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Features a color selection walls in the interior of the apartment

Comfort and beauty - it is particularly important, want very much, that after its completion in the room was cozy, heat, nice and stylish. Choosing the color of wallpaper on the walls in the apartment it is important to take into consideration the amount of space, but different interior design tricks and you can modify the space. If we are talking about a combination of wallpaper and paint the walls in the room, then the set of factors to consider, from the route of administration premises and ending shaped decoration. Things to think about the implementation of this procedure,?

color specifications

Choose the right shade, for different rooms in the apartment and skillfully combine their, a very challenging task for a beginner. Each color has its own unique style, as well as the different acts on the unconscious man. This kind of background, outer shell, which dictates its own rules and manages the psyche of others.

  1. Neutral colors are great for creating a bright and lively interior. With a surplus of sunny color palette helps to cope cold, and add tenderness and a sense of prosperity - warm.
  2. White visually expands the space, but when in excess, get bored and uncomfortable. This color of the walls definitely need to dilute the contrast, what he playfully, all the better. for example, red and white.
  3. Red - activates the subconscious, It makes the heart pounding more, does not allow a person to relax. Excited, is a sign of passion and transformation. A negative effect on a person in the bedroom, when there is no possibility to change it regularly for other shades.
  4. Yellow - toned, It gives strength, It strengthens the nervous system, It heals the body. This room opens ethereal chakras, which allows to relax and enjoy the surrounding world.
  5. But set yourself to lyrical mood help green color. For the people of creativity - an indispensable source of energy, It is fully equipped with such shades work area or a sleeper.
  6. Blue - calms, increases the concentration of, It allows you to focus on an important issue, be steadfast, serious and determined. Suitable for stringent and business personalities.
  7. Orange-restoring internal strength, warms, arouses, It lets itself be, adjusts on positive emotions, It protects against the negative background.
  8. Purple inspires and promote mental performance, sometimes an aggressive color of the walls, and therefore it must be skillfully combined with a light and warm shades of white and beige coloring.
  9. Black - straining and restricts the room, pressure on the psyche, not relax. It is used in the interior in a minimum amount, often with white and pastel colors.

Before, how to determine, what colors to paint the walls in the apartment, You need to be familiar with the rules of the competent combination of colors and shades.

a color scheme

Tips and expert advice

There are several options combination, similar colors, eg, gray and beige, or pastel - blue and mint. Second - different shades of one color saturation, bright red and raspberries, turquoise and dark blue. Third - contrasting, bold combination of red and green, black and orange.

The boundary between the shades can be made invisible, or use a paper border, decorative rail, mosaic and pebble. It is important to divide the space vertically and horizontally, in order to correct the color played in the selected background, and do not distort room.

The same paint on different surfaces look different. On smooth - lighter, in the rough - dark, on matte - warm, and on polished cold and strictly.

combinations of colors and shades
Table combinations of shades and colors

If you choose the right paint for the walls, you can even modify the room, make it wider and brighter (pastel shades), optically cut (dark), give intimacy and comfort (saturated).

The choice of appropriate colors in the apartment

Depending on the material you need to determine the color of wallpaper in different rooms. Consider what what color the wallpaper better sochitatsya in different rooms.

color combinations
Table color combinations

Living room

Before proceeding to the choice of wallpaper in the living room, need to know, what furniture will be in the room, Do you plan to further decorate the walls, t. it is. hang pictures, Photo, decorating decorative panels. If all this is present, the wallpaper is better to choose low-key, monophonic. If it is assumed in the living room a minimum of furniture, you can use wallpaper with a bright eye-catching pattern, or wallpapers.drawing in the living room wallpaper

You can use the combined finishes of walls. for example, one of the walls (end) wallpapered with pattern, and the others - self-colored smooth. In this case, the color of smooth wallpaper must be chosen to match the main background wallpaper with a pattern.

For classical interiors pick pastel wallpaper with distinctive embossing and elegant monograms. For the avant-garde suit wallpaper bright, catchy colors.

wallpaper on the wall with the opposite pattern

For the living room will suit almost all Wallpaper, on the market of finishing materials, - paper, cloth, vinyl, flizelinovye, paintable wallpaper.

