. Exploitation, for ceilings care. When you select should be guided not only of price policy and the creation of appearance, but think, how to care for it in the future.

    Dizain potolka
    Sophisticated design option

  4. Heat-, sound insulation. It is of great importance, if the top has noisy neighbors. Or a private house with non-insulated roof.
  5. Drinking humidity. It is necessary to pay attention to this factor, if you plan the ceiling in the bathroom to do, attic, the balcony.
  6. cost of. One of the important factors.
  7. Loss centimeters height. It depends not only on the curvature of the rough ceiling. When installing the drywall to the metal frame of the profiles, It lost about 10 cm.
  8. Recessed luminaires. In this matter, there is no problem. Because plasterboard ceilings are built almost all the lighting fixtures: Spotlights, LED light strip.

    Svetilniki na potolke
    The backlight on the combined ceiling

  9. Corruption ceiling from mechanical influences. Tensioning the web can be torn from the permutated furniture (if you touch the canvas), if a child threw a plastic toy area. Plasterboard coating in such cases scratched.
  10. lit, does not burn. Both types are off, but in case of fire will be corrupted.

    Porez potolka iz tkani
    The damaged stretch ceiling fabric

After examining these items, you can safely proceed to the purchase of materials to the ceiling, which is best suited to the design of the room and the general background.

What better ceiling drywall or tension

Before making a choice of the ceiling, should assess the premises. This applies to square meters (big-small, high walls - standard), humidity (increased the percentage of humidity, temperature difference, Whether cold room). Bathrooms, in the toilet, the kitchen should be used drywall only certain brands - moisture-resistant gypsum plasterboard (green color). In this suspended ceiling is not changed at a constant exposure to moisture at him.

Natyagnoe polotno v vanoy
Suspended ceiling in the bathroom
Potolok iz gipsokartona v vannoy
Gypsum ceiling in the bathroom komntae

In new buildings, there is shrinkage. From this on the walls, cracks occur in the corners. If you make installation of drywall not adopted technology, then the new GCR-product will also crack. When mounting the tension of the material need not apply reinforcing materials and clearly defined rules.

Treschina na potolke gipsokarton
The crack in the ceiling of gipsokratona
Natyagnoy potolok v kuhne
Suspended ceiling in the kitchen of the new house

The comparative table shows a brief description of both of the coating:

Characteristic stretched canvas Plasterboard
Amount of time for installation material 20sq.m 2 o'clock To five days (taken into account the complexity of the design)
Reuse coverage Yes Yes
Humidity resistance Yes Only the use of a certain type of GCR - moisture-resistant. In other cases, HA sheets are not moisture resistant
Spring 1 m 0,3 kg To 10 kg depending on the sheet thickness
Useful life To 20 years old To 20 years old (KNAUF)
Environmentally friendly 100% 100%
Painting and other finishing Not Through 3-5 years required staining
The possibility of wet cleaning Yes (some materials when wet cleaning morschatsya, which negatively affects the appearance of) Yes (depending on the fabric: wallpaper, paint, film)
Ogneupornosty Not Not
Loss of height of the room 5 cm 10 cm and more (depending on the design)
Possibility to hide communications Yes Yes
Create multi-level ceilings Yes Yes
price from 350 rub. for quarter. m from 1200 rub. square meters of.

Which is cheaper - the tension cloth or plasterboard

The price depends on the choice of material and design.
drywall constructions much cheaper, if its installation Tutor, without the involvement of teams of workers. But, thus it is necessary to fulfill all the rules, as well as to follow the precise algorithm works.

Pod'em lista GKL
The rise of the drywall to the installation site

But when the price includes all stages of work:
• Delivery;
• Rise;
• Profile GCR and related materials;
• Fillers, paint.

Pod'em paketa gipsokfrtona na verhniy etag
The rise of the FCL on the top floor of an apartment building

That increases the cost considerably and depends upon the quality of the selected material.

Tabliza GKL material, rabota
Comparative table on the material and the work of the GCR
Vid, thena natyajnogo potolka
Types of suspended ceilings, as well as setting the price
Natyajnoy potolok v detskuy
Suspended ceiling srisunkom

Stretched canvas itself is practically impossible to establish (unless the landlord is not a master system). If we compare the work of masters crews, then the installation of the two materials is almost the same. The difference is only in the selected material.

What is more beautiful - the drywall or suspended ceiling

Both options are very popular. Its aesthetics and eccentricity affect both species.

Natyajnoy potolok iz tkani
Textured fabric suspended ceiling
Potolok iz gipsokartona
Plasterboard decorative ceiling

Tensioner option It is made from a variety of colors, as well as the printing of all kinds of drawings. In this case the gypsum surface is glued tape, wallpapered or painted.

