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How to obtain a fire safety certificate

Fire safety certificate of conformity is a document, confirming the compliance of the object (building, structures, equipment) fire safety requirements, established by law or standards. Typically, such certificates are issued by competent authorities or organizations after checking the facility for compliance with established standards.

Fire safety certification requirements may vary by country and region., but usually the process includes the following steps:

  1. Application for certification: The property owner or responsible person submits an application for fire safety certification.
  2. Checking an object: Fire inspectors or specialists check the facility for compliance with fire standards and requirements.
  3. Certificate issuance: After successful verification, a certificate of conformity is issued, which confirms, that the facility complies with established safety standards.
  4. Regular checks: In some cases, the certificate is valid for a certain period and requires periodic re-verification to confirm compliance.

Fire safety certificate is important to ensure people's safety, located in the building, and to protect property from fire. It may also be required when obtaining permits to operate the facility or for insurance purposes.. If you have specific questions about obtaining a fire safety certification in your area, I recommend contacting local fire safety specialists for more detailed information, detail

How to get a certificate

To obtain a Fire Safety Certificate of Compliance for your facility (building, structures, equipment), usually you need to follow certain steps, which may vary by country and region.

Fire safety certificate – document, confirming, that substances, materials or goods comply with the requirements of industrial safety regulations of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 123-FZ dated 22.07.2008 g. and/or EAEU TR 043/2017. May be, as mandatory, and voluntary. Issued for goods and products, imported into the territory of the Russian Federation

Here are general guidelines for the process of obtaining such a certificate::

  1. Preparation of documentation: Collect all necessary documents, which may include building plans, technical characteristics of the equipment, certificates of completed work, documents for materials, etc..
  2. Contacting the competent authority: find out, which body or agency is responsible for issuing fire safety certificates in your region. Usually this is the fire department, specialist fire safety authority or other regulatory body.
  3. Filing an application: Apply for certification. The application may require information about the owner of the object, object descriptions, his appointment, information about evacuation plans, etc..
  4. Checking an object: Qualified inspectors or specialists will inspect your property on site. They will analyze the facility’s compliance with fire safety requirements, including the availability of necessary fire extinguishing systems, compliance with building codes and regulations, availability of necessary documentation, etc..
  5. Certificate issuance: After successful verification, a certificate of conformity will be issued. It will indicate the main parameters, confirming the compliance of your facility with established safety standards.
  6. Regular checks (of necessity): Depending on your region's regulations, the certificate may have a limited validity period or require periodic re-verification to confirm the facility’s compliance with fire safety requirements.
  7. Following recommendations and improving safety: After receiving the certificate, it is important to ensure that, so that all recommendations and conditions, specified in the certificate, They have been met. This includes proper operation of the equipment, Carrying out regular inspections and maintenance of fire safety systems.

The fire safety certification process may vary by country and region..

Validity period of the certificate of conformity

The validity period of the fire safety certificate may vary depending on regional and national legal requirements, as well as on the specific conditions of the object and its use.

The issued document is valid for 1-5 years old. The validity period depends on the selected confirmation scheme:

  • 2with – 1 year.
  • 3with – 3 of the year.
  • 4with, 5with – to 5 years old.
  • 6with, 7from – until the end of the service life or until 1 of the year.

Here are the main aspects, which may affect the validity period of the certificate:

  1. Regulatory Requirements: Different countries and regions may have different validity periods for fire safety certificates. They are usually specified in the relevant laws, regulations or regulations.
  2. Object type: The validity period of the certificate may depend on the type of object. for example, for residential buildings it can be long, and for objects with increased risks (eg, industrial complexes) require more frequent updates.
  3. Regular checks: In some cases, the certificate has an expiration date, after which the object must be rechecked for compliance with fire standards. This may include routine inspections, revisions or audits.
  4. Changes to the object: If significant changes have occurred in the object, which may affect its fire safety (eg, reconstruction or modernization), certificate may need to be renewed before expiration.
  5. Operating conditions: The validity period may also depend on the operating conditions of the facility and its fire safety systems. for example, Regular servicing and maintenance of systems may be a factor, affecting certificate renewal.

To find out the specific validity periods of fire safety certificates for your facility, It is recommended to contact local fire authorities, fire departments or agencies, involved in certification. They will be able to provide up-to-date information and advice., corresponding to your region and type of object.

If there is no certificate

Your message indicates various articles of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses (Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation), which relate to liability for violation of fire safety requirements (PB) in the absence of a certificate of conformity. Here is a brief explanation of the main points:

  • Part 7 articles 20.4 Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation: Provides liability for violation of fire safety requirements. For this violation, a fine may be imposed on legal entities in the amount of up to a certain amount..
  • Article 19.33 Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation: Establishes administrative liability for a person’s failure to provide, carrying out entrepreneurial activities, documents or other information about goods, meeting the life and health safety requirements of consumers, in cases, when such information is presented in accordance with federal laws and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation.
  • Articles 14.43-14.46 Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation: Determine administrative measures for violation of product safety requirements (including fire safety), including the possibility of confiscation of goods, imposition of fines and administrative suspension of the activities of legal entities for up to three months.

In this way, if the importer, the seller or manufacturer does not ensure product compliance with fire safety requirements and does not have the appropriate certificate, this may result in significant fines being imposed, confiscation of products and, in some cases, temporary suspension of their activities.

For more accurate information and the application of specific norms of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, it is recommended to refer to the texts of these articles or to legal consultants, specializing in administrative law of the Russian Federation.

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