How to choose the color of the walls in this room? Bright and calm tones can guarantee comfort, good mood, equally suited for noisy party, and relaxing holiday. Can to experiment with accessories, contrasting hang curtains or put unusual furniture, but the color of the walls in such a character is a win, and look for years to come.

Large rooms can be easily painted in yellow and orange colors, but small - in purple, purple, peach. There will be fun and harmony!

The choice of color wallpaper bedroom

It needs peace and quiet, so red, purple, Black color has nothing to do here. Ideally suited beige, blue, light pink, cream shades, so it will be possible not only to maintain indoor comfort, but also visually increase the space.bedroom wallpaper

By choosing wallpaper for the bedroom must be treated more carefully. In this room we go every night, after a day's work, to dump cargo daily worries and enjoy the sweet dream. Rest should be comfortable and bring pleasure.

As for color - in the bedroom should prevail muted colors.

Color Wallpaper should always be selected in accordance with the internal motivations, because you should feel most comfortable there, day and night. When choosing a wallpaper in the bedroom, you should feel, what color do you prefer, and creates you a sense of calm and comfort. it's desirable, the colors were soft, often it is a cream or white with a touch of pink, pale apricot or light blue.bedroom wallpaper orange

Color is very important in the design of interior bedroom. When choosing colors, It can affect the mood, physical well-being, and even human sexuality.

Experts advise to avoid in the bedroom brown, as it accelerates the aging process.

vapor, prone to frequent quarrels, You should surround yourself with dark blue or dark yellow and light yellow to avoid, bright red and orange colors.

For people engaged in physical labor recommend Green, and brainwork - blue. The overabundance of rich blue in the bedroom gives the sensation of cold, so you should choose a less saturated colors - blue and heavenly.striped bedroom

Optional stop at some one color bedroom interior. You can choose several colors and shades, but one of them must prevail.

When choosing a wallpaper in the bedroom is to give preference to paper and textile wallpaper, that are environmentally friendly, do not create the greenhouse effect, allow the walls to "breathe". Can be used paintable wallpaper.

The decision can experiment bedroom interior - wallpaper paste over the wall in different shades, but they should not be contrasted, and they can be decorated close colors or combinations thereof. It looks good in the bedroom wallpaper the same hue, but different textures, which share a border.

curbs decor

Currently, you can find the vinyl wallpaper in the domestic market, which are not inferior ecological paper and wallpaper look very impressive in the bedroom.


Wallpapers hallway

The entrance hall is the front part of the apartment. But unfortunately, it is often very small size, so experts advise solve its interior in bright colors. Well suited yellow, light orange, a light-brown tone. There is no rigid framework and the choice of quality wallpaper for the hallway. You can use paper, vinyl, flizelinovye, liquid wallpaper, paintable wallpaper. It all depends on your imagination. Nice look plain wallpaper and patterned, separated by a frieze. If it is necessary to increase the height of premises, good use of bright wallpaper in vertical stripes.

In small apartments used the neutral option - living wallpaper to match the wallpaper the hallway wallpaper

You can make and bright room, and choose the color of the walls with unusual and original features. It is important to focus on the interior of the entire premises and the background of all draw the correct conclusions.

The color of the wallpaper in the kitchen

Kitchen - one of the main premises of the house. Here reigns the magic of culinary art, going family. Every housewife dreams of a bright and spacious kitchen, therefore, to design the interior of the premises must be approached very carefully.

When choosing a wallpaper for the kitchen it is recommended to pay attention to the cold tones. It is undesirable to use paper wallpaper, because they are afraid of water, can absorb sharp smells. At present, are usually used vinyl wallpaper, because unlike most of the paper and textile coatings, that can not be wiped with a damp cloth, and furthermore handle detergents, vinyl wallpaper permit. In our market of finishing materials there is a fairly large selection of washable wallpaper kitchen.kukhni-s-zelenymi

Sometimes finishing is performed in the kitchen depending on the functional areas. for example, in places, where a lot of greasy fumes, much moisture, you need to use materials, withstand repeated washing with warm water using a variety of detergents. A wall, who organized a dining area, you can paste as a water-resistant wallpaper and paintable.

