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Methods for cleaning up the sealant on the surfaces in the bathroom

Upon completion of repair works in the bathroom, usually it remains several gaps, which must be removed after finishing work. One of these problems is the search for an answer to a question than to remove silicone sealant, which is so firmly established at the surface. When the glue is still wet, the problem is solved immediately, but if some time has passed, and silicone froze - worth a little effort.

In some cases it is necessary to remove the sealant

Application of the sealant in the construction and finishing works due to its structure: pasty mass is extruded from the tube and uniformly applied to the slit and gaps. Very often sealed adhesive is used in the bathroom - it is associated with water-repellent substances, and also ensuring a complete seal with an adhesive.

Before answering the question than clear silicone sealant, which is already frozen, important to understand, in some cases, to do so is essential:

  • Upon completion of the work on sealing the cracks was found, the adhesive applied to the surface properly, and the gap was not filled with silicone in accordance with the rules. Then it is necessary to completely remove the layer and re-alter the polymerization process.
  • material is worn. With time, Sealant may darken and cracks covered - this will be a signal to the removal of the old glue.
  • On the surface of the sealant is clearly visible mold, fungus and bacteria effects.
  • If the sealant has appeared on the surface of the bath by accident, due to negligence in the course of work.

It is very important when using a silicone adhesive to follow the recommendations on the correct application of substance. In this way, you can avoid re-work of remaking, and the problem will only, to remove the remains of sealant after repair.

Mechanical methods of removing old sealant

In carrying out the work it is very important to remove all of the formed droplets and smudges. It should be remembered, that remove the frozen sealant is much more difficult, what has not dried material. Congealing on the surface, this type of adhesive, the solvent is evaporated, which leads to a secure fit of the material to the surfaces. Therefore, that the fresh sealant can be removed with gasoline or alcohol, but the frozen material can only be mechanically or chemically.

mechanical removal of the adhesive method is the use of available tools. This construction and Knives stationery, Stameska, scissors, spatula and scrapers. The primary means used scouring powders or soda. Before you clean silicone sealant the bath, must take into account its manufacturing material. If the bathroom is acrylic - this method will not work.

The mechanical method is relevant for contamination in the enamel baths, ceramic tile or glass. Carry out the removal process should be cautious, so as not to damage the surface.

The technology works

Purification by mechanical means has the sequence:

  1. With a sharp knife, spatula or scraper neatly cut the core layer of frozen substance.
  2. Clean the surface of the sealant chips, applying brush.
  3. The remaining cover layer abrasive tool.
  4. rub the surface, Using a sponge for dishes or washcloth. You need to get results, to glue disappeared.
  5. If you need to, and the surface material allows it, You can use sandpaper with a small fraction to the finish grinding.
  6. Traces of silicone removed by water.

Baking soda is one of the abrasives, than you can clear sealant on the tub - it does not require large expenditures and the result will please.

Combined methods of cleaning surfaces

Methods for the combined removal sealant It consists in the application of, both chemicals, and instrumentov.Osnovnymi of them are:

  • Removal of salt by using.
  • The use of acetone.
  • Cleaning agent white spirit.
  • Removal of sealant by means of special chemical compositions.

Sodium chloride is one of the most frequent responses to the question how to remove stale sealant surface. The level of efficiency of the method depends on the prescription glueing. removal technology is to use a piece of gauze or bandage, folded in 5 layers. On the bandage is applied salt, and dripping water on top. Moist salt mass is carefully wiped the place, where he stayed silicone. It is necessary to ensure that, so that salt does not dry and does not spoil the surface.

The application of acetone did not fit, as a way to remove the solidified sealant plastic tubs. Chemical agent simply spoil caused Acrylic. On other surfaces acetone perfectly cope with pollution. To do this, apply the cleanser on old sealant and wait for a while, softened material to. Then carefully remove the glue, and the place of contamination wash with water.

Means white spirit has proved as an effective cleaner the surface of various substances. This method - combined and involves the use of a sharp knife. Before you clear the frozen silicone sealant, and a layer cut off knife. Take a soft cloth and moisten it means. Rag wipe only a small surface portion, because the white spirits tends to dry quickly.

Wait for a while and remove the silicone adhesive, which will take the form of a jelly. The procedure must be repeated until, until the entire surface is clean.

Using special washes for silicone - the most effective method of cleaning. Such formulations are produced in the form of aerosols, pastes, solutions. Each of the means has its own characteristics of interaction with different surfaces, as well as individual life exposure to silicone. Chemical compositions of those solvents, than you can remove the sealant in the bathroom almost effortlessly.

Precautionary measures

Do not forget about safety measures when working with such materials. Before use, always read the recommendations for use. Follow this advice:

  • Before cleaning the test agent on a small surface portion inconspicuous.
  • When using sprays, odevayte respirator.
  • Take care, the chemical composition of the surface is not corroded bathroom.

The most effective means for cleaning foreign production, however, they have a higher price, than domestic brands of compositions.

Guidelines for cleaning various surfaces

A common question among people, faced with the problem of cleaning the old glue, is the problem, how to clean the acrylic bathtub of sealant. It is recommended to use the old silicone smyvok, which are specially designed for acrylic surfaces.

To remove the sealant from the mirror or glass, You can use a mechanical method of removal, while being careful.

Before cleaning, check out the tips provided, and carefully read the instructions for use of chemical compounds, to avoid damage to the bathroom.


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