Potolok iz satina
Satin stretch ceiling
potolok iz gipsokartona figurniy
Curved ceiling plasterboard

Plasterboard ceilings have a variety of options: sibling, multi-level, with curly design elements - Butterfly, wave, smooth transition figure product on a wall.

Figurnie elementi iz gipsokartona
Daylight figure element from the ceiling wall of gipsokratona
Nisha iz gipsokartona na stene i potolke
Niche plasterboard bedside

Lights mounted in both variants. point, diode lamps, LED-band and light strip. And also pick up modern chandeliers diode or lighting devices, working from remote.

Originalniy vid potolka s podsvetkoy
Original lighting on the ceiling plasterboard

Care for ceiling

Weekly care of tension and plasterboard ceiling is different. If a special tool is required for tensioning cover, polish, the clean gypsum based fabric (wallpaper, paint). You can not wash the ceiling abrasives, and brushes. Some types of products can not be washed with water: This applies to stretched canvas, and the surfacing material on the ceiling plasterboard.

Uhod za natyjnim potolochnim pokritiem
stretch ceiling for care

which is easier, brand ceiling mount or create tensile structures

This is one of the main issues when choosing the ceiling. There is one caveat: to perform high-quality work with a stretch ceiling should hire a team of craftsmen, in which there is equipment. When installing gypsum product yourself requires a clear sketch, the accuracy and precision.

Ustanovka natyajnogo polotna
Installation of suspended ceilings
Moontaj natyagnogo potolka
Warming canvases heat gun

Gypsum ceiling possible to easily set their own hands. Especially if he has simple single-level option with spotlights. One big negative - a lot of debris and dust. By the time it may take up to three days. Straining the ceiling set for the dust 3-4 o'clock.

The decision by the, What better ceiling drywall or tension installation, should be taken, based on the time, Dedicated to repair. Interesting idea use diode backlight Stretch Ceilings.

combined ceiling

If you face a choice, it is better to drywall or tension PVC Ceiling, suggested to stay on the combined embodiment. It looks more original and modern. Basically are interesting options boxes made of plasterboard, and in the center of the canvas is stretched. When adding the additional and main lighting, ceiling becomes unique, while in the room creates a cozy, comfortable and warm atmosphere. Installation of suspended ceilings is carried out in such a way, that is visually difficult to understand, how to set up the ceiling.

Kombinirovanniy potolok
EXAMPLE combined ceiling

Advantages of composite structure:

  1. Boxes of plasterboard are produced from the different shape of the quadrilateral to unimaginable intricate shapes. Tensioning the canvas in the center of the ceiling makes smart, "Rich".

    Kombinirovaniy potolok
    Multilevel plasterboard ceiling with stretched canvas

  2. combined ceiling It combines several options for backlighting and general lighting.
  3. The combination of PVC and drywall can be executed in such a way, that one room is divided into relaxation area and reception, in place for indoor plants with specific lighting and a place to watch TV.

    Sochetanie gipsokartona i natayjnogo polotna
    The ceiling is zoned premises

  4. Box of drywall on the ceiling hides electrical wires, Internet cables.
  5. With proper care, Combined ceiling has a shelf life of up to 15 years old.

Some disadvantages of the ceiling:

  1. Ceiling height is reduced by at least 10 cm.
  2. Pricing policy can act as a drawback (expensive).
  3. Sudden changes in temperature can adversely affect the entire structure.

    Natyajnoy potolok i gipsokartonniy
    Straining and plasterboard ceiling

When properly conducted the installation of combined ceiling, hidden 10-12 cm will be invisible, since such a design must visually enhance and brighten the room. And when the rules of operation the shelf life can be increased to uncertainty.

Mnogourovneviy potolok
Multilevel combined ceiling

Conclusion: it is better to plasterboard or suspended ceiling

Based on all the above, you can make a small conclusion on the issue, what is the ceiling set.

Stretch ceiling current:

  • In a room with a small wall heights;
  • It does not affect much of the family budget (payment of workers);
  • There is a possibility of the flood;
  • There are time limits for repairs;

    Natyajnoy zvetnoy potolok
    Tensioner colored ceiling

Gypsum ceiling set:

  • With a limited allocation of funds;
  • There is a time for repairs;
  • To hide the hood or many wires;
  • There is a desire to make a complex design of the ceiling plasterboard, that goes to the wall: shaped elements, box, emphasizing the design objects (let's, curly partition - the same figures on the ceiling, arched ceiling);
  • The height of the room allows you to create multi-level design.

    Gipsokartonniy potolok
    Plasterboard ceiling with lighting

As tension, and plasterboard ceiling have their exquisite design, unique beauty. How to choose the ceiling - an individual matter, because this question is influenced by many factors. Excellent design solution is a device Combined ceiling with lighting.



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