The bright colors make the room more spacious, for this white suit, green and beige colors. But some are willing to make her a dynamic and progressive, coloring in red, dark brown, black color.bright kitchen

The ceiling should be in harmony with the walls, and not to stand out of the picture, the only way to ensure the integrity and completeness of interior. Natural colors always look a winner, than the combined and unnatural.

options, how to choose the color of the walls in the apartment very much, it all depends on the individual preferences of the owner and its material possibilities. But the most important thing, is to get cozy, comfortable and beautiful room.

Experiment and turn their dreams into reality! find out what colors are combined in the interior of the room.

Color solutions in the nursery

unforgettable, igrivaya, solar, beautiful and inspiring. Here welcome various combinations, the combination of unusual shades, that will help your child feel comfortable and fun in the color palette apartments .

Bedroom area is better to paint in the reserved tone, eg, blue, pink, green, yellow, with elements of the decor and comfortable bed. The importance of the article will tell, How to equip a children's bedroom right.

children's area wallpapers

When you start repairing the apartment, special attention should be paid to the design of a child's room.

The main feature of the children's room is its multifunctionality. There must be a way to sleep, recreational and educational. When making a child's room in the first place must take into account the age and sex of the child.

Kids first two years of life, psychologists advise to surround only soft unsaturated colors. With age, children may well become the brightest, fun room in the house. Very often walls in children's rooms are decorated with wallpaper with a "children's drawings". psychologists say, that the static figures of bears, rabbit, , boat very quickly begin to pall child. According to experts, much more useful for the eyes and the nervous system of the child monophonic, quiet colors: blue, pink, salatnyi, daffodil.

children wallpapers

Harmony in the children's room created pastels, which help to make the room dark even more fun and more comfortable, and that create an optimal atmosphere in it. Comfortable and interesting, you can make a child with intense red and orange tones, but their abundance may irritate baby.

When choosing a base color for a child's room it is important to your baby's temperament, who dwell therein.

You can use the method of functional zoning of premises, t. it is. highlight the "zone of games" and "sleeping area". In this case, you need to know, that "sleeping area" should be solved in a peaceful color scheme, in diffuse non-aggressive tones. for example, Green shoots stimulus Nosta and fatigue, It increases self.

For restless baby-choleric recommend using a gentle blue-blue color, which is perceived as color of freshness and tranquility, He invited them to reflect.

baby blue

It is believed, all shades of blue baby strengthen the body and stimulate its development.

For a child-phlegmatic or melancholic, you can paste over the wall wallpaper light pink color and use some small things bright red color. Such background and bright red spots are moderately stimulate the child's activity and increase its immunity.

Do not forget, that the interior of a child's room should adjust the child on a working harmony. You can use the photo wallpapers with the image map of the world, as well as tables with the alphabet, multiplication tables, etc.. d. You can allocate a portion of the wall, which will pokleit paintable wallpaper, where the child can easily draw pictures, and later, when it becomes uninteresting to paint the walls, they can paint.

ceiling space in the nursery can be a wonderful field for your creativity. The ceiling may be as a color scheme, and views of the starry sky with the moon, or may be dotted with cumulus clouds. It all depends on your imagination and the child's needs.sleeping area

To revive the children's room, apply borders, which can be glued to the painted walls or used in combination with wallpaper. The main condition - matching pattern frieze basic tone wall. For the little ones use the friezes depicting small animals, , boat, butterflies, etc..

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of wallpaper material. For pasting a child's room is particularly suitable paper wallpaper. Do not use film materials, t. to. they do not leak air, do not absorb moisture, which could lead to a breach of air and humidity room.

Glue for sticking wallpaper in the nursery should choose the easiest, made of starch-based and synthetic materials containing. Usually it is a special adhesive for paper wallpaper.

For a child's room is a nice wallpaper for painting. Thus it is possible to apply various staining techniques, combine several different structures in the same room, use the basement curbs. All this creates a unique atmosphere for your child.

In the "sleeping area" can be used cork wallpaper or carpet. They are made from environmentally friendly materials and can vary the interior nursery, and the child in this area will feel comfortable.

You can use vinyl wallpaper. Only it is necessary to be sure, that for their production did not carbon or hydrogen fluoride solvents (acetone, Skipidar and others.), and finished wallpapers passed sanitary-hygienic examination. These wallpapers are not sustainable odorless and contain no toxic compounds.

See the video on the selection of colors




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